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Compact cultivation of cucumbers in the barrel and on the trellis


Sooner or later, every gardener is faced with the problem of lack of space. This situation arises when you want to grow more and more new varieties or varieties of vegetables or fruits on your site, and all the bushes or trees simply do not have enough space. And this is especially true of such a culture as cucumbers, which requires a lot of space for its growth.

In this case, there is an alternative that will pleasantly surprise even an experienced gardener if he has not come across it before.

Cucumbers can be grown in barrels, and the material from which it is made can be anything. This variant of cucumber breeding saves a lot of land that can be used to grow less-spread crops. But there are a number of nuances in this method of cultivation, which should not be forgotten.

Growing cucumbers in barrels, like any other method of harvest, has its pros and cons.

TO merits You can include the opportunity to save space for other plants, care for the bushes, in particular, weed removal and mulching does not require a lot of energy and effort, and also cucumbers in barrels look very nice, and therefore you can transform your garden plot.

Minuses factors such as strong drying out of the soil are considered, that is, shrubs that grow as usual (in the ground) have access to groundwater, and plants that “live” in barrels cannot receive additional moisture in the event of drought.

This fact can be explained as follows: after the rain has passed, the water goes into the ground, and so the ground remains moist for a long time, and in the case of a barrel, rainwater quickly leaves it and also gets into the ground. But cucumber bushes have not very long roots, that is, they may simply not reach and die before the desired moisture.

Already here the question arises: "But how to prepare a barrel for such a method of cultivation?" The answer to this question exists, and it is exhaustive. Preparation of the so-called garden begins in early spring, when the snow has completely melted.

We need to take the skeleton of the barrel, so that "neither the bottom nor the tire." It is better, of course, to take a wooden base, as it is a natural material that “breathes”, but the metal barrel will also work.

First you need to fill in the barrels of organic waste, mowed grass (can be old), as well as rotted manure and earth. To disinfect this mixture, as well as to increase the fertility rate, it is necessary to pour each layer abundantly with special preparations that can be bought in specialized stores.

Next, the already filled barrel should be covered with a film and not touched for a week. After the expiration of this period, the volume of the mixture will be halved, so you need to add manure and vegetable organic matter there again. You need to continue this procedure until the first numbers of May.

In the middle of May in the barrel you need to fill the ground with a layer of about 10 cm and prikopat seeds. On one keg 6 - 8 seeds should go, and before sowing the soil should be disinfected by treating the soil with a solution of potassium permanganate and boiling water.

The seedling method for such a method of growing cucumbers can be not applied, but it is up to you to prepare seedlings in advance or not.

Inside the seeds should be distributed evenly, at a distance of about 15 cm from each other. After sowing, each such “bed” must be covered with polyethylene, preferably black, so that the seeds sprout faster.

It is necessary to leave a place in the center and put there a small container with water that will evaporate under the film, and form an optimal microclimate. For these reasons, planting material germinates faster than seedlings that you grow in the apartment.

The water in the tank will need to constantly pour, as well as briefly open the film itself, so that the seeds are not “burned”. It is known that cucumber bushes are very tangled, so when they enter the active stage of vegetative development, the shoots will need additional support, to which the stems should be directed. This support will serve wire frameto be installed above the barrel itself, inserting the ends of the twigs into the ground.

Another option would be to install the rings above the barrel, but for this, several thick rods will need to be welded to the frame itself, to which, later, circular rods will need to be fixed.

The most important thing is that the support must withstand the weight of the shoots together with the fruits, so you need to carefully ensure that the frame does not break. If necessary, it will need to be strengthened.

At the beginning of June, when the weather has already leveled off, the film can be removed and put in a barrel of earth. Repeating the last procedure will need to constantly, as the ground will settle.

Caring for cucumbers with this method of cultivation will be much easier than for greenhouse or dirt bushes. No need to pinch or stepson plants, weeds in the barrel will not be formed. The only thing that should not be forgotten is regular watering and dressing, because otherwise you will not receive the expected harvest.

This method of breeding cucumbers will be a godsend for those gardeners who want to get an early harvest. After all, such barrels can be simply put in a heated greenhouse, prepared for them, planted the seeds of some early and unpretentious variety, and after a short period of time get a wonderful harvest.

Despite the fact that greenhouse cucumbers are inferior in taste to soil, with proper cultivation and decent care, you can get no less high-quality cucumbers than those that you later grow in the soil. Do not be afraid to experiment, and you will succeed!

