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Alatar "for the fight against insects - instructions

Most modern insecticides and pesticides are distinguished by their versatility: they can be used to treat crops, fruit trees, garden and home ornamental plants, while they help to get rid of most types of pests.

There is no exception and a drug called Alatar, featuring a high degree of efficiency and having a large number of positive feedback from gardeners and gardeners who have already managed to test it in practice.

All the main features of this tool and the rules for its use are described in detail in the proposed article.

Alatar - an insect control drug

Drug "Alatar" It acts equally effectively on most species of insects; it is produced in the form of a clear and colorless liquid, which has a sharp and unpleasant odor.

The composition of the tool is chosen in a special way: all substances enhance the effect of each other, causing a double blow to the pests. This allows you to use "Alatar" in the most difficult situations when you have to confront large populations or overgrown colonies.

The prestige preparation from the Colorado potato beetle and wireworm has shown its effectiveness in controlling pests of garden crops.

A high degree of efficiency is provided by the following components that were included in the “Alatara”:

  1. Malathion is an organic phosphorus compound that has a toxic effect on insects, its concentration in the preparation is 22.5%.
  2. Cypermethrin is the second active substance, belongs to the pyrethroid group. The concentration in the preparation is only 5%, but this is enough to provoke paralysis in insects.
  3. Complex surfactantsthat enhance the effects of malathion and cypermethrin.
  4. Auxiliary components: solvents, stabilizers and antioxidants.

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For indoor plants

The drug "Alatar" is often used in indoor floriculture, it is necessary to use it with increased caution to prevent poisoning when treating plants indoors.

With it, the following tasks are solved:

  1. The destruction of aphids, thrips, moths and other pests that affect indoor plants.
  2. The destruction of sawflies, scutes, moth worm moths and other pests that affect ornamental shrubs grown indoors.
  3. Providing reliable protection against the reappearance of insects.

For garden crops

Many gardeners are actively using Alatar to solve the following main tasks:

  1. The destruction of the Colorado potato beetle on potato fields.
  2. Destruction of small moths and leaf wrenches affecting apple trees.
  3. The destruction of a specific variety of currant aphid.
  4. The destruction of weevils, reducing the harvest of fruit and berry shrubs.
  5. Destruction of scoops, cabbage flies, whiteflies, moths and leaf leaves that harm vegetable crops.
  6. Providing protection from all listed insects.

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"Many gardeners are faced with the Colorado potato beetle, flies, ants, aphids, caterpillars, weevils, moles and many other parasites. It is very annoying when the crop goes to pests. The husband bought the device after reading about it on the forum gardeners.

I regularly inspect my site, the result makes me very happy! I liked very much that it works on a solar battery. I advise the repeller to everyone. "

Instructions for use

To prepare a working solution on the basis of "Alatar" you can use the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Open the 5 ml ampoule with the preparation and dilute its contents in 2 liters of water.
  2. Stir the solution thoroughly.
  3. Gradually add new water until it reaches a volume of 10 liters.
  4. Re-mix the product to obtain a homogeneous liquid, ready to use.

Consumption rates

Consumption rates "Alatara" depend on the treated plants and their growing conditions.

The basic rules are listed below:

  1. To destroy the Colorado potato beetle, strawberry weevils, as well as insects that infect vegetables, 5 ml of “Alatara” is diluted in 4 liters of water. Processing is carried out during the growing season, the consumption rate of the finished solution is not more than 4 liters per 100 m2. How to deal with onion fly: the procedure is carried out twice.
  2. To destroy moth and leaf wrenchesaffecting apple trees, 5 ml of “Alatara” is diluted in 10 liters of water. The treatment is carried out twice during the growing season, the consumption rate of the solution is 5 liters per tree.
  3. To destroy aphidsaffecting black currant, 1 ml of “Alatara” is diluted in a liter of water. A single treatment is carried out during the growing season, the consumption rate is 1 liter of the prepared solution for each currant bush.
  4. For the destruction of various pestsaffecting ornamental trees and shrubs, 5 ml of “Alatara” is diluted in 10 liters of water. During the growing season, up to 5 liters of solution are used to process each plant.
  5. For the destruction of various insectsaffecting ornamental plants and flowers grown in gardening conditions, 5 ml of Alatara is diluted in 10 liters of water. Depending on the degree of damage, 1-2 liters of the solution are used to treat an area of ​​100 m2.

