General information

Grass chopper

Mowed grass is more convenient to store and dispose of in a crushed form, as well as more convenient to feed chopped grass to poultry. In order to finely cut the grass, there are special devices - cutters. You can buy a cutter in a specialty store, and you can make it yourself at home. To do this, you will need the necessary spare parts, tools and free time.

Cutting device

Shredder for grass or travorezka - the device is convenient and indispensable in the garden. Mown or weeds can be finely chopped and used in compost or as a warming material for the winter. A grass chopper for chickens or any other poultry is also very useful: finely chopped grass is better suited for feeding. The device is capable of grinding a large amount of mowed grass or weeds in a few seconds, which will save both time and physical efforts of the owner.

The usual cutter consists of:

  • Metal frame,
  • Work shaft with cutting knives,
  • Motor,
  • Box or funnels for receiving raw materials,
  • Pulley with belt,
  • Cable
  • Protective casing.

Garden grass cutters are lightweight, which makes them easy to move, compact, and good performance.

The cutter motor can be electric or gasoline.

  1. The electric version of the engine is less noisy and more convenient to operate, it is light and turns on by simply turning the toggle switch. Disadvantages of an electric motor: the dependence of the apparatus on the length of the wire and limitations on the size of the thickness of the raw material.
  2. The gasoline engine allows you to use the device even where there is no electricity, it is more powerful, and is able to chop even branches of trees. The disadvantage is its noise and relatively large weight.

Homemade grass cutters

Making a grass chopper with your own hands is not that difficult. Homemade nothing inferior store analogue, and the plus will be that the homemade device will be more economical and easy to maintain.

The simplest version of a homemade grinder is a chop, which can grind grass and branches to a small extent. The cutting part is a plate made of durable steel, made in the shape of a triangle with a pointed lower edge. The steel plate is placed on a long wooden handle. The tool is ready to use. It is recommended to cut the grass on a hard and metallic surface, otherwise the cutting edge will quickly become dull.

Sechkarnya for freshly cut grass can be made from an angle grinder or a washing machine, a drill and many other improvised tools.

1 Amateur

This category includes units with a power consumption of up to 2,200 watts. Such devices easily cope with a small amount of processed raw materials (for grass –150 kg / h), they perfectly crush the grass and can even cope with grains, vegetables, fruits, droplets, rotten wood and small branches.

A remarkable example of a high-quality grass shredder of this type can be considered IKB-002, which is at the same time a grass shredder and a grain crusher.

As for the technical characteristics of the device, then:

  • power - 1 150 W,
  • chopping grass - 150 kg / h,
  • blade rotation speed - 1,200 rpm,
  • can work without interruption up to 6 hours
  • compact size
  • easy transportation
  • savings in power consumption.

The price of this device is 4 500 rubles. Of the minuses, only the external fragility of the unit stands out, but with careful handling and careful care, it will last a very long time. For its value perfectly cope with chopping herbs.

2 Semi-professional

The power of such devices is equal to or slightly more than amateur models (up to 2 800 W). Their key difference lies in higher productivity: the rotation speed of the cutting elements is higher, as is the quality of the material from which they are made. They also have more types of blades, that is, they can not only cut the grass, but also split it into mulch.

Kubanets-300T3M is rightly considered a good example of a semi-professional shredder:

  • power - 2 200 W,
  • chopping grass - 300 kg / h,
  • blade rotation speed - 2,850 rpm,
  • operating mode - long (without interruptions, while the cooling system is working properly),
  • high availability of spare parts and consumables.

Of the minuses stands out the size of the unit. It may not be so large, but it is supplied exclusively assembled, therefore, it will be necessary to spend more manpower and equipment to transport the device than for analogues. Also a minus is the high “dustiness”: there are no special filters in the device configuration, which is why a large dust formation occurs during the process.

Nevertheless, this model has remarkably recommended itself among clients, and it can be purchased for 19,000 rubles.

3 Professional

Crushers of this type are created not only for grass, but also for branches, and quite large ones (up to 80 mm). Moreover, they perfectly grind needles, cones, etc. Such models work at capacities of 5-7 kW and are not electric - only on gasoline engines. Professional-type devices are better than their predecessors, and absolutely better in everything.

