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Miracle of selection - the rose Abracadabra

Rose Abracadabra (Abracadabra) is not for nothing that bears the name. At the first glance, you understand that it hardly has done without magic. Its coloring is so bizarre that it is not immediately believed that it is a living flower, and not the work of an artist. However, as you know, nature knows how to surprise. And in tandem with experienced breeders, sometimes not only surprising, but amazing.

Abracadabra Hybrid Tea

It is considered to be the ancestor of this variety, although according to external data it is nothing like the modern Abracadabra, known to the general public.

The tea hybrid rose Abracadabra was bred in California by an American breeder, and had a soft pink color. The aroma of the rose was bright, pronounced. Jackson & Perkins Company presented her company to the general public.

Abracadabra Floribunda

This variety of rose Abracadabra was selected in the nursery Cordes. However, there are two types here. They were presented at exhibitions in 2002 and 2004 under the same name. They already had the appearance that characterizes this variety today. Differences consisted only in shades. In the first case, the rose had a darker color, purple and yellowish shades. And later white and pink tones prevailed.

If we talk about the prevalence and popularity, it was precisely the abracadabra of 2002 that won the market, the gardens and the hearts of the florist. Her contrasting color and the randomness of the stripes on the petals left no one indifferent. Of course, it is important and very pleasant combination of creamy yellow and rich burgundy or purple.

It is worth noting that the variety was originally developed for floristic purposes. That is, it was intended for cultivation in greenhouses and subsequent cutting. This is quite justified, since from a distance the colors merge, and on closer examination, on the contrary, you can see this creation of nature in all its glory.

This is due to poor resistance to cold weather. The range of temperatures at which this variety is grown is from -10 to +30 degrees. It is not difficult to understand that in Russia only in some regions this rose can be grown in open ground.

Growing conditions and fineness of care

To grow such an unusual flower, you need to spend a lot of time on the rules of planting and care. It is important to understand that although this variety is often grown in open ground, it was originally created for greenhouse conditions.

First of all, it is worth thinking about wintering. Frost resistance in roses is weak, and it is guaranteed to winter at a temperature not lower than -10 degrees. If severe frosts are not rare in your region in winter, then it is probably worth thinking about growing Abracadabra in a container. In this case, in the winter it will need to bring in an unheated room, where the temperature will be maintained from 0 to -10 degrees.

This variety is perfect for greenhouses, where it is much easier to provide the necessary temperature and daylight hours. In addition, there the bush will be reliably protected from winds and rains.

But returning to cultivation in the open field, we note that the area for planting a rose must be absolutely dry and sunny. It should not be very shaded. This variety will tolerate only a slight shade at some hours.

It is important to provide protection from wind and draft. To do this, select the site, fenced from large open areas. At the same time, in the immediate vicinity of the bush itself, plants should not be planted so that the air freely circulates near the lower leaves and trunk, preventing them from prolonged moistening after watering and dew formation.

During the flowering period, additional fertilizing is required. They can be applied in any form, both dry and with watering. By the way, it is necessary to water a flower moderately, only after the soil has dried out.

High-quality appearance of the bush and its growth depends on the correct pruning. Be sure to carry out both autumn and spring pruning. You also need to remove fading flowers in time.

Abracadabra is not highly disease resistant and therefore requires regular preventive measures. Like all roses, it is highly susceptible to powdery mildew and black spot. The ill rose significantly loses its immunity, and that is why it is so important to prevent the disease. First of all, it is necessary to carry out the treatment with fungicides, if other plants are sick in the garden. You also need to frequently inspect the bush for symptoms of fungal diseases.

Before sheltering for the winter, all greens should be removed from the rose, pruned shoots, and also treated with antifungal medication.

Observing all the rules of care, you will definitely be able to grow this beauty in your garden.

By fulfilling these requirements, you will receive a perennial bush of a beautiful variety, the flowers of which will delight your host and the many guests of his garden!