Drug treatment

Processing the prepared solution should be carried out in accordance with the following instructions:

  1. The solution is applied to the plants with a spray gun, it is necessary to monitor the uniformity of spraying.
  2. For processing, a day should be selected without strong windiness and precipitation.
  3. If there is a small wind, you should make sure that the drug is sprayed not against it.
  4. The procedure is recommended to be held until 10 am If the moment has been missed, then the plants can be processed in the evening time period 18: 00-22: 00.
  5. The temperature during processing should be no higher than + 25 ° C and no lower than 12 ° C, otherwise the efficiency of Alatar can be significantly reduced.

Security measures

When using the drug "Alatara" it is important to observe the following measures to ensure their own safety:

  1. Treat only with protective gloves and a respiratory mask.
  2. When processing indoor plants, provide high-quality ventilation in the room, as well as remove pets and people who are not participating in the procedure.
  3. Do not spray the finished solution against the wind, because it can get into the respiratory tract or on the mucous membrane of the eyes.
  4. After completing the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and rinse your mouth.
  5. If a solution gets on the skin, it is necessary to wash it off with water, and then thoroughly wash this place with soap and water.

Stories of our readers!
“They always used fertilizers and dressings in their garden. A neighbor said he was soaking seeds using new fertilizer. The seedling grows strong and strong.

Ordered, followed the instructions. Wonderful results! This we did not expect! We have collected a wonderful harvest this year, now we will always use only this tool. I recommend to try. "

Pest impact rate

The drug "Alatar" has a high impact rate on any pests, but in many respects it depends on weather conditions during which the treatment was carried out, since even a small amount of dew or light rain can slow the effect of the drug.

Many people have already tested the effectiveness of "Alatar" in practice, below they share their opinions about this drug:

  1. Vladimir: “I use the drug“ Alatar ”every season to process virtually the entire vegetable garden, since it allows us to get rid of most insects. Especially I appreciate this tool for its high efficiency in the fight against the Colorado potato beetle, previously no insecticide could help get rid of it, it was necessary to collect and destroy all insects manually. ”
  2. Margarita: “For a long time I grew vegetables in the country and did not use any chemical means, but in recent years something unthinkable happened: so many different insects divorced that the harvest volumes have actually halved. Alatar was a real salvation for me, two treatments were enough for a month to get rid of all pests. Now I use this solution for the treatment of indoor plants. "
  3. Maria: “Alatar solution proved to be a very good side, because 2 years ago it allowed to completely get rid of aphids on roses and the Colorado potato beetle on potatoes, and last year black currants were cured with it. Now I try to keep in stock a few vials of Alatara, so that there is always the opportunity to quickly get rid of any pests. ”

Where can one buy?

You can buy Alatar in stores specializing in the sale of goods and household chemicals for summer residents.

The drug is distributed and sold in most large retail outlets. If you could not find it, you can place an order via the Internet or try to find an analogue with a similar composition.

The cost of "Alatar" depends on the method and place of purchase, as well as the price policy of a particular seller, it may change over time. Currently, a 25 ml vial of the drug is on average about 70 rubles.


Summing up, it can be noted that “Alatar” is identical in principle to many other insecticides, but acts much faster than many analogues.

It is not required to be mixed with other drugs, it is an independent means capable of ensuring reliable protection of the entire garden and vegetable garden, as well as house plants.

"Alatar" to fight insects - instructions

Means "Alatar" in comparison with other drugs has significant advantages, including the following:

  1. The use of the drug "Alatar" is characterized by very high efficiency, since its composition provides for the presence of two components, which are characterized by a strong effect and contribute to the destruction of even the most resistant plant eaters. These chemicals are called malathion and cypermethrin. They are characterized by a synergistic effect, that is, their influence on pests increases as a result of their simultaneous use.
  2. As part of "Alatara" contains a special adhesive. Its purpose is to prevent washing or removal of the drug from the leaves of plants.
  3. Long term of use due to low consumption rate. On 10 l of liquid only 5 ml of funds will be enough.

