General information

Maclura (Adam's apple) - use in traditional medicine


The appearance of Adam's apple. Maclura orange reaches a height of 20 meters. The tree trunk is erect, covered with dark bark with cracks. Crown spreading with many branches.

In the axils of leaves hidden thorny shoots. The length of the pointed ovoid leaves reaches 12 cm, width - 7 cm. The surface of the leaf blade is dark green, glossy. Bottom sheet is matte and lighter.

Small light green flowers are collected in inflorescences: female - in the form of earrings, male - in the form of spherical heads. Flowering continues from May to June.

The fruit of the tree in shape and color resembles an orange. During the fruiting period reaches 15 cm in diameter. Fruits are orange or light green. They are called Adam's apple. Inside the fruit is the pulp and seeds that look like nuts.

Maclura orange has a high growth rate in the first 20 years of life.

Where grows

This mulberry representative first appeared in the southeastern United States. The largest habitat is located in Texas. The light-loving plant is not whimsical to the quality of the soil, it takes root even in saline areas.

At the end of the 19th century, this heat-loving plant was cultivated in Italy and Romania. Today it is found in the Krasnodar Territory, in the Caucasus, in the Crimea, in the territory of Central Asia and even in India.

Medicinal properties

For the treatment of joints in medicine using tincture, ointment and extract from adam's apple. Official medicine has not studied the healing properties of Adam's apple, so the plant is often used as part of traditional medicine. As the main therapeutic component is the milky sap of the plant. It helps to treat various skin diseases, disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system.

Plants exhibit antiviral properties, so it is often used to treat influenza and ARVI. Maclura-based drugs inhibit pathogens, strengthen the immune system, and also use them as a natural antibiotic.

Flavonoids, which are included in the chemical composition of the plant, manifest themselves as powerful antioxidants. Thanks to them, funds based on Adam's apple possess anticarcinogenic and antisclerotic actions, strengthen blood vessels and capillaries.

Adam's apple normalizes metabolism and has an analgesic effect.

How to collect

For therapeutic purposes, the ripe fruits of maclura are harvested. The harvest period lasts from September to October. Fruits secrete a sticky oily liquid that sticks to hands and is poisonous, therefore, the raw material is produced in protective gloves.

The collected fruits are stored for quite a long time - about six months.

How to apply

Adam's apple has been widely used in herbal medicine for its many beneficial properties. On its basis, make ointments, extracts and tinctures.

Ointment with adam's apple relieves joint pain, so it is often used to treat arthritis, rheumatism and sciatica. In addition, it is effective in stretching the muscles and treating hemorrhoids.

Adam's apple oil extract has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects, therefore it is indispensable for skin diseases - dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis. The tool is used to heal wounds and restore skin after burns. The extract removes bruises, hematomas, scars and scars.

Maclura tincture is also used internally to get rid of the aforementioned ailments. It also treats diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system. The tool relieves fatigue, helps with hypertension and problems with blood vessels.

One of the most important healing properties of a plant is its ability to eliminate cancerous tumors. Infusion helps to dissolve both benign and malignant neoplasms, including metastases.

For joints

To eliminate joint pain or intervertebral hernia apply rubbing with infusion of adam apple. However, such a remedy does not fight the cause of the disease, but only with the symptoms, so it is necessary to combine it with drug therapy.

Joint rub


  1. Adam's apple fruit - 1 pc.
  2. Medical alcohol - 250 ml.

How to cook: Wash the fruit of Adam's apple, rub it on a grate, pour it over with alcohol so that the liquid completely covers it. Insist in a dark and cool place for 2 weeks. In this case, the infusion must be shaken daily.

How to use: Rub the finished product into the epicenter of pain, then warm it with a woolen scarf. Medical compress can be left on all night.

Result: After the procedure, the joint becomes motorized. The warming effect of tincture helps to relieve pain.

Recipes for oral administration

For internal use, you can prepare a tincture based on the adam apple. This process is quite long - takes six months or more. Infusion is used to treat heart disease, nervous disorders, cancer.

