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Amber: useful properties and contraindications


Amber is a very interesting stone, whose color changes from almost colorless to black. Mostly golden yellow and reddish color of varying intensity.

The history of dating a person with amber is about nine thousand years. In some ancient tribes, amber served as a currency equivalent. It was this stone that adorned the crown of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen. Mention of him found in Homer in the famous "Odyssey". In ancient Rome, amber fashion also prevailed - merchants specifically traveled to the North for Baltic amber. The rich Romans always carried with them amber beads, rubbed them with their hands, assuming that amber strengthened their strength. The Greeks give amber wish to wish happiness. In China and Japan, they valued cherry-colored stone, the so-called dragon's blood, which was worn by members of the imperial family. The highest level of development reached amber business in the XVII – XVIII centuries - then statuettes were cut out of amber, inlays and mosaics were made.

It was believed that with the help of amber can be detected poison: for this it was put in a glass and looked: if there is a rainbow twinkling of sparks, followed by a crash, the contents were considered poisoned.

As for the magical properties of amber, it gives beauty and longevity, attracts love. Amber is able to treat depression, bring courage and give its owner the attention and interest of others.

In many countries, amber was an amulet that protects against witchcraft, spoilage and the evil eye - they were hiding an amber bead in their clothes, which resisted evil forces. Amber necklace was a symbol of marital happiness - in Russia and in the East brides were presented with amber beads. In Italy, amber was the talisman of wealth and fertility.

Pieces of amber, into which insects or leaflets fell, were themselves powerful magical tools, capable of doing both good and evil deeds. For example, amber beads should be worn by nursing mothers, so that the child subsequently develops a cheerful and kind character. A piece of raw amber should be placed near the pillow to scare off evil spirits at a time when a person is most vulnerable - during sleep.

This mineral is able to console people who have suffered grief: it gives relief and hope for a good future. In the house you need to keep a few items from amber to protect the home from fires and lightning.

In general, amber is considered a talisman of historians, archeologists, anthropologists and high-level teachers, that is, those people who seek to establish a connection with the past. He helps them to establish a connection between the times, to combine and synthesize them into a complete picture, to draw the right conclusions, and to teach them to accurately predict events.

Astrologically, amber fits almost all signs of the zodiac, but most of all to Lions, Aries and Gemini, it is undesirable to wear it Taurus and Capricorn.

The use of amber in medicine

Since antiquity, amber has been valued for its healing properties. For example, the Roman Pliny the Elder assured that amber protects against prostatitis and mental disorders, the German reformer Martin Luther believed that the stone protects against kidney stones, the famous healer Avicenna (Ibn Sina) in his medical treatises not one dozen prescriptions, in which enters amber. Do not consider other diseases subject to solar medicine, - this is a vision problem, and heart ailments, and stomach diseases, and bleeding, and dizziness, and catarrhal viral infections.

In modern official medicine, amber is used as a raw material for the production of succinic acid, the range of which is very wide: it is added to toothpaste to strengthen teeth and ointment for rheumatism and arthritis, taken orally as a medicine or bioactive additive. It normalizes acid-base balance, restores strength, strengthens the heart muscle, relieves stress and inflammation, improves the activity of the kidneys and intestines. Amber tincture is considered a good remedy for diseases of the throat and respiratory tract, amber is rubbed with temples for headaches, children are allowed to gnaw amber when those have teeth cut. Amber beads should be worn to cleanse the entire body of toxins and normalize the activity of the thyroid gland.

Amber and Legends

According to the legends, Phaeton, the son of the sun god Helios, asked the father to allow him to manage the solar chariot. Helios, who loves his son, agreed to the request, but the young Phaeton could not hold the reins, and the chariot of fire began to lean toward the ground. Then a monstrous hell fell on the ground: the seas began to boil, the rivers dried up, the centuries-old forests caught fire, the tops of the mountains split, and people distraught with fear appealed to the gods. In anger, the supreme ruler of the sky, Zeus, stretched out his hand and threw Phaethon down, where he crashed on the rocks. Saddened by the death of his beloved brother Heliad, the daughter of the sun god, turned into poplars to grieve forever for the lost. Tears flowed from their branches into a river flowing by, instantly hardening in the sun and turning into a transparent warm stone. In the mythology of many countries there are assertions that spirits live in pieces of amber.

What is the use of amber for the human body?

Today, the most significant ingredient in "breakthrough" pharmaceuticals against skin diseases and anti-aging creams is succinic acid.

She was identified in Baltic amber. This material contains this component from 3 to 8%.

In addition to the positive characteristics of the stone, which were described above, it is capable of:

  • relieve stomach diseases
  • restore the respiratory system and lungs,
  • improve the endocrine system,
  • improve the work of the spine
  • normalize the state of the thyroid gland,
  • improve the condition of the spleen,
  • improve the condition of the nervous system.

