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Having found the first traces of the bear, or when confronted personally with a harmful insect, many gardeners and gardeners are horrified, almost every summer resident knows that the appearance of this pest on the site will entail huge crop losses.

In the fight against Medvedka, all means are good: someone protects plants with plastic barriers, someone pours burrows with vegetable oil, others do not wait for insects to multiply and move on to the most effective methods using homemade or chemical poisons. The insecticide "Medvetoks" is currently the most effective and widely used drug to combat pest.

Signs of bears on plants

Before you start fighting with any pest, it is important to examine some nuances about how the insect harms, under what conditions it reproduces, in fact, “know the enemy by sight”.

Medvedka is quite a large insect and reaches up to 10 cm in length. The famous pest causes irreparable damage: mows with its powerful jaws and claws all the plants encountered in its path, gnaws the roots and does not disdain any weed or culture. It is very easy to detect a bear by the following features:

  • On the surface of the soil, mainly in loose, light soil, numerous holes are visible about 3 cm in diameter. As a rule, such moves are not solitary, on one square meter you can see several holes of an insect at once.
  • Young, fragile seedlings often become the first victim of a bear. If every day one or two plants and more die, and upon closer examination you notice a bitten stalk near the surface of the earth or a couple of centimeters lower, then be sure that it was the bear who worked on the death of the plant.

Doubt does not remain in a full-time collision with a pest. If you met Medvedka, try to catch it and destroy. One individual per season can produce more than 700 insects. Such a number of medvedok in a small area will be a real disaster for the gardener.

The elimination of burrows and individuals - a meaningless exercise, because it is very mobile and resourceful pest. The best remedy is poison.

"Medvetoks" acts as a poisoned bait, which will appeal not only to the bear, but also to such equally malicious pests of the garden and garden as ants, wireworms, onion flies, weevil and cabbage fly.

It is difficult to take garden ants as pests, because they loosen the soil quite well, but the first impression is wrong. Having settled near the bed with beets, they will spoil not all, but a significant part of the harvest.

Having noticed a large number of ants in the garden, you will undoubtedly begin to encounter the results of their labors: the roots harvested by the pest, the destroyed strawberries and strawberries, and with a larger population, it will be difficult to harvest the stone fruit before the fruits spoil.

Manually looking for and eliminating anthills is a fairly laborious and exhausting job, and it is much more convenient to use bait. Medvetoks will solve the problem and get rid of ants in the shortest possible time.

One tool can get rid of several problem pests at once. In this case, the rate of consumption of the drug remains the same for all types of harmful insects - 3 grams of Medvetoks per square meter.

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Medvetoks: instructions for use

The composition of the poisoned bait "Medvetoks" includes a highly active poison diazinon, which is deadly poisonous for bear and ants. In order to destroy an adult individual of a medvedka, one insecticide granule is enough; the same amount of the preparation leads to the death of several dozen ants.

  1. Pre-moisten the granules of poison with vegetable oil,
  2. Around the perimeter of the landings, mark the grooves of a small depth (about 5 cm) and spread the bait,
  3. Sprinkle the granules with earth and pour water.
  4. The effect of the drug lasts for three weeks.

To protect young seedlings, when planting in open ground, lay Medvetoks granules on the edge of the hole (4 granules per plant).

After abundant watering throughout the impact zone, the smell of bait, appealing to ants and bears, will spread. Over the next three days, the pests will flee to the poisoned area and die after eating the pellets.

Precautionary measures

Despite the high concentration of toxic substances in the granules of the drug, "Medvetoks" refers to environmentally friendly products.

  • Insecticide does not harm the soil composition and is absolutely not dangerous for earthworms.
  • The bait should be kept in a place inaccessible to pets to avoid their poisoning.
  • It is forbidden to store the drug near food, feed.
  • When working with insecticide, use protective gloves.

A few weeks after the application of Medvetoks, the components of the drug disintegrate into harmless compounds.

Reviews of the drug "Medvetoks"

Simple Russian summer residents tell about the successful use of the highly effective insecticide “Medvetoks” against a medvedka:


“On the plot in meters 15, where there was a concentration of minks, it took 2 packs of Medvetoks. They made several furrows, in the form of a grid, and they poured one granule every 10-20 cm. It was not necessary to water it, it was just a matter of rain. By the way, it is very convenient to gain rain for such an event.

