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The ideal pickling variety of tomato "French Manure": description, characterization, sowing for seedlings, top dressing, crop yield, photos, videos and the most common diseases of tomatoes


Tomato is a popular and favorite crop in vegetable growing. Fruits of various shapes, colors and sizes have great nutritional value. However, with all the love of tomatoes, not every gardener, experienced or a beginner, is ready to devote all his time to growing them. After all, everything begins in early spring with the preparation of seedlings, and the process of leaving continues all summer. Modern selection, however, offers a huge selection of varieties that are not so demanding, but quite fruitful. In particular, the French Matterwood tomato, which will be discussed further.

You may be misled by its name, but the variety belongs to domestic breeding and is bred in Siberia. This fact speaks volumes, it is acclimatized for difficult climatic conditions, a short and cool summer. Link to France rather refers to the high taste characteristics of the variety.

French Grape Tomato: variety description and general information

This variety belongs to the category of mid-ripening and high-yielding. In one season, up to 20 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from a bush. It is universal in terms of cultivation, you can use this variety for both greenhouses and open ground. In the first case, the plants will actively bear fruit until the first frost, in the second, in conditions of central Russia, until the end of August.

This is a determinant variety, that is, bushes cease to grow in height in a natural way, after setting a certain number of brushes, as a rule, 4-5. This contributes to the simultaneous simultaneous ripening of the crop. The plant is rather large, up to 1 m high. The French Grangey Tomato has a finger-shaped fruit, sometimes not quite even with an extension to the bottom, the color is bright red, the average weight is 80-100 g. The peel of a tomato is dense, strong, the pulp juicy, seed boxes are not very pronounced. The compact size and shape of the fruit make this variety most suitable for commercial cultivation, followed by transportation, canning in general.

Seedling preparation

Calendar dates of planting - this concept is strictly individual, depending on the climatic conditions of the region. It is important to remember one thing - sowing of seeds is carried out 2 months before the expected date of planting in the ground. Preparation of planting material should include several stages.

Seeds must be protected from possible diseases that can destroy the plant at the seedling stage. Use for this light pink solution of potassium permanganate. Soak the seeds in it, wrapping them in a bag of cotton or gauze, for 5-10 minutes, but not more than a quarter of an hour. Then put them in warm water for 18 hours, you can add to it certain preparations, for example, “Ideal”. Such processing is subjected not only to the French Manure Tomato, but also to other varieties.

Sow under the scheme of 1.5x3 cm to a depth of 1 cm. Until the germination of seeds, maintain a temperature of + 25 ° C indoors, after germination it should be lowered to +18. + 20 ° С.

Keep in mind that seed germination can be caused by infection of seeds, excessive density or acidity of the soil, in-depth seeding, excess moisture, low air temperature.


Pick up young seedlings in separate pots is carried out at the moment when they have two true leaves. Tomatoes aged 55-70 days should be planted in the ground. If you use this variety for open ground, then you should wait until the threat of return frost is over. As mentioned above, the French Manure Tomato belongs to the category of tall, it does not stepchild (but it is necessarily tied up), and, therefore, the bush will need quite a lot of space. Therefore, do not land on 1 square. m area more than two plants. The larger and larger the shrub, the more abundant the crop. However, one should not forget that the fertility of the soil also affects the quantity and quality of fruits. The soil should be pre-saturated with peat, sand, humus or compost, ash, as well as complex mineral fertilizers.

Top dressing tomato

In order for the plant to develop quickly, and the fruits tied at the same time and ripened together, it needs a lot of manpower and resources, and the French Manure variety of tomato is no exception. Fertilizers can help in this. Feed in three successive steps.

  • When landing. Water the planting pits with a solution of nitroammofoski at the rate of 1 tbsp. l powder to 10 liters of water. Each well takes up to 4 liters of liquid, so the plant is planted almost in the dirt and sprinkled with dry soil.
  • During the growth of green mass. This period is approximately 21 days after landing in the ground. Water the plants with a solution of superphosphate and potassium nitrate in accordance with the dosage indicated on the packages.
  • Flowering and fruiting. During this period, it is necessary to add organic matter in the form of a mullein infusion with the addition of urea and superphosphate (1 tbsp per liter) under the tomato bushes.