The properties of amber for health are also manifested in the fact that it has the ability to localize the development of the disease and block the reproduction of pathogenic viruses. It has been reliably established that petrified resin makes it easier to endure stressful situations or neurological disorders. This property of the stone is used in case you want to reduce the effect on the body of the depressive state.

All unique properties of a stone are caused by its organic origin. Mineral is widely used in medicine.

The mineral is a petrified resin produced by coniferous plants.

Natural amber is formed for quite a long time, as a result of the process of oxidation of resin produced by coniferous plants.

When can amber help a person?

Amber is a fossilized, oxidized resin of trees; the age of fossils can vary from a million to three hundred million years. Wood resin, originally sticky semi-liquid, first solidifies, losing some of its components, evaporating in air.

The evaporation process lasts several days to several years. This is followed by the second stage of compaction of the resin, the resin is polymerized. During this process, the molecules bind to each other, resulting in the formation of larger molecular complexes. The duration of this process can range from several tens of thousands to a million years.

After polymerization, amber becomes insoluble (or less soluble) in organic solvents, such as acetone, toluene, alcohol or gasoline. Young wood resins (sometimes called “kopal”) are often tried to sell, like amber. But this material is completely not possesses the properties inherent in natural stone. This amber is saturated with ancient polymerized resins. You can check the degree of saturation with organic solvents by dropping a drop of such a compound onto a stone.

Ideally, the stone should remain intact. Fake or under-ripened material becomes sticky to the touch. It is important to check the authenticity of the product, for example, when beads are purchased.

Earlier, doctors prescribed amber for headaches, heart problems, for the detection of arthritis. The stone was considered the protector of travelers. In general, this mineral is very useful for the organism, as it has a multilateral beneficial effect on it.

Amber has a positive effect on babies in the period of teeth cutting and people with problems in the functioning of the joints.

The use of amber during spiritual treatment

Regarding what are the medicinal properties of amber and who benefits from wearing it, it has already been mentioned above. But there is another side to the beneficial effects of the material on the human body, it is about spiritual health.

The stone has strong ties to the earth. Amber is a powerful healer and cleansing agent, capable of removing disease from the body and revitalizing tissues. It cleans the environment and chakras. The stone is able to absorb negative energy and turns it into a positive energy stimulating the body to self-healing. The stone is a powerful defender, it provides a connection with the highest spiritual reality.

Amber brings stability in life, motivates a person, contributing to the achievement of the desired by a person. Fossilized resin helps counteract suicidal or depressive conditions.

Amber stimulates the intellect, relieves depression and contributes to the creation of a positive mental state and is conducive to creative expression. As a result of the impact of a stone on a person, spiritual balance appears in his life. A person becomes more patient and easier to make important decisions.

Amber promotes peacefulness and develops trust, promotes altruism and gives wisdom.

No less good for succinic acid. It is believed that the substance contributes to weight loss and stabilization of metabolic processes.

Many psychologists advise their patients to wear amber beads.

How to choose a product from amber?

It is not very convenient to wear a stone in its pure form, it is better to use any products made from this material, for example, it can be beads, earrings or a bracelet.

At the physical level, the product fills the body with energy and has the ability to neutralize the disease in the body. By reducing pain and negative energy, amber allows the body to rebalance and heal itself. It can stimulate the marine chakra and help to ground the energy in the body.

Before using amber, it is recommended to check with a specialist what properties and contraindications are available for a particular product. Stone has almost no negative effect on the human body.

Black amber soothes and purifies the hara-chakra, protecting it from negative energy, absorbing and dissipating the latter. A person is filled with a sense of security and peace. It protects the emotional body from mental attacks and emotional vampires.

Red material contributes to the assimilation of vitality, grounding, fertility, sexual discovery, sexual desire and orgasm. It helps with various "female" diseases, cleans the Kundalini line.

Each particular type of amber has its own benefit and harm. Therefore, before you make a purchase, it is better to once again consult with a specialist and find out what type of stone is recommended to purchase. Moreover, there are a lot of varieties of stone. It comes in different shades and shapes. Each species has certain medicinal properties and contributes to the recovery of the person.

You also need to select the material depending on the age and zodiac sign. For each specific personality type has its own prescriptions and recommendations. If you are well prepared for the purchase, the result will definitely please anyone.

Beauty keeper

As already mentioned, amber is very useful for the skin, moisturizing and restoring it throughout the depth. In addition, it has a remarkable effect on the nails and hair, preventing their loss. A variety of cosmetics manufacturers have developed entire lines of drugs containing amber extracts: balms, creams, even soap. And beauty salons offer a variety of treatments with drugs, which include extract of amber.

So. We considered what useful and healing properties amber stone possesses, how to properly treat it. Do you know why buyers now buy any jewelry from it, especially dark brown? The fact is that in the countries of the East, knowledge about the miraculous effect of stone on human health has been revived. Therefore, abroad they pay huge sums of money for him and make healing rosary, which are constantly moved by the fingers and give their healing energy to the owner.