When using the drug should be remembered that "Alatar" is a poison. Instructions for proper handling of it are as follows:

  • The substance is strongly recommended to be used in dry, calm weather.
  • the best time for spraying is morning (before 11 o'clock) and evening (after 19 o'clock),
  • a certain temperature condition should be considered - the air temperature should not be less than 10⁰С or more than 30С,
  • spraying must be done evenly, trying to distribute the product on each leaf of the plant,
  • Certain security measures should be followed, namely: it is strictly forbidden to smoke or spray near open sources of ignition. Failure to follow these rules may result in a flare-up and subsequent accident.

How to breed "Alatar"?

Instructions for breeding in liquid pest remedies "Alatar" is as follows:

  1. It is necessary to prepare a container with a liquid in the amount of 0.5-3 liters.
  2. Alatar is poured into the liquid at a dose required to process a certain type of culture, and stirred until complete dissolution.

"Alatar" - method of administration and dosage

The dosage and method of use of the drug differ depending on which culture you are going to process:

  1. Potato - sprayed only when a massive attack of the Colorado potato beetles, ladybugs or potato moths. Consumption rate per 100 sq.m. provides for up to 10 liters. The treatment is carried out for 10 days.
  2. Cabbage is sprayed using a dosage similar to that of a potato. During the period of active vegetation, the remedy will help in the fight against whitefly, leaflets and thrips.
  3. Currants, gooseberries - treated during the growing season. Consumption is 2 liters per bush. The main enemies of these cultures are moths, flower beetles, aphid.
  4. Pear, apple, quince. They are attacked by the same pests as currants. They are also sprayed during the growing season. The consumption rate is 3 liters for young trees and 6-8 liters for adults.
  5. Raspberries. It can be processed during flowering or before preparing for winter. On the bush using 2 liters of substance. The fight is with beetles and weevils.
  6. Ornamental trees and bushes. Their spraying is carried out both before and after flowering, as well as during the growing season. 10 sq.m. apply ready-made solution in the calculation of 1.5 liters.

Means "Alatar" will become your reliable assistant in the fight against pests that destroy your plants.

Drug description

"Alatar" is an insecticide produced by the domestic company Your Farm. It is used in the fight against the Colorado potato beetle, moth, scoop, cabbage moth and other pests of potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, ornamental and flower crops and shrubs.

Alatar is a complex drug that combines the action of several substances. It includes:

  • cypermethrin (5%),
  • Malathion (23%),
  • antioxidant,
  • solvent,
  • Surfactant.

The main active ingredients are malathion and cypermethrin. The composition also includes a substance-adhesive, which helps the drug firmly fixed on the leaves and stems of cultivated plants.

Characteristics of the drug

The drug is available in the form of a colorless liquid, poured into ampoules. It is marketed either in single 5 ml ampoules, or in a carton box with the number of ampoules 50 pcs., Or in a 25 ml bottle. The drug is quite universal and covers about 27-28 vegetable crops that can be protected with its help.

The principle of the insecticide "Alatar"

Due to the substance cypermethrin drug can be attributed to the contact-intestinal insecticides, because it poisons the insect after eating the treated plant. Malathion has a fumigation effect through the respiratory

insect system. Surfactants allow the drug to be resistant to rain and other adverse conditions.

Purpose of the drug Alatar for indoor plants

The official instructions to the drug does not indicate that it can be used against pests of indoor plants. However, it has been established experimentally that the drug copes well for this purpose. For the treatment of indoor plants, it is better to take them to the balcony or place them in a ventilated room. The ideal option would be the processing of pots with plants on the street.

It is impossible to spray indoor plants with the windows closed, near open sources of fire, food storage places. It is important to double the general safety measures when working with this drug. The application rates for indoor plants are the same as for ornamental shrubs.

