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How to make a drinker for rabbits


Drinkers for rabbits must be chosen wisely. For example, plastic containers will not last long - rabbits will quickly gnaw holes in them. Ordinary cans, metal or ceramic bowls are also not the best option, because the water in such drinkers will quickly become dirty or restless animals will immediately turn over the bowl and will sit for a long time without water.


Rabbits need clean water. In the summer, they can get moisture from the succulent green fodder, but they still can't do without the drinker. If you yourself made an rabbitry, then why not make a drinking bowl for rabbits with your own hands? Moreover, there are many options for the design of drinkers, with some women can easily cope.

If you are ready to change the water in the bowl frequently, you can make the container more stable.

If you are ready to change the water in the bowl frequently, you can make a container more sustainable:

  • hammer two nails one above the other into the side of the cage,
  • bend the nails in the form of loops,
  • Insert a long nail into the loops, so that with a cap it keeps in the upper loop, passes through the lower loop and rests its tip on the bottom of the drinker.

Video about a drinker for rabbits

For several rabbits, you can build a larger volume drinker: put two cans of two-thirds in a wide can in a wide can of herring, tilt the three-liter bottle of water and set it on the bars. Water will fill the drinker by exactly two thirds and, just as described above, will replenish the supply of fresh water in the jar as it is consumed by rabbits.

If you are accustomed to tinkering things more seriously, it will not be difficult for you to make more advanced designs for rabbits with your own hands. You can make a metal drinker from stainless steel sheets or galvanized steel, by joining the seams and cutting sharp edges with a file. A large plastic container with water can be securely fastened in a metal drinker. A conscientious rabbit car wash can save you money and last a long time by providing clean water to animals every day.

Features of vacuum bottle drinkers from plastic bottles

There are several types of drinkers for rabbits, but one of the most popular options is vacuum, made from ordinary plastic bottles, with the function of automatic filling of water. This device is a device made of an upturned plastic bottle filled with water and installed on a special stand (bath, bowl), which will periodically be filled with liquid.

As the water in the bowl decreases, a fresh portion of resources will flow from the bottle.

The key advantages of a vacuum drinker over other types are:

  • ease of manufacture,
  • ease and convenience in use,
  • reliable protection of the fluid from contamination, ingress of foreign objects, etc.,
  • easy maintenance and ease of cleansing,
  • practicality,
  • low cost of production and low price of materials.

The principle of operation of such devices is quite simple, it is based on the fact that the plastic bottle turned upside down is not immediately emptied, but gradually. The water will leave until its level in the substituted bowl (tub) is equal to the level of the neck slice.

In such cases, the air will not flow into the tank, and therefore will not be able to replace the water, as a result of which its supply will stop.

At the same time, a relative vacuum is formed in the upper part of the bottle, which keeps the water column from flowing out. When the rabbits begin to drink from the pan, the liquid level drops below the neck of the neck, and the air enters the bottle again, thus the flow resumes. The water supply is carried out until it again reaches the bottom edge of the neck.

The peculiarity of vacuum drinkers is that the water in the bowl will always remain at the same level, without falling and not rising above the neck of the neck (one of the laws of physics works here). Of course, provided that the bottom and walls of the device have no damage and holes.

Size and requirements for drinkers

Rabbits need fresh water almost constantly. They drink up to 1 liter of liquid per day, and it should be absolutely clean, without the presence of dirt, as this quickly affects the general state of health of the animal. Since pets are quite active and mobile, it is easy to turn over the water tank. When organizing the drinker, care should be taken to fix it securely.

  1. Security. Drinking bowl should not contain sharp corners, burrs. It is prohibited to use cans or cans for the manufacture.
  2. Protection. The tank must be protected from dirt, feed and other debris, otherwise it will have to be cleaned several times a day.
  3. Convenience for animals. The system must be understandable for the rabbit and easy to use.
  4. Enough water. The capacity of the drinker should meet the needs of animals for a day, for one rabbit - 0.5-1 liters with a small margin. With a large number of individuals, you need to install several drinkers or one large one for 5-6 l.

A vacuum drinker is attached to the outside of the cage with a few clamps. The capacity is recommended to be installed at such a height so that the animals have easy access to the device, can easily drink, but at the same time, they could not climb there. As a rule, 10 cm above the floor is considered the optimum height for the placement of the structure.

