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Healing Ivan-tea: how to brew at home and properly drink


Mother Nature gave people many plants that are able to maintain health and heal various ailments. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical drugs are so actively propagandize and advertise that people often don’t bother to find out and find out about those natural healers that grow right under their feet, do not contain any “chemistry” and do not require fabulous money to use them. And yet there are many such medicinal plants. One of them is Ivan-Chai, whose properties, use and contraindications are discussed in this article.

The plant is considered mysterious, which is legendary. It is called differently, depending on the area where it grows. For example, the names of “Kuril tea”, “Koporsky tea” and, of course, the famous “Ivan-tea” are known. Scientifically, he is a narrow-leaved wormwood.

The origin of the name "Ivan-tea" has different versions. According to one of them, he was widely known among the peoples of the Far East, where he was used as a cure for men's problems. Therefore, he received such a name. Another version is more mercantile: on it, the leaves of fireweed were mixed in by the traders in black tea, thus increasing their profit.

Consider what is the herb ivan-tea, therapeutic properties and contraindications, as well as recipes for its use.

This plant is known to all since childhood. It stands out with pink flowers in the meadow. Some types of fireweed can be confused with each other (for example, wooly firewood cannot be consumed), so it is important to know exactly what the Ivan-tea looks like (White-leaved fireweed). Its beneficial properties are contained in the whole plant. Even the roots can be used as a medicine. But the most valuable flowers and leaves.

When dried, it gets the taste of black tea. Therefore, since the beginning of the nineteenth century, he easily drove expensive teas from China and India. They drank it much more often than kvass, mors, sbiten and quenching. But for some reason over time they forgot about him.

This medicinal plant contains a large amount of tannins, especially in its leaves and roots. It also has in its composition tannides (which are derivatives of tannin), piragol (from ten to twenty percent). It is known that in a crushed form, the leaves are more useful than whole. This is due to the combined effect of plant mucus, the percentage of which reaches fifteen, and tandens.

In addition, flavonoids such as kaempferol and quercetin, as well as organic acids, in which the P vitamins are present, are contained in Ivan Cha.

Where grows

In almost all latitudes, the grass iwan-tea is found. Healing properties and contraindications are known to healers, no matter where they live. The main places where this grass grows are meadows, roadsides and forest edges, that is, it prefers solar and open areas.

Its height reaches one and a half meters, turning the plant into pleasant bushes with pink flowers. Then you can start collecting it. In the middle lane, this time begins from the end of June and lasts until the beginning of autumn, when willow-tea is gathered, the fireweed is narrow-leaved.

The beneficial properties of the plant, however, are not known to everyone. Sometimes, when he appears in the garden, they try to get rid of him like a common weed, instead of using it as a medicine or just a drink.

Black-leaved Kiprey is notable for its particular endurance. For example, it may first grow after a fire. But in damp and wet places, on sour and loamy soils will not appear.

Collection and preparation

Only encouraging scent will cause a surge of strength and energy if, by chance, there is grass ivan-tea on the edge of the forest or lawn! Healing properties and its contraindications, except for a pleasant smell, have long been known. Therefore, many decide to grow a plant purposefully. Implement the idea is quite possible, since it is unpretentious, not afraid of any drought, and also bring weeds.

The leaves and flowers are collected before the beginning of the process (which usually occurs from the middle to the end of August), because otherwise they will become unsuitable. Harvesting willow tea is quite simple for medicinal purposes. But if they are going to use it as tea, then the leaves, besides drying, must be fermented. Then the taste will improve at times.

When picking flowers, they are simply torn off from the inflorescences and put in large bags, and the leaves are best used from the middle of the stem, not grabbing the upper and lower ones.

In an open space, the plant is dried in the shade or in the sun, spread out evenly in a thin layer on paper or cloth. It is desirable from time to time to stir the raw material by hand.

Stored drug is stored in paper bags or fabric bags for up to two years.

In the oven, the grass is also sometimes dried ivan-tea.

Medicinal properties

Both contraindications and indications must be known and taken into account when applying it.