Diseases: prevention and treatment

Note that the tomato variety "French Manure" (the description of the variety is given above) is classified as resistant to various diseases and pests. For the prevention of plants should be regularly treated with solutions of special antiviral and antifungal biologics, for example, such as Fitosporin. Also, do not forget to ventilate the greenhouse, especially immediately after watering, so as not to create excessively high humidity in it, tomatoes do not like this. These measures will help you to prevent the appearance of the main enemy of tomato - phytophtora. The disease affects not only the stems and leaves, but also the fruits. It develops as a result of excessively high humidity in combination with sudden temperature changes during the day. Especially often the phytophthora appears closer to the fall, when the nights become cold and the day is still hot. To prevent disease, treat the bushes with Bordeaux mixture, collect fruits in time, remove the lower leaves from plants.

Tomato "French Mardin": reviews

In order to understand whether a particular variety of tomatoes is suitable for you, it is necessary to study its characteristics, peculiarities of agricultural technology. But to verify the correctness of the choice, take into account some of the nuances help reviews gardeners. You can find them on popular portals. About this variety speak very positively, it has a general rating of 4.5 points out of 5 possible. All those who grew it, underline the high resistance to diseases as compared with other nearby growing tomatoes, the abundance and stability of the crop, and the absence of the needles for strawberry as the main advantages. The reviews also emphasize that French Manure variety tomatoes are well preserved until December and are excellent for transportation.

The variety has practically no disadvantages. It is mentioned only that it does not fully ripen in the open ground, therefore in central Russia and Siberia it is best to harvest the fruits half green and bring to ripeness already at home in a dark and dry room.

“French Manure” is an ideal variety for novice gardeners and those who have a desire to get a good tomato crop, but at the same time do not have a lot of time. There are almost no problems with it, it is enough to tie up the plant, water it properly and periodically feed it.

Variety description

The tomato ripens at a moderate pace. Full ripeness occurs 110-120 days after germination. Plant type - determinant. In the open ground does not grow above 1 meter, in the greenhouse it can stretch up to 1.5 meters and above. Leaf moderate, spreading - medium.

Tomatoes elongated finger-shaped with a small seal at the stem. The average weight of one copy is 80-100 grams. In the technical maturity phase, the skin changes color from green and brown to the traditional bright red for tomatoes.

Other important qualities of the fruit:

  • Juicy and sweet flesh,
  • Dense skin that protects against cracking and mechanical damage,
  • A small number of seed chambers.

Tomatoes: advantages and disadvantages

Benefits of the French Grapevine:

  • High yield,
  • Easy to care,
  • Great exterior
  • Preservation of commodity and taste qualities within several months after harvesting.

The only and very significant drawback of this variety is late maturation, due to which it is difficult to grow it in the middle lane: plants need to be seedling in order to speed up the growing season, to cut off the fruit in the phase of ripe maturity, leaving it to mature in a warm room. However, the cultivation of "French Grazdeva" in the greenhouse avoids all these problems.

French Manure Tomato and Puzata Hut:

  1. Preventive treatment Bordeaux liquid.
  2. During flowering garlic solution. Scroll the glass of cloves in a meat grinder, dilute in 10 liters of warm water, add a little potassium permanganate and spend half a liter per square meter.
  3. Harvesting unripe fruit.
  4. Removal of lower leaves throughout the growing season.

French Manure Tomato: description and characteristics of the variety

Despite the underlined foreign name, the variety French Grazdeva was bred in Siberia. Tomatoes can be grown indoors or outdoors. In greenhouse conditions, fruiting will last until frost.

French Grozdeva - high-yielding mid-late variety. Bush determinant, reaches 1-1.5 m in height. Lateral shoots are formed slightly, so no staking is required.

Fruits are collected in brushes of 10-20 pieces, in conditions of the middle band fully ripen in August. Subject to the rules of watering and fertilizing abundant fruiting, per season in the bush can collect up to 20 kg of tomatoes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages of the variety:

  • high yield
  • excellent taste of fruits,
  • undemanding care
  • beautiful fruit appearance, ideal for canning,
  • good keeping quality

There are practically no flaws in the variety. The only disadvantage gardeners consider relatively late maturation. When grown in open field, tomatoes must be harvested green and brought to ripeness at home.

