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Lunar calendar for growing tomatoes in 2018

In our lunar calendar of sowing and planting tomatoes (tomatoes) through seedlings for 2018, you will find information on favorable dates regarding the phases of the moon. On the time of sowing and planting other plants, read our daily lunar sowing calendar. To help grow cucumbers, we have compiled a similar lunar calendar for planting and planting cucumbers for 2018.

The lunar calendar for planting and planting tomatoes (tomatoes) is made in the form of two tables indicating the favorable timing of agricultural work. The calendar is compiled for growing tomatoes in a seedling way in Central Russia.

The first table contains the sowing and planting dates for growing tomatoes in a greenhouse or greenhouse. The second table - with the timing of planting and planting tomatoes for open ground.

Lunar calendar of growing tomatoes in a greenhouse or greenhouse

Lunar calendar of growing tomatoes in open ground

In this lunar calendar, we recommend seeding and planting in the fertile signs of the zodiac. Sometimes we are forced to work on the descending moon calendar, this does not greatly affect the tomato crop, but the agrarian terms of sowing seeds and the subsequent planting force us to carry out part of the work while the descending moon.

In the Lunar calendar, we indicate among the dates of sowing of seeds the most favorable days, which, as a rule, fall on the growing Moon. Subsequent activities on picking, planting in a greenhouse or in open ground should be carried out focusing on plant growth. If the tomatoes are sown early in this lunar calendar, the timing of picks and transplants to a permanent place should also be early, from those indicated in the calendar.

To grow tomatoes in the greenhouse we advise you to choose a later sowing date according to the first table of the lunar calendar. For growing tomatoes in the greenhouse any term from this table is suitable. At the same time, we recommend two picks. The first pick is done in pots 6x6 cm in size, when a tomato has 2-3 leaves. The next picking is done in 12 x 12 cm pots, when a tomato has 4-5 leaves. Then, when a tomato leaves 7-10 leaves and 1-2 inflorescences, seedlings are transplanted into a greenhouse or greenhouse. In this case, the soil in the greenhouse should already be heated to 10 ° C. Focusing on plant growth (on agrarian terms) and favorable days on the lunar calendar, they pick and plant tomatoes.

For growing tomatoes in open ground We advise you to carry out one pick in the pots of 8x8 cm or 10x10 cm with the appearance of 2-3 leaves. When the ground warms to a temperature of 10 ° C and after the first May frosts, it is possible to plant tomato seedlings in open ground according to the dates from the second table of the lunar calendar. At first, at night, seedlings are protected with covering material. By the time the tomato seedlings are planted in open ground, the plants should have 8-11 leaves and 1-2 inflorescences. Choose favorable days according to the lunar calendar, focusing on the growth of the plant.

Pinching and pinching conduct as needed. The days when pinching and pinching are beneficial, look in the tables of the lunar calendar.

Watering, loosening, fertilizer We recommend to produce tomatoes according to the agrotechnology of caring for tomatoes, focusing on the appropriate dates of the general Lunar calendar-table.

Harvesting. The fruits will begin to ripen in a month and a half or two after planting the seedlings to a permanent place. Fruits tomatoes a month or two, depending on the average daily temperature. Many gardeners pick tomatoes green until they are affected by powdery mildew, and leave to ripen in a dark, dry room.


Astrology penetrated into agronomy many years ago. As a science, agroastrology appeared recently. Since ancient times, people have paid attention to the behavior of animals, changes in the weather and phases of the moon. Modern astrology provides the creation of calendars for gardeners. They have become irreplaceable helpers. The lunar calendar of tomatoes for 2018 is the result of hard work of scientists. It contains complete information about adverse and favorable days. It is important not only to observe the recommendations of the calendar, but also to know what agrotechnical measures are being carried out for tomatoes.

Compliance with the calendar of the moon can raise the crop by 30%.

The connection of the moon with the plant world has long been proven. It affects sap flow in plants, so agronomists are guided by the lunar calendar. It indicates how many are best planting tomatoes. You can harvest a rich harvest by planting tomato seedlings on the lunar calendar on favorable days. If this is not possible, then you can carry out landing work on other days, but in addition to the period of a young and full moon.

Astrology distinguishes the concept of the lunar month, which denotes the period of the passage of the moon around the earth.

