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How to make drinkers for geese: step by step instructions


The design requirements for pets state that for geese of different ages it is necessary to use different types of drinking bowls, the water in them should always be clean, have a normal temperature and not freeze in winter. Periodically they should be disinfected, devices should be enough for all geese, birds should not get wet.

Known such most popular types of structures as simple (for example, a bucket of water), nipple, float, vacuum, bell-shaped, cup, siphon. They come with the ability to connect to the water supply and working independently. The first group includes float, nipple, bell-shaped, cup.

Further, about the benefits inherent in each drinking bowl.

Vacuum really make for 5-10 minutes. The water in it will always be pretty clean. To geese not soiled pallet, the design is advised to hang. In practice, it is easy to make a float of a toilet cistern system. Water is usually supplied from a tank or water supply. In the cup of water flows in the same way. Float acts capacity itself, which is lowered in the presence of liquid.

The nipple device, especially with a special drip tray, makes it possible to save water. The columnar has the characteristics of vacuum and siphon. Its best to hang. When the water coming from the top fills the tank, the existing valve closes. Siphon is very similar to vacuum. Water enters it from the bottom of the water supply or tank. A simple goose trough (water tank) can really be made from a bucket, a can, or a plastic bottle.

Necessary tools and materials

Having to deal with geese in home gardens, it is important to determine the choice of the structure from which they will drink water. We will talk about the set of materials and tools for some of the known devices.

For example, for the manufacture of simple designs for young age up to 10 days you need a container in the shape of a cone or cylinder, whose height is up to 20 cm (flower pot, glass jar, etc.). Old pan - for the bottom. For an adult bird - a metal or plastic bottle, a round pan.

To create a float device made of PVC pipe, you should take a pipe (for 10 adults at least 2 meters), a hose and a knee, a pipe with 2 plugs, a float system from an old toilet bowl. Still need a saw or grinder, high-quality sealant. For a nipple container, a PVC tube with plugs, nipples, bowls, drainage, pressure regulators are prepared. Of the tools using a knife, screwdriver, jigsaw.

Scheme and step by step instructions

How to do the usual drinking bowl for domestic geese with your own hands from any container with water, no need to explain for a long time. Pour water into a pot or jar, cover the pan and turn it over.

For an adult bird, the device is made in the same way, only from a balloon and a pallet.

To make a float construction of a pipe, holes of about 30 cm are cut above its middle. The distance between them should be 15 cm. The same distance from the ends. On them from two sides attach the knee and the cap. In the second plug make a hole for the hose. Put the cap on the knee. The hose is threaded so as to perform convenient mounting of the float system. The second end of the hose attached to the water supply.

Master nipple design, drill as many holes as there are nipples. The tool makes a place for the supply of water. The ends of the pipe is closed with plugs. Having made a reliable fixture of the pipe, you can insert the nipples and water supply, equipped with a pressure regulator. To prevent water flow, it is recommended to use a sealant. The device is ready. It remains only to connect a special drip tray. An even more economical version of this device is made using only a tube, tanks, nipples and armed with a screwdriver.

Types of drinkers

Geese as waterfowl rather easily endure hunger, while the lack of water, heat, especially in summer, lead to various diseases until epizootic. Because it is so important to choose a design that provides unlimited access to water. All of them are divided into two categories: connected to the central water supply and autonomous, that is, independent of the water supply system. Both are divided into several types. Let us consider in more detail their features.

Drinkers that provide a constant supply of water include float, nipple, pan and annular. The table below lists their advantages and disadvantages.

Autonomous drinkers that do not require connection to the water supply, are simpler designs. These include vacuum, siphon and a simple container with water. Features of these devices are presented in the table:

And the drinking bowl for goslings will be obtained from the simplest device. It is enough to find a cylindrical container (a liter glass jar is quite suitable) with a height of about 20 cm and an old frying pan or iron bowl. Fill the jar with water and cover with another container, for example, a frying pan. The design is turned 180 degrees and placed in the house. The liquid flows out of the jar as it is consumed. Similarly, you can make drinkers for adults.