In fact, all the old herbal collections contained this medicinal plant. It can be considered universal in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. The most well-known medicinal properties that manifests in Cyprus are the following:

  • significantly affects the increase and enhancement of immunity,
  • useful for men (increases potency),
  • used for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis and adenoma,
  • heals the digestive system,
  • helps with the disease and prevention of endocrine diseases,
  • effective in gastritis, colitis and ulcers,
  • increases hemoglobin and regulates its balance,
  • promotes healing of wounds and abrasions, quickly stops bleeding,
  • used as a febrifuge
  • relieves the child's condition with chickenpox and measles,
  • heals the nerves and helps stabilize the psyche,
  • improves performance, improves mood and invigorates,
  • normalizes pressure
  • removes toxins and wastes from the body

And this is not the whole list of beneficial effects, which can have an ivan-tea. Medicinal properties and its contraindications are confirmed by official medicine. In addition, the plant has a lot of properties, not confirmed by professional healers. But one can definitely say that Kuril tea has a beneficial effect on health, or Ivan tea, Koporsky tea.


Any medicinal plant, according to traditional medicine, has not only indications, but also contraindications. However, there is an exception to this rule. We are talking about such a plant as willow-tea. The only thing that doctors warn about is that over-use for more than two weeks can cause diarrhea. But this, in the opinion of many people who took it, is a rather controversial statement, as sometimes, on the contrary, they use it to get rid of this problem.


Ivan-tea, whose healing properties and contraindications are so incommensurable, is one of the few herbs that can be freely consumed during pregnancy.

If a cold disease is just beginning, then, after drinking a decoction or tea from a plant, you can forget about the illness. However, in the acute phase, it is unlikely to be quite effective.

Ivan-tea is often used as a sedative, although it will not act as a regular sleeping pill, as it has a mild effect. With constant use, it will help not only to normalize sleep, but also strengthen the nervous system.

There are even cases when the development of cancer cells ceased during its adoption. Therefore, it is also known as an antitumor agent, which is also used for the prevention of metastases.

The plant copes with various diseases of the genitourinary system, not only men but also women.

Herbs are usually made from alcoholic infusions and teas. To get a great taste, you need to use the fermentation method when drying. Then get the famous Koporsky tea. To do this, freshly harvested leaves are tightly tamped into the jar and closed with a lid. The container is exposed to the sun, and when the leaves in it change their color to dark brown (usually it takes several days), the fermentation process will be completed. Then they are cut and dried in the usual way. Koporsky tea will turn out really tasty. It was not for nothing that under tsarist Russia large quantities of wormwood was exported (willow-tea). Properties and contraindications listed above must be considered when using it as a drink.

Here are some recipes that can be used for medicinal purposes.

  • With prostate, take one tablespoon of herbs and insist two hours in a glass of boiling water. On the day, the remedy is used four times a tablespoon for a whole month. You can also mix it with regular tea and drink two or three glasses per day with the addition of honey. In this case, it takes longer: from four to six months.
  • The first recipe described to combat prostatitis can be used as an antitumor agent.
  • In addition to decoctions, teas and tinctures, you can make oil from herbs. For this, a glass of fresh flowers is poured with a glass of vegetable oil and infused in the sun in a closed glass container for three weeks. The prepared tool is used for healing wounds, ulcers, burns and cuts.
  • The healing properties of the herb willow-tea perfectly manifest themselves in honey honey, which is so useful that healers advise him to use even diabetic patients. They have long been treated for leukemia, painful menstruation and inflammation of the bladder.
  • The herb is actively used for cosmetic purposes. It helps well with acne and other skin inflammation. You can use, for example, a decoction of it. To do this, three tablespoons poured boiling water and insist to cool. From the obtained funds make daily lotions lasting two hours, periodically moistening a napkin in it.
  • Also effective will be the ice from the decoction of willow-tea, which you need to wipe your face every day.
  • In addition to the skin, the plant will help hair. To do this, prepare the tincture and periodically moisten the hair roots with it.

Official medicine about iwan chae

Medicine is not so rarely began to turn to popular methods. It speaks about the common sense of today's doctors. After all, it is clear how chemical drugs, healthy, on the one hand, can harm the health of its many side effects. In addition, it would be illogical to reject the facts testifying to the elimination of various diseases. Ivan-tea, about medicinal properties, the contraindications of which were discussed, doctors are increasingly recommended as an addition to traditional treatment. And with ordinary people, it is becoming increasingly popular.

Ivan Tea - the king of tea

Ivan-tea or boiling-off tea is a hot drink that has long been loved and drunk for medicinal purposes by the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere of the earth. What is it?