VIKING GB 460 is considered to be an excellent example and quality model among such units:

  • 4-stroke engine with a power of 5.8 kW,
  • blade rotation - 3,000 rpm,
  • the mode of operation is constant, but every hour it is recommended to take breaks of 10-15 minutes,
  • service life - 20 thousand hours
  • 12 crushing and 3 chopping knives,
  • automatic feeding of raw materials
  • maximum performance.

Disadvantages are weight (72 kg), noise of the unit (about 100 dB) and its price is 140-145 thousand rubles. But when taking into account the characteristics, thanks to which it is possible to provide a small poultry farm with crushed grass, its incomparable benefit becomes obvious.

It is better to keep children away from shredders, and adults need to be extremely careful. The cutter may seem like a harmless device, but the blades inside are so sharp that they can critically injure anyone. With proper use, the device will last for many years, providing chickens with high-quality food.

The advantages of self-made choppers

First, what are shredders and what they are for. Shredders are mechanical devices designed to cut fodder into small particles that are easier for young animals to absorb and, to a lesser extent, stretch and trample.

Home-made shredders have several advantages. First, many of the components are handy, so the cost of manufacturing them will be small. Secondly, you can make choppers for the preparation of certain types of feed. Thirdly, with such a grinder, there is the possibility of preparing fresh feed every day, which provides a more willing absorption of its young and adult animals.

As said, with your own hands you can make this device for certain types of feed. Therefore, we consider the simple designs of three shredders that process different feeds.

Herbal Crusher

To begin, consider the manufacture of grass choppers for feeding calves or nettles to feed chickens. Such an aggregate will be required for those who, in the farm have poultry and young stock of small and cattle, pigs.

From the materials needed: an electric motor with a speed of about 3000 rpm (such turns are needed for a smaller interrupting of grass), the base, the working capacity, the chopping knives, tin for the manufacture of the discharge sleeve.

From the tools you need a welding machine, "Bulgarian", a drill with drills for metal, a set of keys, connecting elements (bolts, nuts, rivets).

Photo of self-made grass shredder

The described shredder has a vertical structure. All elements are attached to the base, consisting of a metal square plate with a thickness of 4-5 mm. Legs are welded to this plate at the corners. The height of the legs should be selected along the length of the electric motor, which will be located between the legs. In this case, the lower part of the engine should be from the ground at a height of 15-20 cm. A hole is drilled in the center of the plate for outputting the motor shaft.

On the other side of the legs to the base is attached working capacity. This may be an old saucepan of significant volumes, and you can use any other container, as long as it is cylindrical. You can attach it to the base with bolts, only you need to properly mark and drill holes. At the bottom of the tank is cut a rectangular hole for removal of crushed feed. A box is formed from the prepared tin, which must be attached to the container at the cut hole. You can attach it with rivets.

Knives can be made from old saw blades on wood. Two strips 5 cm wide are cut and the length is chosen according to the diameter of the container (knives should not reach the walls of the container approximately by 5 cm). Holes are made in the center of the strips. The edges of the knives are sharpened. The knives are mounted on their axis with a cross.

To fix the knives on the motor shaft, you will need to make a special adapter, on one side worn on the shaft and fixed on it, on the other hand knives will be worn on the adapter. From this side, it will be necessary to cut the threads for rigid fixing of the knives with a nut.

The location of the knives in the grass chopper

After assembling all the elements into a single structure, inside the tank, you can install a metal tape that needs to be fixed perpendicular to the inner surface of the tank. It is important that this strip does not reach the knives. The task of this tape will be to prevent grass from winding on the knives.

After assembly, you will need to check the reliability of all connections, after which it will be possible to conduct a test run. Already when grinding feed, it is better to cover the container with a lid in order to prevent grass from flying out of the container.

Juicy feed chopper

Containing in the subsidiary pigs and cattle is not superfluous to have a chopper succulent feed. It will be needed for grinding root vegetables for the further preparation of feed consisting of several ingredients.

Design options grinders juicy feed a few, but we will not consider everything. Consider the option grinder, structurally similar to the described, that is, vertical.

Picture of a vertical juicy feed grinder

1 - bunker, 2 - damper in open position, 3 - exit window, 4 - tap-bump, 5 - cutting unit, 6 - start button, 7 - electric motor, 8 - tripod.

You need material for the base, electric motor, cylindrical tank, material for the manufacture of a knife and a box for discharging chopped fodder. The tools used are those described above.

The design is the same: the base, the bottom of which is attached to the electric motor, and on top - capacity. A shaft is inserted inside the container onto which the cutting element is attached.