From the date of the bait layout, weeks have passed 6. Not a single plant has been destroyed, we hope that the roots are intact. Every now and then we find the remains of the bears. In addition, our “great army of ants” has disappeared, although this season we will not remove the beet eaten by them. Unexpected bonus, very pleased!

Next year we will repeat the treatment, but this time around the garden, for sure. "


“We have tried a lot of ways to fight with Medvedka. Diluted laundry soap in the water and poured mink, literally after a few seconds, the bear flew out of the house. It was necessary to have time to stun her with a shovel. The "brutal" method of struggle is also very tedious and has not brought any result. The following year, those who managed to escape apparently bred. In addition, the neighbors did not cultivate their land, they did not fight with Medvedka, so the neighboring couple of pests passed to us.

My desperate attempts to save the seedlings (I’ve been digging plastic fences into the ground, and on occasion catching the bearheads by hand) did not help, and I decided that it would be better to perish. They advised Medvetoks as the best tool, stopped at it. Judging by the results, it is really a very effective drug - a couple of days passed after the treatment, as did Medvedka. All plants are intact, pleasing to the eye. It's nice that the drug is convenient to use and enough once.

The tool is excellent, I advise you not to waste time on popular methods, but to immediately persecute you will save both strength and nerves!

Parents use Medvetoks around the garden. So they got rid of both the onion fly and the wireworm. But they say, for the desired effect, they lure the bait from the very beginning of the season, in the spring, when planting potatoes and again, in a month. ”

What is Medvetoks?

A question may arise about how to make an insect poison if it harms underground? Medvetoks is a flavored bait that the smell attracts this creature (and he has a good sense of smell, which is important).

And when Medvedka, finally, in her underground passage, searches for these granules and eats them, she dies in just a few hours. To destroy one insect, only a granule is needed.

Medvetoks release forms and "indications" for use

The product is produced in a package of 30 g and 100 g. Instructions for use Medvetoks says: in order to process the soil in an area of ​​10 square meters, you will need 20-30 g of the substance. The cost of one package is about 30-50 rubles. Pretty economical option.

This insecticide is intended to protect root crops, vegetable and flower seedlings not only from the bear, but also from ants.

How to use Medvetoks and how safe is it for the soil?

It is absolutely harmless to the microflora of the soil and earthworms. When used for its intended purpose does not harm the person.

Now how to apply Medvetoks:

  • Around the beds or between them to make grooves, the depth of which should be 3-4 cm.
  • Pour into each of them Medvetoks. Pre-manufacturer recommends to flavor the substance with a small amount of vegetable oil.
  • Pits with a bait to fall asleep the dug earth.
  • Liberally pour all the furrows with water.

The action of the substance stretches for 3 weeks, and even if there are heavy rain showers at this time, the granules will not dissolve. As a rule, a 30 gram bag lasts an average of 13 meters of furrow.

Medvetoks application rules caution against the use of funds in the presence of children and animals, especially dogs. It can also be noted that Medvetoks meets all safety requirements and was approved by the Ministry of Health of Russia, the State Chemical Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

To destroy the bear it is recommended to cultivate the soil twice. Thus, it turns out that it is necessary to wait for the action of this substance for almost 2 months. By the way, after 3-4 weeks the active ingredient of the drug is decomposed into harmless compounds.

Is Medvetoks effective? Opinion gardeners

Reviews say about the effectiveness of the tool in the fight against Medvedka, but this joy is temporary. Of course, there are gardeners who use the substance for several years, and each time it helps. But there are more reviews about what helps Medvetoks only in the first year. Subsequently, the insect adapts, and by this means it can no longer be destroyed.

Medvedka is not only dangerous for vegetation, but also very nasty. Her, as the Colorado potato beetle (to combat it, you can use the drug Tabu), it is difficult to withdraw from the site. Therefore, you need to try several methods at once to destroy it and not worry about the future harvest.

Medvetoks - environmentally safe bait-poison to fight with a bear.

If Medvedka settled on your site - we will have a lot of problems. It damages the underground parts of plants, especially transplanted seedlings from it. The medvedka has rather powerful jaws and practically every garden plant can “tick” it. Dozens of folk methods of dealing with harmful insects do not provide an absolute guarantee, and only if the population of the Medvedka site is high, you can get rid of it only with the help of poisoned baits. But the problem is how to make it find in the ground and eat a toxic remedy.