Koporsky tea (another name for Cyprus) is found in the taiga regions of Siberia and in the European part of the Northern Hemisphere.

The height of the Ivan-tea can reach two meters. The flowers of this plant are purple, red, pink, and the seeds are arranged in long green pods.

This tea has several features: it does not absorb harmful substances and has valuable healing properties.

There is a legend that Peter 1, who preferred foreign products, having tried this tea, did not believe that this exquisite drink grows right outside Petersburg.

The many-sided taste of Koporsky tea depends on the time of its collection and the method of preparation. If it is collected at the end of May, the taste will be slightly caramel, and the summer (collected in June-July) will be sour.

The taste of tea also depends on the method of brewing. We will talk about this a little later. First, let's understand what this tea is good for the body.

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Beneficial features

The reputation of willow-tea has spread much further than the place of its growth, thanks to an extremely large number of useful properties.

Scientist P. A Badmaev, who devoted his life to studying this plant and its benefits for the human body, lived to one hundred and ten years. A scientist could have broken all the records of longevity, if not for the torture and prison that had ruined him.

P. Badmaev said that the one who drinks a lot of Koporsky tea will live a long time.

Why? What is so special about this drink that it can have such a positive effect on health?

Koporsky tea gives strength and uplifting, helps fight headaches, soothes nerves, relieves stress and helps to fall asleep.

Let's figure out where such a bunch of beneficial effects on the body?

The chemical composition of fireweed includes the following elements:

  1. Cellulose polymers,
  2. Lectins,
  3. Vitamin C,
  4. Sugar,
  5. Organic acids
  6. Pectin,
  7. Bioflavonoids
  8. Calcium,
  9. Potassium,
  10. Copper,
  11. Iron,
  12. Manganese,
  13. Titanium,
  14. Moliben,
  15. Boron,
  16. Slime and tannin,
  17. Magnesium,
  18. Phosphorus.

Let us consider in more detail the useful properties of some elements:

  1. The mucus and tannin contained in this tea have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects,
  2. Pectin cleanses the body of radioactive elements, ions of toxic metals, pesticides. It improves peripheral circulation. Thanks to him, metabolism and cholesterol levels return to normal,
  3. Bioflavonoids are able to eliminate the fragility of blood vessels, strengthen their walls. Protect the body's cells from the effects of free radicals and from immune disorders, diseases, prevent aging,
  4. Vitamin C in this plant is more than in oranges and lemons! Therefore, after drinking this tea, you can wait for the general strengthening of the body and increase immunity,
  5. Copper protects against the development of anemia, cares about the proper functioning of the liver, spleen. This element helps in maintaining a healthy blood composition,
  6. Iron is involved in the formation of hemoglobin, provides the correct metabolism, synthesis of immune cells and the generation of nerve impulses,
  7. Manganese is responsible for our growth and development, for the formation of strong bones. Improves memory and digestion, and also normalizes glucose level,
  8. Calcium strengthens bones, affects muscle contraction, coordinates heartbeat,
  9. Magnesium regulates vascular tone and muscle contraction, plays an important role in the conversion of sugar into energy,
  10. Potassium helps to improve intestinal activity, regularize the acid-base balance of blood, water balance of intercellular and cellular fluids, water-salt balance,
  11. Phosphorus ensures the stability of metabolism, the growth of dental and bone tissue.

Thus, Ivan-tea has the following properties:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antimicrobial,
  • antipyretic
  • anticonvulsants,
  • knitting,
  • enveloping
  • soothing
  • antioxidant,
  • painkillers
  • hypnotics,
  • vessel strengthening.

It is important to note that there is no caffeine in Ivan-tea, so you can safely drink it at night.

In folk medicine, the constant use of willow tea helps to treat the following diseases:

  1. Anemia,
  2. Infertility,
  3. High blood pressure,
  4. Diseases associated with urination in men
  5. Tracheitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, antritis, tuberculosis,
  6. Dermatological diseases (eczema and psoriasis).

Ivan-tea helps with poisoning, disturbances in the nervous system, overwork, stress, problems with the menstrual cycle in women, menopause, avitaminosis. It helps to cure prostatitis and prostate adenoma in men, cystitis and thrush in women.