One lunar month is divided into 4 phases of the Earth satellite:

  1. New moon. One day before the onset of the new moon, weeds and damaged shoots are removed. On the day of the new moon it is impossible to carry out any manipulations with tomatoes. The only thing you can do on this day, loosen the earth and collect seeds. The material collected at the new moon is very well stored.
  2. Waxing Crescent. The average duration of this period is about 11 days. At this time, the plant is actively stretching up. The time before the full moon is the best time for planting high tomato seedlings. Planting of stunted crops should be planted at the beginning of this phase. During the growing moon, vaccination, pruning, loosening and other mandatory agrotechnical measures should be carried out.
  3. Full moon. The shortest period during which it is necessary to carry out the removal of weeds and carry out the fight against diseases. Pruning and grafting plants is better to postpone until better times.
  4. Waning moon. Lasts a period of about 12 days. At this time, pressure in the root system increases, so any damage can lead to serious consequences. To carry out any work related to rhizomes, categorically impossible. It is recommended to conduct overground care procedures (pruning, fertilizing, watering and harvesting seeds).

Signs of the zodiac for plants

All 12 signs of the Zodiac Moon passes in one Lunar month. Finding it in a certain sign has an effect on plants. Planting seedlings while the Moon is in the signs of Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo and Aries leads to the cultivation of sterile crops. Experienced gardeners at this time do not instill, do not carry out crops and other procedures. It is not recommended to sow seeds at a time when the Moon is in the signs Cancer and Virgo, the plants will grow slowly, and their root system will be fragile and weak. The fruits of these plants are stored for long, and the seeds have a low germination rate.

Vegetables planted while the moon is in Taurus will have excellent characteristics. They grow well and give a bountiful harvest. The only drawback of such tomatoes is their propensity to disease.

The time of passage of the moon through Libra and Scorpio is the most favorable period for vegetable crops. All agrotechnical procedures will have a beneficial effect on plants.

Given the influence of the moon on plants, gardeners are carefully studying the lunar calendar.

Sowing Tomato Seeds

Experienced gardeners have their own vegetable planting system. Over the years, they have developed a clear plan for how to plant different varieties of tomatoes and when to sow. Often landing works are carried out in March. The lunar calendar is used to determine the exact date of the landing. They know which seeds to choose in order to ensure a rich harvest. In their work, they take into account the following facts:

  • If you sow during the passage of the moon through the signs of Pisces and Cancer, you need to carefully monitor the level of soil moisture. Abundant watering will lead to the death of young plants.
  • In the period of the waning moon, when it is in the constellations Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo, you need to prepare fertilizer.
  • In the new moon it is better to refrain from any agrotechnical measures. For the landing of tomatoes or peppers, the phase of the waning moon is most favorable.

Some gardeners completely ignore the lunar calendar.

This is their big mistake. For people working with the earth, the lunar calendar will tell you when to plant tomatoes. Thanks to him, you can avoid many mistakes that are experienced by both experienced and novice gardeners. Information about favorable and unfavorable days will help to achieve good results.

Growing seedlings

Tomatoes, like any seed plants, are grown seedlings. It is important to plant tomatoes on the lunar calendar in time for them to take root and bear fruit. To obtain a good tomato seedling, the calendar 2018 will help. To determine the optimal number of plantings, you need to take into account many factors: the climate of the area, the type of tomato, the phase of the moon, and the conditions for growing the crop. Based on these data, it is determined what number is better for planting, from which 75 days are subtracted for late and 60 days for early varieties. The resulting number will be the date of sowing. If you plan to land in early June, then you need to sow in mid-March.

Favorable days for planting tomatoes by region:

  • Northern areas. The best date is March 30th. This is the 13th lunar day, and the moon is in Virgo.
  • Regions with a temperate climate. It is necessary to plant tomatoes on March 25. On the 9th lunar day, the moon is in Cancer.
  • Southern regions. Tomatoes are sown on March 20. On the 4th lunar day the moon is in Taurus.

Before carrying out the landing carry out the preparation of seed. First, it is immersed in a saline solution and the bad samples that have surfaced are removed. Selected seeds are wrapped in cotton fabric and heated on the battery for 3 days. Seed material must be disinfected in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. It is germinated on a wet pillow of gauze or cotton. In order to ensure the viability of plants, hardening of seed material is carried out. It is placed for 12 hours in a cool place (it can be in the refrigerator), and then left for the same time at a temperature of + 18 + 21 ° C. The procedure is repeated 2 times. The finished material is sown in a special earth mixture.