Storage conditions and shelf life

The shelf life of the drug Alatar is 2 years from the date of manufacture. Store the drug should be at a temperature of - 5 to +25 º C in a dark place, protected from direct sunlight. At the same time, Alatar should not be stored near food, drugs, in places accessible to children and pets.

Ivan, Perm

I like to grow potatoes at my dacha, but I don’t like it when it is prone to pests and loses a crop. Repeatedly used Alatar in his garden and was very pleased: the beetles disappear very quickly and practically do not appear on the bushes until harvesting. I use this drug on other plants, as it has a broad spectrum of action.

Elena, Novgorod

On the site often have to deal with pests, especially Colorado beetles. For these purposes, I have traditionally used the domestic drug alatars. I have never once changed it to another, because it is effective from year to year, and I haven’t noticed that pests have become addicted to it. The effect after treatment is stable, but I still try to periodically re-process.

Insecticide "Alatar": general information

Means "Alatar" belongs to the group of drugs with contact-intestinal action. It is ideal for controlling pests of the garden, reliably protecting the site from diseases. The drug helps to cope with aphids, leafworm, moth, flower beetle, cabbage moth, honeycake, raspberry-strawberry weevil and other uninvited guests.

Due to its availability and ease of preparation of the working solution, the insecticide “Alatar” occupies one of the places of honor in the “first-aid kit” of each gardener and gardener. Only 10-15 ampoules will provide reliable protection of your plants for the whole season. It can be used together with hunting belts, due to which the effect of the drug is significantly increased and its consumption is reduced.

The insecticide described is marketed as a concentrated emulsion, placed in 5 ml ampoules or in 25 ml vials. To prepare the working solution, the contents of the ampoule are diluted in a small amount of water (approximately 2-3 liters), and then more liquid is added to achieve the specified norm. Each culture requires its own amount of the drug "Alatar", as stated in the instructions for its use. Anyway the total volume of the solution should be 10 liters (the solution must be mixed).

Active ingredient and mechanism of action

If you believe the reviews of summer residents, Alatar is much more efficient in coping with its tasks than other similar means. It was possible to achieve similar results due to the presence in its composition of two potent substances at once: cypermethrin and malathion. Malathion (or karbofos) belongs to the class of organophosphorus compounds with a broad spectrum of action. "Alatar" perfectly protects plants from aphids (namely, it most often hosts the area), and also prevents massive attacks of insects and ticks.

The second constituent is a contact-intestinal insecticide, which is distinguished by high initial activity and causes paralysis of the nervous system of pests, both in adults and in larvae. In addition, the “Alatar” includes a special adhesive that performs a special task - it is he who prevents the solution from rolling off the leaves or being washed out by the rain (You can find information about this in the instructions for use, which is attached to the preparation, or in the instructions from the network).

Cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots, strawberries

Cabbage is sprayed with “Alatar” only during the active growing season. To prepare the working solution, the contents of the ampoule (5 ml) are diluted in 4 liters of water, after which the resulting composition is sprayed with plants. The consumption of the drug in this case is 4 liters per 100 m². Cabbage processing is used to eliminate the problem of whitefish, cabbage moth, scoops, thrips, leaf beetles.

Spraying the potato preparation should be carried out only with the mass appearance of pests. As in the previous case, you will need 4 liters of working fluid per 100 m², and the duration of the manual work is 10 days. Insecticide used in the fight against Colorado potato beetle and ladybug.

A working solution is prepared according to the same scheme for spraying onions, carrots and strawberries: 5 ml of the preparation must be diluted in 4 liters of water. In these cases, the Alatar pest remedy (according to the instructions) will help to permanently get rid of carrot listobloshki, onion flies and protect the strawberries from raspberry-strawberry fruit-bearing.

Spraying the garden apple tree, and with it the pears and quince, is performed during the active growing season of the trees, after diluting 5 ml of the preparation in 10 liters of water. On average, about 5 l of the working composition is spent on one tree: 3 l - for young specimens and 6-8 l - for adult planting. The most frequent enemies of the apple tree are moths, flower beetles, aphids, peppered moths, moths, sawflies, moths, and Alatar copes with them perfectly.