Tincture of adam's apple


  1. Adam Apple Fruits - 3 pcs.
  2. Medical alcohol (vodka) - 500 ml.

How to cook: Cut the fruit into slices or cubes, place them in a glass jar and pour vodka or alcohol diluted to 60 degrees. Put the jar in a dark and cool place. The minimum period of infusion is 2 months. The tool acquires maximum biologically active benefits after six months of infusion.

How to use: For the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, take the infusion according to the scheme:

  • 1 week - 3 drops once a day before meals.
  • 2 week - 3 drops twice a day.
  • 3 and the next weeks - gradually increase the amount of the drug by 1 drop. The maximum single dose - 10 drops.

For the treatment of cancer, take 3 drops of the drug 5 times a day, while the infusion must be diluted with a tablespoon of water. The course of receiving funds - 1 month, then a break for a week and repeat the course.

Result: This popular recipe helps with hypertension, arrhythmias and vascular disorders. Tincture has a sedative effect and fights against cancer tumors.

Tincture of adam's apple

Means is suitable both for external use, and for intake. For the infusion use the fresh fruits of the adam apple, so it is best to start preparing the remedy in the fall, during the harvest period.

During the infusion of the drug, the liquid will change color - this is a characteristic feature of maclura. Means insist from 2 months to a year. Optimally - six months. If the infusion has acquired an amber shade - then the drug is ready.

It is necessary to strain the infusion, but we recommend not to discard the raw materials, as it contains a large amount of biologically active substances and can be used as a healing compresses and rubbing for the joints.

General recommendations on the use of tincture of adam apple:

  • Begin reception with 2−3 drops of the drug.
  • Dilute the required amount of drops with water before taking the product.
  • Gradually increase the number of tincture drops according to the instructions.
  • After you reach the maximum dosage, begin to gradually reduce the drug intake by two drops per day.
  • After completing the course, take a break during the week, after which you can resume taking the funds.

The maximum daily rate of tincture is 30 drops, while the patient must be above 30. For people under 20 years, the maximum dosage is 20 drops.

Adam's Apple Ointment

For external use, you can prepare a medical ointment on the basis of Adam's apple at home. It eliminates muscle pain, relieves inflammation from the lymph nodes and soothes sore joints. Often, the ointment is used as a local remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Adam Apple Ointment


  1. Melted lard (fat) - 300 ml.
  2. Adam Apple Fruits - 3 pcs.

How to cook: Peel the adam apple and cut it into cubes. Put a layer (1,5−2 cm) of pork fat on the bottom of a glass jar, put a layer of adam apple (1 cm) on top. Alternate the layers until you fill the jar completely. There should be fat on top.

Close the jar lid. For tightness, coat the edges of the cover with dough. Put the jar in a water bath and simmer over low heat for a day. Put the finished ointment in another jar, fill it to the brim so as not to get air. Keep the product in the refrigerator.

How to use: For muscle and joint pain: rub the areas of pain with an ointment, wrap a woolen scarf and leave overnight. For hemorrhoids: make a rectal candle 2 cm long from a cold ointment and insert into the anus.

Result: This helpful recipe helps relieve pain and inflammation.

Adam's Apple Oil Extract

From the fruits of the adam apple, an oil extract can be obtained, which is effective in treating skin diseases, helps from insect bites and eliminates fungus. It is often used as a massage oil or component for a rejuvenating facial mask.

Oil extract from skin diseases


  1. Grape seed oil - 100 ml.
  2. Adam Apple Fruit - 1 pc.

How to cook: Crush the fruit of maclura, put it on the bottom of the glass container and cover it with grape oil. Insist in a dark place for two months. Strain the finished oil, and use cake for making compresses or as a remedy for corns.

How to use: Treat the affected skin with oil extract twice a day.

Result: The tool has a tonic effect on the body, eliminates foci of infection and fungi on the skin.

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