Grow plants at a temperature of + 18 + 25 ° C. For active growth requires good lighting and high humidity. The first 14 days of crops covered with a transparent film. Every day, be sure to air them. The average period of growing seedlings of tomatoes is about 7 weeks. When the weather is good, the sprouts are exposed outside for taking air and sun baths. Every 2 weeks spend feeding tomatoes. For fertilizers use a mixture of superphosphates, urea and potassium sulfate.

Top dressing can be carried out by special complex fertilizers for tomatoes. Before fertilizer culture need to moisten the soil.

Planting seedlings in open ground

Tomato seedlings are planted according to the calendar 2018. Each experienced gardener carefully examines the planting calendar for tomatoes 2018. Long-term plant work is carried out 2 weeks after the appearance of the buds on the tomato bushes.

Favorable days of transplanting sprouts in open ground:

  • Northern regions. Transplantation of young bushes is carried out at the end of spring. The ideal date for the work is the 24th of May. On the 9th lunar day the Moon is in Libra.
  • Regions with a temperate climate. The best date is May 19th. On the 5th lunar day, the Moon is in Cancer.
  • Southern areas. The best number when it is necessary to plant tomatoes, on May 14. The 29th lunar day and the moon is in Taurus.

The first weeding is carried out in 10 days, and the second in 11 days after replanting shrubs. During the entire period of active growth and ripening, tomatoes are regularly irrigated.

Harvesting is carried out approximately 110 days after planting tomatoes.

What affects the timing of planting seeds

When sowing tomatoes for seedlings depends on two main factors. For the planting season you need to prepare in advance. What matters is where the tomatoes will be grown, in open or protected beds, and it is also necessary to take into account which variety is supposed to be planted.

To date, a large selection of varieties that differ in different boundaries of fruit ripening. This may be superearly varieties with the formation of fruits within 90 days after planting seeds. Or late tomato varieties, when the first fruits can be tasted only after 125 days.

When planting tomatoes on unprotected beds, depends primarily on the temperature of the soil and air. Be sure to make sure that the threat of frost behind. Given all these conditions, you can navigate the calendar for 2018.

One lunar month is equal to the amount of time for which the moon will complete a full circle around the Earth. During this period of time there is a change of four phases.

  • The day before or after a new moon, you can deal with weed control. Hold pinching, removal of damaged leaves. On the day of the new moon is not allowed to do anything in the garden.
  • To plant tomatoes is best during the period when the moon begins to grow. The duration of the period is 10 days.
  • Full moon last three days. At this time, it is best to treat vegetables from pests and diseases.
  • The descending period of the moon lasts 12 days. You can not carry out work that may relate to the underground part of the plant.

Before planting tomato seeds on the lunar calendar, you need to prepare the container. It can be individual for each seed or common for many grains. Prepared soil is poured into a container, watered and made recesses. Sow two seeds in each hole and sprinkle them with earth. As soon as the seeds are planted, the container is covered with a film and moved to a warm place.

Around the fifth day, the first shoots should appear. The film is removed, and the container with the seedlings is transferred to a well-lit place. If daylight is not enough, then additional lighting is arranged.. It is recommended to water once every 8-10 days with warm, settled water.

For the cultivation of planting material capacity must be placed in a warm place where there is enough light. In time it is necessary to feed and moisten the soil.

Good time to work on the site

Most gardeners have a greenhouse on the plot. You can grow any culture in it without waiting for heat. Sow tomatoes in seedlings and continue to care for seedlings, recommended in the following order.

  • The best days for planting tomatoes in 2018 is the period from the twentieth of February to the twentieth of March. The best days are February 26 and March 3, 7, 20.
  • The next step in the care of seedlings is picking. It is carried out about a month after the appearance of most of the shoots. On the seedlings by this time turn around 2-3 leaves. In March, the most successful days for this procedure are 15, 16, 21, 22. If it was not possible to carry out a picking at this time, then before April 11 it is better to refuse such a procedure. Good days in April will be the 11th, 12th, 13th.
  • Cultivation in accordance with the lunar calendar involves the calculation of the best days for fertilization. The first feeding is carried out 7 days after the picking, repeated, after another 14 days. In April, it is better to choose the 4, 12, 18, 26 number. In May, it is better to stop at the 3, 8, 10 number.
  • After 40 days, seedlings can be planted in a greenhouse. Sprouts in height should be at least 24 cm. According to the lunar calendar, it is better to plant tomatoes in 2018 on April 17, 28 or 29, but can be postponed until May. Successful in this case, the days will be 3, 9 and 12 May.
  • After 14-17 days you can spend pasynkovanie. The best days are May 8, 11, 17, 20, 25 and 28. In June, 8, 19, 20, 24, 29 are considered good days for pasynkovany.