To do this, a specially poisoned Medvetoks bait flavored to taste was specially developed. She is so attractive to a bear that the pest is simply unable to abandon her! Thanks to a very sharp sense of smell, Medvedka finds bait in the ground and eats with pleasure. One MEDVETOXA pellet is enough for the bear to die several hours after eating the bait.

Instructions for use

Apply the drug should be as follows: between the beds or around them make a furrow with a depth of 3-4 centimeters and evenly pour medvetoks slightly flavored with vegetable oil (one package of bait should be enough for 10-15 meters of furrow). Then the furrows are leveled with earth and watered abundantly.

The use of the drug is also effective because the bait granules do not disintegrate in moist soil and it retains its properties for the bear for three weeks.

30 g of granules in a package of 10 sq.m. cultivated soil.

The secrets of the deadly granules

It is not enough to cook an effective poison, it is necessary that the pest wants to eat it. The granules of Medvetox contain 5% of diazinon, deadly to bears and ants, and also contain flavoring and aromatic additives that the sensitive nose of insects recognizes from afar. For a person, the scent of the product is somewhat reminiscent of the smell of dry cat food, but it seems that insects understand the smell of delicacy. Crawling to a tasty lump, medvedki relish it and eat the whole without a trace. Very soon, the drug begins to act, and voracious parasites die.

In Russia, "Medvetoks" produces JSC "TPK Technoexport." As the active substance was taken diazinon, originally developed to fight cockroaches. The preparation of intestinal action, harms the body only when eaten, so the remaining 95% are natural components that serve as insect food.

Red granules are packed in foil bags, packaging - 30 g at a price of 15-20 rubles and 100 g at a price of 25-30 rubles. Keep Medvetoks in sealed boxes away from food, animal feed, and medication. Make sure that children and domestic animals cannot get close to the preparation, there is a danger that this smell will also seem appetizing to them.

How to get rid of a bear?

The method of application of the insecticide is very simple. In the area where the bears live, dig up furrows about 3 cm deep. It is advisable to locate them around the perimeter of the beds to block the path of insects. Dip the granules lightly with vegetable oil and put it in the ground. Package 30 g should be enough for 10m 2, distribute the contents evenly along the furrows. The land with the pledged drug is abundantly poured, and very soon the pests will begin to run to the feast.

If you need to process a small area, it is better to purchase a small package. You use it all at once, and you will not need to store an open package.

Lumps do not get wet, do not dissolve in the soil. If the insects did not immediately notice the tasty bait, the poison retains its effectiveness for 3 weeks, and then decomposes into components that are safe for nature. The drug does not harm the environment, beneficial microorganisms in the soil and earthworms do not suffer from its impact.

The very next morning you will see deadly insect carcasses. Collect them and burn them so that the birds do not devour the poisonous prey and the animals do not eat it. "Epidemic" will last about a week, then subside, but you do not calm down. The instruction recommends repeating the treatment in a month, when a new generation of a polar bear hatch from the larvae. Calculate the work so that the last introduction of the drug was no later than 60 days before harvest.

Fight ants and other pests

Ants bring to the gardener less frustration than the bears, but their appearance on the site is also undesirable. By themselves, these insects are not very dangerous for plants, the harm comes from the aphid, which they breed like milk cows. Small green bugs not only gnaw tender parts of plants, but also produce sticky sweetish liquid, very tasty for ants. This enzyme spreads on the leaf, clogs the pores, and it becomes difficult for the plant to breathe.

To destroy aphids, attract to the site of ladybirds and other predatory insects, and from the ants, use Medvetoks. During the growing season, bury it in places where there is a lively accumulation of insects. If you are lucky enough to find an anthill, bury the pellets directly into it. This method will help to quickly destroy the whole colony.

Information about this drug is very scarce, so many gardeners do not know that Medvetoks can be to taste and other harmful insects:

  • onion fly
  • cabbage fly,
  • furrowed weevil, damaging seedlings of flowers,
  • wireworm gnawing potato tubers.

Consumption rates for all pests are the same - 3 g / m 2. To combat flies and weevils, the drug is scattered over the surface of the soil when planting seedlings or bulbs. For the destruction of the wireworm when planting potato tubers, they act as when fighting with a bear. In any case, when using Medvetoks to protect edible crops, observe a waiting period of 60 days so that the undecomposed poison does not harm your health.