Necessary tools for manufacturing

In the process of self-manufacturing drinkers need the following tools:

  • knife,
  • wire to secure the structure,
  • screws,
  • pliers,
  • sheet tin for the manufacture of protective boxes
  • the board on which the structure will be mounted.

The choice of material for manufacturing

In order to manufacture a device for feeding water to rabbits, it is necessary to prepare appropriate materials, the main one being a plastic bottle with a volume of 1.5-2 liters. If you need to drink a large family of rabbits, you can use bottles of 5-6 liters.

Experienced masters recommend preferring bottles of dark plastic, because the liquid in them does not bloom longer and retains a fresh smell. For vacuum models, in addition, you need to stock up on the capacity where the fluid will flow. This may be a metal bowl, a small special bath.

Drinking trough design

Experts recommend beginner rabbit growers to make the simplest vacuum drinker from a 1.5-2 l PET bottle. To do this, you can use the following drawings: where 1 is a wrap for fixing the bottle, 2 is a bottle, 3 is a cork, 4 is a gum (tube), 5 is a drinking bowl for rabbits.

However, as practice shows, the device of the vacuum model is so simple that even an inexperienced master is able to cope with its manufacture without using any drawings.

Step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of plastic bottles

In the process of making vacuum drinkers, you will need the following materials:

  • 1.5-2 l plastic bottle
  • wire,
  • the capacity from which the animals will drink. You can use a metal bowl.
The process of making drinkers looks like this:

  1. Cut out the bottom of the bottle.
  2. The bottle is upside down attached to the cage, at a height of 80-90 mm from the floor, using two clamps.
  3. Under the bottle set the bowl or tub, but so that the neck does not touch the bottom of the tank a little, thereby not blocking the water supply.
  4. Carefully, not to the end, unscrew the cover.

This design is very simple and economical, but will not be able to serve for a long time due to the rapid wear of plastic.

So that in the first weeks the rabbits do not gnaw the drinker, it is recommended to improve and strengthen it. For this:

  1. From a small sheet of steel or stainless steel make a box that will cover the bottle.
  2. The edges of the metal structure are treated with a file to avoid injuring animals.
  3. The box together with the bottle is fixed to the board and fixed with clamps (screws) to the cage.
  4. Pour water into the bottle, unscrew the cap and slowly fill the bowl with liquid.

This version of the auto-drinker will last much longer, the main thing is not to forget to change the water and clean the tank in time.

Video: review for the rabbit car drinker

Car care and cleaning

The requirements for the cleanliness of the drinkers for rabbits are very high, and above all, due to the fact that consuming dirty water, an animal can face a number of unpleasant diseases. Vacuum troughs need regular maintenance, cleaning, and the replacement of basic elements - bowls and bottles.

The bowl should be washed daily, using special detergents, usual soap or soda solution. Clean the bottle several times a week.

To do this, it is removed, the remaining liquid is poured, with the help of a detergent and a rigid sponge it removes dirt from the walls. It is very important to rinse all the containers from which the animals drink with plenty of clean water and thoroughly wash off the remnants of the cleaning agent.

What kind of water to give decorative rabbits

Rabbits need not only a balanced diet, but also plenty of water. The need for fluid is determined by the weight of the animal, its diet, physiological state, ambient temperature, humidity.

Dehydration can trigger a number of problems related to rabbit health:

  • weight loss, decreased activity,
  • decrease in appetite
  • high embryo mortality,
  • rabbit cannibalism,
  • development of some anomalies.

On average, ornamental rabbits should be watered twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. In the summer, it is recommended to give the liquid three times, adding another intake at lunch. Filtered distilled water of room temperature is perfect as a source of moisture. It is forbidden to water pets with water from lakes, rivers, reservoirs. Preference should be given to clean, fresh, filtered water from a well or, in extreme cases, from a water tap. The amount of water needed by the rabbit will also depend on the amount of feed eaten. The more dry food a pet consumes, the more liquid it needs.

Pregnant or lactating rabbit have a greater need for water than other animals. For growing rabbits a portion of the liquid is calculated on the basis of body weight: 100 ml of water is needed per 1 kg of weight.

If you are breeding rabbits on your farm or on farms, the skill of self-production of vacuum drinkers will certainly be useful to you. This will allow not only to save finances, but also to equip for pets a simple, convenient water supply system, any elements of which can be changed in a few minutes using the available materials. The main thing in the production process is the quality of the structure and its safety for animals.