As the plant grows, it is necessary to regularly water and weed the beds. Separate varieties of tomatoes require periodic pinching and tying

The first watering is carried out not earlier than 7 days after disembarkation. Subsequently, watering is sufficient once every 1.5 weeks, but plentifully. Water should be warm. It is necessary to avoid moisture on the green part of the tomato bush. The lunar calendar of 2018 suggests watering in the next best days. In May, from 27 to 29. In June, 9, 21, 26, 27. In July, 6, 17, 29 number. In August, 3, 5, 15, 24, 30 number.

When to plant tomatoes? Based on the calendar, it is best to do this in the phase when the moon begins to grow. The juices of vegetation and seeds in this period are sent up. As a result, the seedlings will grow strong, and in the future many fruits will be formed that will ripen before the stated dates.

Those who plant tomatoes in the greenhouse on the calendar, note the high productivity and endurance of the plant. "Sow the seeds on the indicated successful days, bypassing the unsuccessful period, and then the cultivation will not be a hassle, and the fruits will be pleased with their quality and quantity."

Features landing on an open area

To plant tomato seeds on seedlings, if in the future they will be transplanted to an unprotected area, should be a little later. Календарь посева помидор поможет разобраться, как и когда это лучше сделать.

  • Сеять томаты начинают в конце марта и до последних чисел апреля. Посадку помидор на рассаду по лунному календарю лучше проводить 20, 29, 31 марта или 5, 10, 12 апреля.
  • Когда на росточках появится первая пара листочков, проводят пикировку. Делать это лучше в последние числа марта, а так же 12, 18, 26 и 29 апреля или 3 мая.
  • До высадки рассады томатов на открытые грядки, подкормку проводят один раз. Лучшие дни в этом случае это – 26, 29 апреля и 3, 8, 11, 29, 31 мая.
  • Посадка помидор на открытый участок проводится через два месяца после появления всходов. Для посадки рассады удачными в 2018 году становятся 28, 29 мая и 6, 8 июня. The full moon is supposed to be June 8-9, so these days it is not worth touching tomatoes. The best days on the calendar 2018 in February will be from the 16th to the 18th, 21, 22, 24. In March - 22 and from 24 to 26th. May 17, 24 and 27 number.
  • Masking is recommended every two weeks. The following days are most suitable for this procedure: 7, 22, 26, 28 June, 6, 9, 25, 29 July, 2, 4, 7, 10 August.
  • Good days for irrigation are considered in May from 27-30, in June from 5 to 8, 22 and from 25-29. In July, from 3 to 6, 8, 9, 13, 17, 18 and from 25 to 30 numbers. In August, from 2 to 7, 10 and 15 numbers.

If we take into account the temporary boundaries of planting tomatoes on seedlings, then you can achieve strong, branched roots and healthy greenery. The plant will show resistance to disease, it will be better to tolerate adverse factors.

The best days for tomatoes in March in 2018 will be the 2, 19 and 22 numbers. If the seeds are planted these days, then the plant will have developed, powerful roots. They will pull out a large amount of nutrients and moisture from the soil, therefore, increases immunity to many diseases.

From the reviews of experienced gardeners, it becomes clear that growing a large number of tomatoes is easy: “Me and my daughter have been sowing tomatoes for seedlings lately only on the lunar calendar. The results are much better. Tomato bushes never get sick, tolerate changes in air temperature, and the fruits are juicy and sweet. ”

Bad time

The lunar sowing calendar provides not only good days, but also warns about the most unfortunate time periods. These days it is advised not to do any procedures on the site.

  • The worst days for the care of tomatoes on the lunar calendar is the time of the new moon and full moon.
  • Seed can not be sown in the period from 15 to 21 February and from 14 to 27 March.
  • Planting seedlings on the prepared beds is not allowed from 4 to 7 May.

For sowing seeds in 2018, the following dates will fail:

  • 2, 3, 9, February 10 and 15,
  • from 8 to 10, from 13 to 15 and March 17,
  • April 4 through 6, 14, 15 and 16,
  • 2, 3, 7, 8 May 15.

It is impossible to carry out any procedures with tomatoes in the phase of a waning moon. If you plant the seeds at this time, then all the power will go to the formation of the roots, which is good, for example, for potatoes.

Advice from gardeners: "If you do not have time to transplant seedlings on the recommended days, then you can do it in a neutral period, given the limits of the unfavorable period."