General information

Danger of ingestion of swine mushrooms

Dunka mushrooms in our country grow everywhere and are known by various names. The most common of them - swine. This species was considered conditionally edible a few decades ago and belonged to 4 categories. This classification meant that Dunka mushrooms were allowed to be eaten, but only after long processing. They were made to cook for a long time. Some housewives, before cooking the svushki, soaked the fruit bodies in cold water for 3-4 days, constantly draining them. Then the mushrooms were fried, pickled or salted.

What is dangerous mushroom?

However, relatively recently, scientists were able to prove that Dunks contain a complex toxin, which is not destroyed by high temperature. Soaking does not make the fungus safe for health either. The poisonous substance can have a devastating effect on red blood cells by altering blood counts.

It disrupts the gastrointestinal tract, causing poisoning, which manifests itself in the form of diarrhea, abdominal pain and vomiting. In difficult cases, ingestion of pigs can lead to acute renal failure and even death.

An effective antidote does not yet exist. The effects of exposure to the toxin contained in the mushrooms are treated with supportive and symptomatic therapy. Sometimes the patient is connected to the hemodialysis machine for the speedy removal of poison from the body and the normalization of the kidneys. This mushroom is especially dangerous for children, elderly people and people with reduced immunity.

Some daredevils still claim that knowing the rules for collecting and inspecting swine, they will not harm the body. If you cook them in accordance with ancient recipes, you can enjoy the age-old Russian delicacy, using both fresh and after freezing.

It is recommended to choose the mushrooms with caution and to make sure once again, because you can even be poisoned. If you have doubts about your knowledge and skills regarding the collection and preparation of mushrooms, it is better to abandon their use. Moreover, it is not precisely known how the organism will react to this culture.