Description, composition and drug release form

Medvetoks produced in the form of large rounded granules of dark red color. The active ingredient of the drug is diazinon (5%). Other components of the product are inert fillers, flavors and flavor additives that attract pests. Diazinon has a neuroparalytic effect, causes convulsions, paralysis and insect death.

With the help of the drug Medvetoks destroy ants and medvedok.

The smell of the drug is not sharp and unpleasant, it is somewhat similar to the smell of granulated cat food. Medvetoks is on sale in tight packages from aluminized plastic. Package weight is 30 and 100 grams.

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Drug benefits

Medvetoks affects only pests that live underground and in the basal area on the surface of the soil.

This drug has several advantages over other chemicals of similar effect:

  • Diazinon is safe for earthworms.
  • Гранулы не разбухают от воды и не растворяются в почве, сохраняют свою эффективность в почве 21 день.
  • Средство опасно для пчел (1 класс опасности), но так как гранулы закапывают в землю, яд не может попасть в их организм.
  • При соблюдении правил безопасности, указанным производителем, препарат безопасен для людей.
  • For the destruction of one medvedka one granule is enough.

Reference. From the last application of Medvetoks to harvest should take at least 60 days.

How to use Medvetoks and whether it is safe for soil

Before you apply the drug from Medvedka, determine the area of ​​the protected area. The contents of the bag weighing 30 grams is enough for 10 square meters of the garden.

For processing 10 acres of land will need one pack of Medvetoks.

Granules do not need to divide. The drug is used in the following order:

  • Grooves and pits with a depth of 3 cm are dug out around the ridges along the plantations.
  • The granules are placed in grooves and covered with earth.
  • Soil level, not compacting and pouring water.

Some gardeners recommend moisten the granules with vegetable oil before instillation. But the instructions for use do not contain such a recommendation.

If there is a bear on the plot, then the next day dead insects will appear on the ground. They should be collected and incinerated.

Medvetoks helps get rid of ants in a matter of days. Pellets can be put right on the ground, where the ants will find them and eat them. Medvetoks should be a little sprinkled with earth, so that it is not by chance that birds do not eat it.

Pellets are buried in the ground next to the anthill, located in the ground. If a cone of an anthill is visible on the surface of the earth, several balls are buried directly into it.

Cabbage fly, onion fly, striated weevil

The larvae of the cabbage fly live in the soil; they damage the roots and stems of plants. Onion fly larva eat onion and its roots. Furrowed weevil gnaws the roots and edges of the leaves. It can destroy the buds and flowers. The insect lives in the soil and on the surface of the ground.

In order to destroy pests, the drug Medvetoks buried in the ground around the plantations.

To get rid of these pests, Medvetoks scatter around the plants, bury the drug in the soil. Some gardeners recommend dividing the granules into several parts and sprinkle with dry foliage.


The method of application of Medvetoksa against the wireworm is not complicated, while planting potatoes or tomato bushes in the well put one granule of the drug. The worms will die, and diazinon will be completely decomposed by the time of harvest.

Reference. Medvetoks is safe for the soil, because after 21 days the active ingredient of the drug is decomposed into simple safe substances.

Drug storage conditions

The shelf life of the drug (from the date of manufacture) is 2 years. Packages are stored in warehouses in normal humidity. Storage temperature - from minus 10 to plus 35 degrees Celsius.

After opening the packaging, the granules should be fully utilized. The opened package is not subject to storage.

Reviews from gardeners

Michael. Medvedka in our garden woke up in early May. On the ground, loosened bumps of soil and first minks appeared. I decided to take action as soon as I saw it, since seedlings had already grown in greenhouses. I would not want Medvedka to destroy everything. I decided to put the Medvetoks right in the mink, and it helped! For several days he discovered large and small bears on the ground. And now the chattering is almost inaudible.

Gardeners speak well of Medvetoks.

Tamara. My land is fertilized, loose and fertile. Medvedki settle in the garden every year, constantly have to poison them. Having tried various means, I settled on Medvetoks. All you have to do is bury the red granules in the ground. The very next day I find dead pests around the moves. The benefits of Medvetoks are obvious. No need to rush after each insect with a kettle of water, a beer bowl, no need to mess around, planting every sprout in the fishnet. Good drug, I recommend it to everyone!