Requirements and sizes

Drinkers for geese, designed at home, must meet the following requirements:

  1. The height of the drinker depends on the age of the birds. The main condition - the bottom of the structure is 2-3 centimeters higher than the back of the geese,
  2. Tightness. The tank must not pass liquid
  3. Purity. Tanks must be kept clean. It is important to ensure uninterrupted flow of water. Regular disinfection of the room is required,
  4. The size. The calculation is carried out in millimeters per unit. For feathery 12-18 weeks from birth - 150 mm per 1 gosling, 8-12 weeks - 95 - 130 mm / unit., For 2-4-week individuals - 60 mm / unit., Up to 2 weeks - 40 mm, adults. individuals - 200 mm / unit.,
  5. Water temperature is optimal. You should always monitor the temperature, otherwise the use of chilled fluid will lead to illness of geese,
  6. Warming In the autumn-winter period, the liquid should not be covered with a crust of ice, especially freeze completely, so you can warm the drinker or periodically add warm water,
  7. Fluid level In the first weeks of life - 2-3 cm, then - from 4 cm and above. It is important that the birds are able to fully immerse the head and flush the eyes,
  8. Ensuring dryness of birds. With free access to drinking, birds are limited in access to water. Juveniles and adult geese should not get wet while drinking.
  9. Amount. The more heads, the more waterers.

Do not forget that the space surrounding the drinker should always be dry and clean.

Instructions for making drinkers

As drinking bowls for geese in a small farm, ready-made containers can be used, for example, pots, troughs, buckets, etc.

Most types of designs for watering birds can be made independently. More details on how to make a drinking bowl for geese with your own hands.

From plastic bottle

The simplest drinking bottle from a plastic bottle (or other material) is quite easy to make, having spent on work no more than an hour. Since its volume is small, it is better suited for watering goslings. For the production of vacuum drinkers will need two plastic bottles of different sizes, a bowl, as well as a knife, screwdriver and screws. The manufacturing process consists of the following steps:

  • make a bowl out of a large container (5 liters): cut the top part at a distance of 5 cm from the lid,
  • from the inside, connecting the necks of both containers, screw the smaller bottle to it with the help of screws,
  • in a small container make small openings with a knife at a distance of no more than 10 cm from the neck (not above the level of the bowl),
  • fill the water through the smaller hole, turn the water bowl over by placing it on the frame or securing it in a convenient place.

You can first fix the structure and only then fill it with liquid.

Plastic containers can be made even more simplified model of the drinker. It requires a 5 l plastic bottle, a bowl, tray or other similar container, a knife with a sharp end. Then follow these steps:

  • using a knife to make a small hole in the bottle, their height varies from 10 to 20 cm from the base,
  • closing the hole with your finger, fill the container with water,
  • put the bottle in another pre-prepared container (bowl, tray), and release the finger.

Water will flow to the level of the hole and will gradually fill up.


Most of all, it is suitable for installation in large poultry houses. For the manufacture of nipple design that works automatically, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • polyvinyl chloride pipe with plugs,
  • nipples
  • pressure regulators
  • water tanks
  • drainage
  • screwdriver, knife, drill, etc.

The length of the PVC pipe should be drilled at equal distances. Their number will depend on the number of nipples available, and the above distances should be taken into account depending on the age of the birds. Then using a suitable tool (knife, drill, etc.) you need to designate the place of the water supply. Close the pipe from the ends using plugs, and then install the structure in the place of the planned installation. After fixing the pipe into the prepared holes, it is necessary to insert the nipples and the water supply system with the pressure regulator connected.

The drinking bowl is ready, it remains to attach drift eliminators.

Also, the simplest nipple design can be made from a plastic bottle. It will take the same one as indicated above a container (five-liter containers), a nipple (the quantity is adjusted based on the number of bottles), an awl or other sharp tool for punching holes.