Koporsky tea can not only be drunk, but also instilled (for otitis media, rhinitis, sinusitis), as well as used as a rinse (for quinsy, laryngitis, stomatitis, periodontitis, caries). They can wash wounds and ulcers, make compresses that help relieve pain in case of bruises, diseases of the joints, and apply steamed leaves for problematic skin or acne.

How to brew willow tea in the traditional way

The safety of its medicinal properties depends on the proper brewing of this tea.

The recipe for this infusion of Ivan tea:

  1. Rinse the kettle with boiling water,
  2. Pour boiling water (600 ml of purified water) two teaspoons of tea (proportions can be changed depending on taste preferences),
  3. Close the container, let it stand for more than ten minutes, then mix and drink.

How to brew willow-tea at home in other ways

A la Milk Oolong:

  1. Fill the teapot with a third with a mixture
  2. Pour water, heated to 80 degrees,
  3. Thirty seconds later - drain the tea
  4. The drink is ready.

  1. Pour one leaf of cold water with a teaspoon of fireweed
  2. Cover and infuse for twelve hours.

Ivan tea with milk:

  1. A teaspoon of willow-tea pour a glass of boiling milk,
  2. Leave it for ten minutes and drink.

Сколько раз можно заваривать иван-чай?

Напиток можно заваривать до пяти раз.

Несмотря на то что он не портится на протяжении нескольких дней, лучше всего пить этот чай в свежезаваренном виде.

Ivan tea is drunk hot and cold.

If you decide to warm the cooled tea, do not bring it to a boil, in which case its delicate aroma will be lost.

Preparation of willow tea for treatment

How to prepare and drink Ivan tea for treatment:

  1. If you have a headache, stomach or insomnia. Brew a cup of boiling water twenty grams of grass of fireweed, leave to infuse for two hours, drain. Drink a tablespoon before eating. With a sore throat, rinse it with this broth.
  2. With cystitis and other diseases of the urogenital system. A tablespoon of leaves (crushed) pour a glass of boiling water, let it stand for two hours, drain. Take a third of a cup before meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  3. For insomnia (cooking in a thermos). In half a liter of hot water put two tablespoons of tea leaves. Infuse for 9-10 hours. Take 100 ml three to four times a day.

Picking willow tea

Collect fenders in the summer. In early May - the top young shoots. And from June to August - floral brushes. In August, beans begin to ripen on the lower branches of the wilderness, where there is fluff, which should not get into tea. Therefore, it must be harvested before these beans ripen.

Caution! Ivan tea can be confused with forest fire, which can have a negative impact on health. Medical fireweed (willow-herb), unlike forest fireworm, grows up to 70-200 centimeters, while forest fireweed can grow to only 15 cm.

To prepare the infusion of willow-tea, you need only the upper part of the fireweed, so the plant is pruned or broken in the middle.

Drying leaves

Wash and spread the floral brushes in a thin layer (5 centimeters) in a clean and dry place on thick cloth or clean paper. Then leave to dry for about twenty-four hours, while you need to make sure that the leaves become sluggish. After that, you should start the fermentation, since it is she who gives the tea a rich and floral taste.

Fermentation for making tea collection

  1. Scroll through the dried sausage leaves in a meat grinder, put in an enamel pan and press the leaves firmly on top,
  2. Put in a warm place and keep until the leaves darken,
  3. Put on a baking sheet and put in the oven,
  4. Dry the leaves at a temperature of up to 60 degrees, leaving the oven door slightly ajar.

Harm and contraindications to the use of willow tea

  1. Use of tea is contraindicated in children under 6 years of age, as well as adults in case of individual intolerance,
  2. Pregnant and lactating women should consult a doctor before drinking tea,
  3. It should be carefully drunk in case of diseases associated with increased blood clotting (thrombosis, thrombophlebitis and varicose veins),
  4. In the case of prolonged consumption of willow tea, the stomach, liver and intestines may be disturbed.

To summarize: Kipri ​​has a large number of useful properties, exquisite taste and almost no contraindications. A rare find, not tea!

And a little more information on how to brew willow-tea is in the next video.

If you are preparing this miraculous drink, collect and harvest your own Ivan-tea, please write down what details those who have just started doing this should know. Share how to make Ivan tea at home.

Your feedback and additions will help beginners to understand what healing properties this drink has, how to properly collect and how to store this healing herb.