Characteristics of the fruit:

  • Fruits of medium size, weighing 80-100 g,
  • have a beautiful oval, slightly elongated shape.
  • The color of fruits in the stage of physiological ripeness is saturated red.
  • The inner chambers are small, the flesh is very juicy, pleasantly sweetish, the skin is dense.
  • Fruits are perfectly stored, transfer the carriage over long distances without any problems.

Harvest can be collected in the phase of physiological or technical ripeness, tomatoes ripen quickly at room temperature.

The dense skin and juicy pulp does fruits suitable for conservation. They are salted, pickled, included in the vegetable mix. Extended medium-sized tomatoes look very nice in banks. You can make juice from the collected fruits, tomatoes are tasty and fresh.

Also with tomatoes varieties "French Thunderstorm" you can find on the photo:

Features of growing

Seeds are sown on seedlings in March. It is advisable to use the same soil in which adult tomatoes will grow. Ideal - a mixture of garden soil and humus.

In the greenhouse, seedlings are transplanted in the first half of May; plants are planted in the open ground later, towards the beginning of June. With this scheme, the first fruits are tied at the end of June. Immediately after planting, young plants are tied up with strong stakes or trellis.

Requires abundant, but not too frequent watering with warm water. Recommended root dressings with alternating complex mineral and organic fertilizers. The soil under the tomatoes weekly loosened. Mulching with peat, humus or straw will help to maintain a normal level of humidity.

Pests and diseases

The variety is sufficiently resistant to disease. However, as a preventive measure, it is worth regularly to spray the bushes with an aqueous solution of antifungal and antiviral bio-preparations.

Protect plants from late blight, gray and white rot will help frequent airing in the greenhouse. It is better to conduct airing immediately after irrigation, so as not to create an overly humid atmosphere in the shelter.

Spraying with an aqueous solution of ammonia or an infusion of herbs: yarrow, chamomile, celandine will help protect plants from pests.

"French Thunderstorm" - a great variety for beginner gardeners. There are no failures with it, it requires only proper watering, dressing and timely fastening to a strong support. It is better to plant the plant in the greenhouse, it guarantees a bountiful harvest and protects the bushes from pests and diseases.

Description and characteristics of the variety

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Tomato variety French grenade, despite the fact that the name resembles more foreign, was withdrawn in Siberia.

Important! Designed for cultivation in the open and closed ground.

  • In greenhouse conditions can form the fruit until frost.
  • It has a medium maturity. Ripe fruits can be collected from the bushes in 120-125 days after seed germination.
  • The determinant type of the bush, stops independently in growth, reaching a height of 1-1.5 meters.
  • Stambov. Forms a small amount of lateral shoots, therefore, does not require staking.
  • To obtain the greatest yield, it is recommended to form a bush in 1-2 stems that must be tied to a support or trellis.
  • On one brush 10-20 fruits form. When grown in central Russia, tomatoes ripen in August.
  • Yield high. With regular watering and fertilization, 1 bush per season can produce up to 20 kg of tomatoes.
  • It is resistant to solanaceous diseases, however, preventive measures are needed in the form of spraying bushes with an aqueous solution of antifungal and antiviral biologics. In the greenhouse, regular airing is necessary, this will protect the bushes from late blight disease, gray and white rot.

Important! It is especially important to ventilate the greenhouse after watering to reduce moisture.

Fruit Characteristic

  • The shape of the fruit is flat, oval, slightly elongated.
  • The average weight of a tomato is 80-100 g.
  • Ripe tomatoes have a bright red color.
  • Inside there are 4-6 seed chambers with a small number of seeds.
  • The flesh is fleshy, juicy.
  • The taste is sweet.
  • The skin is smooth, dense.
  • Possess good keeping quality.
  • Resistant to long transportation.

Tip! Fruits can be plucked from the bushes in an immature state, as they ripen perfectly at room temperature, without losing their taste.

Below are photo varieties of tomatoes French grenade.

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Reviews who planted

Even beginner gardeners will be able to grow French variety grape varieties. They are not demanding to care and always give a consistently good harvest. The following are presented reviews gardeners who have already dealt with the cultivation of this variety and shared their opinions with us.

Anna Aleksandrovna, Moscow region

Lyubov Viktorovna, Kaliningrad region

Irina Alekseevna, Saratov region

Eduard Anatolyevich, Nizhny Novgorod Region

VeraAntonovna, Omsk region

Polina Anatolyevna, Lipetsk region

Yana Vladislavovna, Tver region

Pavel Andreevich, Moscow region