For processing currants and gooseberries, 5 ml of the drug must be diluted in 5 liters of water.

The consumption of working fluid is up to 1 l per bush, which helps to get rid of aphids.

Ornamental trees, shrubs and flower crops

To get rid of pests, the Alatar solution also helps in the cultivation of ornamental shrubs and trees in its plot. For such plants need special care, so they are sprayed three times: before and after flowering, as well as during the growing season. Consumption of the finished solution is 1.5 liters per 10 m², and spraying is best done early in the morning or with the onset of the evening (after sunset), in calm and dry weather. All leaves of the plant should be moistened evenly, 4-6 hours before the expected precipitation.

The optimal temperature for the procedure is + 12 ... + 25 ° С. Alatar for fighting insects protects ornamental trees from sucking and leaf-eating pests, dipterans and trunk uninvited guests (this is also indicated in the instructions). For the treatment of such plants, 5 ml of the preparation (one ampoule) is diluted in 3.5 liters of water.

Alatar is also suitable for the treatment of indoor plants, and although the instructions for use do not indicate the recommended dosage for flowers in pots, they can be sprayed with the same composition that you use to treat ornamental shrubs.

The advantages of using the drug "Alatar" to fight insects

All the chemical compositions used today have one or another useful properties, but as far as "Alatara" is concerned, in comparison with competitors It has the following advantages:

  • It has high efficiency, which is largely due to the presence of two potent components that contribute to the complete destruction of even the most resistant to chemicals pests,
  • contains a special adhesive that prevents flushing or accidental removal of the preparation from the leaves of the treated plants,
  • has a longer period of use, which is explained by the low consumption rate of the agent (most often one ampoule with a volume of 5 ml is enough for 10 liters of liquid).

General information about the drug

"Alatar" is a universal tool that is used to kill insects of different species in the garden plots. Every second gardener uses in his work "Alatar", reviews of which indicate its effectiveness. The drug has a liquid structure and is diluted in water in certain proportions. You can buy the drug "Alatar" for insect control in any specialty store or on the Internet. In order to get the most positive result, you need to carefully study the method and rules of application, prepare the necessary equipment or devices.

"Alatar" - instructions for use

  • Pour 1-10 liters of water into a suitable container (bucket, bottle). You can dilute the entire amount of the solution at once, and you can do it in parts, for ease of use.
  • Add Alatar to the water in the amount required by the instructions. It is very good to mix the resulting solution for uniform distribution of the drug.
  • It is necessary to cultivate a garden or a vegetable garden only in clear weather, when there is no wind. It is not recommended to spray plants in the period from 11 00 to 19 00. It is better to do this in the morning or in the evening when there is no scorching sunlight.
  • When spraying, you should carefully treat each leaf in order not to miss the accumulation of insects.
  • It is not recommended to use the solution at temperatures below 10 degrees and above 30 degrees Celsius.
  • When working with the solution you can not smoke or come close to the fire. Chemicals contained in Alatar can lead to fire, which may result in an accident.

Features processing of different cultures

It is important to carefully familiarize yourself with the principles of operation of the drug "Alatar", the instructions for use clearly describe to the consumer all the peculiarities of processing different plants.

General guidelines: the plant needs to be processed during the growing season. Before starting any manual or mechanized work on the sprayed area, you need to wait ten days after processing.

Potato processing. On 4 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 4 liters of solution per weave garden plot. Used to destroy the Colorado potato beetle. You can repeat the treatment after 20 days.

Cabbage processing. On 4 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 4 liters of solution per weave garden plot. Used to destroy cabbage moths, butterflies, cabbage scoops. You can repeat the treatment after 25 days.

Carrot processing. On 4 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 4 liters of solution per weave garden plot. Used to destroy carrot lisobloshki. You can repeat the treatment after 20 days.

Processing onions. On 4 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 4 liters of solution per weave garden plot. Used to destroy onion flies. You can repeat the treatment twice every 20 days.