The algorithm for making the drinker includes the following steps:

  • make a hole in the lid of the prepared container and insert a nipple into it,
  • cut the bottom of the bottle to simplify the filling of the liquid in the future,
  • to fix the structure by hanging in a place specially allotted in the house.

You can cover the container with foil or build a plastic cover so that the water stays clean longer.

Cup drinking bowls for geese are a structure consisting of a bowl (from there geese are drunk directly), a hose, and a reservoir of water. They are suitable for birds of all ages. It is also easy to do at home.

Prepare a plastic container with a diameter of 4-6 cm, a thin rubber hose, a large container. At the bottom of the tank it is necessary to make a hole for the rubber hose, to seal the joints. Then insert the hose into the drinking bowl and fasten it. The drinking bowl will work automatically: the flow of liquid is due to atmospheric pressure.

How to make a drinker for geese do it yourself

Everyone, both beginners and experienced farmers, should know how to make feeders and drinkers for geese and goslings, because the goose is a bird that requires careful care for it, especially in the first months after birth. The first thing that a person should do is to organize geese unimpeded approach to food and water. In this situation, there are only 2 choices: buy ready-made equipment or make it yourself. Specialized drinking bowls for geese are not cheap, therefore, armed with several tools and materials at hand, most of the farmers try to complete the product themselves.

Drinkers for geese

What to consider

When choosing a project for a future goose waterer, some nuances should be taken into account, which later in the operating mode will become the advantages of a self-made design. For both little goslings and adult birds, it is important that the water is always clean and fresh. In winter, it should not freeze. At any time of the year, in any weather, the liquid should be at room temperature.

The size of the structure, which is determined on the basis of the number of birds, is also important.

Tolkuchka makes the drinker less effective. Experienced farmers recommend giving 40 cm in length to 1 goose. It should take care of the mechanism of water supply to the drinker. It should not splash out of the structure and wet birds. In winter, such an omission on the part of the owner of the farm can lead to serious problems: diseases of goslings or geese.

Species of waterers for geese

Drinking bowl for geese is of two types: connected to the water supply and not. Each farmer can choose the equipment that he likes. A large number of factors are taken into account, ranging from the availability of funds for the purchase of certain materials to simple human convenience.

Any goose drinker at home is done quickly. It is made no more than 1 hour. The main thing - to get the necessary materials. And the design itself has several varieties:

  • float,
  • nipple,
  • vacuum,
  • bell-shaped,
  • cup,
  • siphon

If there are many birds, it is better to make a goose drinker that will be connected to the central water supply. These tanks are float, nipple, cup and bell-shaped drinkers (bell-shaped tank does not function independently). This is the best drinkers. Well, if the number of heads of birds is low, it is recommended to use simpler designs.

Making simple drinkers

The simplest drinker can be constructed in just a few minutes. You do not need to buy anything to make it, because the main materials for it are plastic bottles. The volume of water capacity of this design is very small and is suitable only for young animals, therefore such a trough with their own hands is rarely done.

In addition to plastic bottles, a PVC pipe device is often used in the household. Time to design such equipment takes more, as well as materials. There is a lot of information on how to make a drinker for goslings or adults, using this type. Each farmer owning a PC is available instructions and videos on the Internet, using which he can create a plastic pipe device on his own. For the manufacture of such drinking bowls need:

  • pipe with plugs
  • hose and knee,
  • float system from the toilet bowl.

To carry out the work themselves need any available cutting tools (saw or grinder), as well as sealant.

For breeding geese or other poultry, it is important to consider their number before doing the drinker itself (for 10 heads the minimum pipe length is 10 m). The manufacturing process itself is simple:

  • The tubular base of the drinker is trimmed along, so that the distance between the cuts is at least 15 cm.
  • A cap is put on one end of the pipe, and a knee is put on the second. In the remaining cap, drill a hole with a diameter equal to the size of the hose, and put it on your knee.
  • A hose is inserted into the drilled hole, so that there is enough space on it to secure the float system.
  • The float itself is installed, and the hose is connected to the water supply.
  • When opening the water tap, the system should be checked for operability and reliability.