Processing strawberries. On 4 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 4 liters of solution per weave garden plot. Used to destroy the raspberry-strawberry weevil. You can repeat the treatment after 30 days.

Processing apple. On 10 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 5 liters of solution per tree. Used to destroy the codling moth, leafworm. You can repeat the treatment twice every 30 days.

Processing black currant. Dilute 1 ml of the preparation per liter of water. Consumption of the resulting solution - 1 liter of solution per bush. Used to destroy aphids. You can repeat the treatment after 25 days.

Processing of ornamental trees and shrubs. On 10 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 5 liters of solution per plant. They are used to destroy moths, aphids, peppered moths, scale insects, moths, haws, sawflies. Single treatment.

Processing of flower cultures (on an open ground). On 10 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 1-2 liters of solution per 10 m 2. Used to kill aphids, thrips, whitefly, bedbugs, scoop-gamma, cabbage moth. Single treatment.

"Alatar": reviews and opinions

After reading the views of different gardeners, you can make one definite conclusion: the drug is very effective and is very popular. Even after one treatment, the garden is freed from pest invasion. Most gardeners apply exactly “Alatar”, the instructions for use for which gives all the necessary instructions and allows everyone to use it.

Preparation of the working mixture

  • We take one vial of "Alatara" for 5 ml, we open it.
  • The contents of the ampoule dissolve in 2 liters of water, mix.
  • Then add water in small portions, while stirring at the same time, up to 10 liters of solution.

Important! Mix well the water and the drug - it should be a homogeneous liquid..

Processing rules

  • For uniform spraying of the finished working mixture over the treated area with vegetation, a spray gun is used.
  • Processing should be carried out when there is no precipitation, there is no strong wind.
  • If there is still a little wind present, the drug should be sprayed with the wind.
  • The treatment procedure must be performed from morning to 10 hours, in the evening after 18 hours, but no later than 22 hours.
  • The air temperature during the processing period of vegetation should be in the range of 12-25 degrees with a plus.

Important! The drug "Alatar" is not recommended for a long time, it should be alternated with other compounds with different chemical components, since insects may eventually develop immunity.

Precautionary measures

  • Prohibited: take food, smoke, allow children and animals to stay in the area to be treated.
  • When treating a room with a solution, the vents must be open.
  • After completing the work, be sure to wash your face and hands with soap and water.
  • If the working mixture gets on the skin, it must be removed, rinse the affected area thoroughly with soapy water.
  • Excessively inhaling with the preparation you need to go to the clean air.
  • If affected by a solution of the organs of vision, they should be thoroughly washed under a stream of clean water.
  • If the drug got inside the body, it is recommended to take activated carbon in the proportion of 1 g of coal / 1 kg of human weight, drinking it down with a pair of glasses of warm water, artificially induce vomiting. Then you need to call a doctor.

Customer Reviews

All consumers, without exception, before using the drug "Alatar" recommend carefully study the instructions for use, so that the destruction of pests passed as efficiently as possible.

I, like any responsible gardener, am very worried when I observe various harmful insects on the leaves of cultivated crops. To combat them, I use the drug "Alatar", as it is inexpensive, and showed itself quite effectively. Of course, it consists of toxic substances, so working with a solution has to be very neat. But, but one treatment is enough, and you can not think about pests until next season.

Every year I cultivate my own garden with the specialized tool "Alatar", designed to combat various pests. As soon as the buds have blossomed in the trees, I immediately get down to business. The composition of the drug includes toxic components, so I’m picking up the day when the wind is almost absent, I’m sure to use protective equipment: goggles, respirator, gloves. I dilute 1 ampoule of the drug with water in a ten-liter bucket of water. The tool is reliable, he managed to check in two years.

I, like most pensioners, spend a lot of time at my own summer cottage. Of course, there is a garden where soot potatoes and vegetables. No season without pests. I tried many different means of beetle, aphids, and other pests. I bought inexpensive formulations, but they are poorly effective, so I had to work the garden three or four times. A neighbor last year advised me to try Alatar, one ampule of which costs about 60 rubles. It was enough for me to process my entire plot. As a result of harmful insects, I did not observe the whole summer.