Nipple Drinker Manufacturing

For household needs, this type of drinker is rarely used due to the complexity of the design. The proper effect of such a structure will be obtained with a large number of birds. The attractiveness of the nipple drinker for ducks and geese lies in its economy. For such a device will need:

  • PVC tube with plugs,
  • nipples
  • pressure regulators
  • tanks (bowls),
  • drainage
  • screwdriver, jigsaw, knife and other tools.

Over the entire length of the tube should be drilled holes, the number of which is equal to the number of nipples. With a knife, jigsaw or other tool make the place of the water supply. The ends of the pipe must be closed with plugs. After that, the device is mounted on the place where it was planned to install. When the tube is firmly fixed, nipples and water supply should be inserted into it (it is recommended to use a sealant to protect against leakage), to which the pressure regulator is connected. Already to the finished drinkers attach drip catchers.

The procedure for creating your own goose drinker

  • At the first stage, you need to decide on the length of the structure and the number of nipples that will be installed on it.
  • After that, with the help of a marker on the pipe, the places where the nipples will be fixed in the future are indicated. The optimal distance between the holes is 35-45 centimeters, depending on the age and size of the birds.
  • Next, you need to drill the holes, securing the square tube in a single, stationary position.
  • Installation of nipples is the easiest step. Here it is enough to insert the nipple into the previously prepared holes. To prevent possible water leakage, they must be treated with a silicone sealant or other special substance.
  • On one side, an adapter is installed to connect the water supply hose, and on the other, a special plug.
  • On each nipple you need to fix the drip catcher or microplate (the type of product is determined by the type of nipple). For this you need to apply brackets.
  • Почти готовую поилку необходимо соединить со шлангом и баком с водой. Для решения такой задачи используют переходник и два хомута.
  • Монтаж поилки и подключение к системам поения проводятся после предварительного выбора оптимальной высоты.

Альтернатива для поилок ниппельного типа

If it is not possible to buy nipples and other elements of the nipple drinker for ducklings and goslings, pay attention to alternative solutions. The simplest of them are presented below:

  • Drinking bowl from sewer pipe. To make such a device, it is necessary to take standard PVC pipes with a thickness of 110 or 200 millimeters and additional components - one tap per 90 or 34 degrees per drinker. Using a jigsaw and drill bits, a pipe is drilled in some places, creating holes of arbitrary shape. In the side of the mount bends, which will pour water. The drinker is attached to the wall with special brackets.
  • Drinking bowl for ducklings on the basis of a plastic five-liter bottle. Anyone can make such an option without having any skills or experience. It is enough to apply a 5-liter container with a lid and drill a small hole in two or three centimeters from the bottom. Water is poured into the bottle (in the process of dialing the liquid, the hole must be covered with a finger), and the lid is tightly closed. Then the drinker is installed in the center of the dish. If the water fills the bottle to the level of the hole, it will stop flowing into the drinker.
  • The simplest drinker for little ducklings and goslings can be made as follows: take a two-liter jar and some plate. The jar needs to be filled with water, and cover the top with a saucer. Then, holding it, it is necessary to sharply turn the structure upside down. After that, gently lay a small stick between the saucer and the jar. As a result, the water will slowly pour out on a saucer. That's it, a simple version of the automatic drinker is ready.

What should be the drinking bowl for adult poultry

If we talk about creating a drinker for more adult individuals, then the vacuum version is ineffective. In addition, growing birds become more active, so with their clumsy movements they can easily flip the container, pour out water or wet the plumage, which will entail negative consequences. For this reason, farmers need to make the most comfortable container, which will be used not only to supply water, but also to perform the role of a good washbasin, where ducks can wash their beaks.

The creation of feeders and drinkers is an important and necessary process. If you follow the basic subtleties of the upcoming procedure and take into account all the instructions, you will be able to build an effective drinker in a quick time and without too much difficulty. The main thing - do not be afraid to show imagination and a little skill. In this case, balanced living conditions for poultry will be provided in the best possible way.