Pros and cons of growing cucumbers in a barrel

So, the advantages of the method are quite obvious - this is both saving space on the site, and uniform lighting for the plants, and ease of care. This method has many other advantages:

  • Soil in the barrel throughout the season remains breathable, no matter how much rain has passed. Due to this, plants develop a strong root system.
  • Fertilizers are significantly saved.
  • Fruiting "barrel" cucumbers begins earlier.
  • In any weather, the fruits do not get dirty and do not rot.
  • The risk of fungal diseases is minimized.
  • At the end of the season, the remains of the plants in the barrel are safely crossed. They can be mixed with the substrate - and now the soil is fully ready for new use in the next season.
  • When the vegetables close the barrel completely, it looks beautiful and can be a kind of decor for your site. However, you can make a barrel with the decoration of the site at the beginning of the season - if you pick up a new barrel, paint it and paint it. For example, you can draw funny faces on the barrels, which will grow green "hair".
  • If necessary, this “bed” is easy to cover from the weather at any time.
  • It takes little time and effort to care for plants.
  • Place on the site is freed, and the barrels can be placed anywhere.
  • The lashes hanging down to the ground camouflage the barrel, this improvised garden looks very impressive.
  • It is convenient to collect greenhouses, they always remain clean.

There are practically no drawbacks to the method. These include perhaps the following:

  • Barrels needed.
  • Water cucumbers in barrels will have a little more than in the beds.

The disadvantages still include the need for preliminary preparation of the barrel and substrate. But even when growing a vegetable in a garden, it will have to be prepared, while spending no less (and even more) strength.

The choice of varieties for growing in a barrel

Experienced gardeners recommend to pick up early varieties and hybrids for growing in barrels. For example, "Chinese frost-resistant", "Murom 36", hybrids "Connie" and "Temp."

In addition, it makes sense to plant plants of different varieties in each barrel. Due to this, vegetables will be better pollinated and will bring greater yield. In addition, in this case, it will be possible to pick cucumbers from one barrel both for salting and salads.

Barrel selection

Barrel suitable from any material - it can be metal, plastic or wood. The key point when choosing a barrel is its volume. It should be in the range of 100-250 milliliters.

By the way, the old barrel full of holes or even without a bottom is perfect for this purpose.

If the barrel is not full of holes, then it will have to make holes for soil aeration - both in the bottom and in the walls.


Preparation of barrels begins in early spring, the snow melts a little. Empty metal barrels fill up to the top with plant food waste (no boiled products and meat or fish), last year's grass, alternating layers with rotted manure or earth. Additionally, layers can be shed with EM preparations to speed up the fermentation of the waste and eliminate the pathogenic bacteria. Pour hot water over everything, cover with foil and leave for a week. During this time, the mass will settle by half, you will need to re-add vegetable organic matter with manure - and so on until early May.

After the May holidays, fill the ground (about 10 cm) with a mixture of plant waste, plant cucumber seeds in the soil - from six to eight pieces per barrel, pre-scalding the earth with boiling water and watering with a solution of potassium permanganate. Seeds before sowing germinate is not necessary. To preserve heat, cover the barrel with cellophane, or better with black film, so that the sun warms up your garden bed better.

Seedlings will grow like yeast, if you provide them with an optimal microclimate using a small container with water in the middle of the barrel. Place a one-liter bucket tightly in the ground and add water as needed. Then, when a leaflet grows by three in the seedlings that appear, it will be necessary to adapt to the barrel a framework of metal arcs, along which cucumber plants will start to curl.

Video about growing cucumbers on the trellis

There is also such an interesting way, suitable for the warmest places of the site: vegetables are sown in two grooves along the edges of the bed, and in the middle - a row of corn or sunflower (sown a little earlier, so that young plants overtake cucumbers in growth). Thus, the strong stalks of sunflower and corn will serve as a natural support for the plants, as well as a natural shelter from the wind and an accumulator of moisture from the surrounding air. In addition, bright flowers additionally attract insects for pollination. Thanks to this method, not only the yield of cucumbers is increased, but the indicated "auxiliary" cultures give the best result.

Article updated 02/14/2018.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before step by step we consider all the features of the technology of growing cucumbers in barrels, it is necessary to understand its pros and cons:

  • Firstly, our cottages are not large, and we want to plant not only cucumbers. The barrel makes it possible to more economically use the useful area and use every corner of the site,
  • Secondly, it is a way to grow cucumbers a few weeks earlier, using the greenhouse effect and not being afraid of frosts on the soil surface,
  • Thirdly, it is beautiful. The overgrown cucumber vine will look organic on the lawn, next to the flower beds, in the garden. She can cover not quite aesthetic parts of buildings or create a temporary hedge. In general, what is enough imagination,
  • And finally, cucumbers in a barrel - this is convenient, especially for those who have back problems. Vegetables are easy to care for and pick up - no need to bend over, remove weeds, the fruits are always clean, well looked up.

There are no obvious drawbacks to this method of planting, except perhaps a little more frequent watering.

Selection and preparation of barrels

For these purposes, any old unnecessary capacity of 200–250 l will be suitable - rusty, cracked, and unsuitable for use as intended. Barrels can be:

It is desirable that the barrel was full of holes or without a bottom. Additionally, you can drill holes in the walls. This is important for creating air exchange and a natural microclimate in a future garden bed, providing access to it for earthworms and other beneficial microorganisms.

Choosing a place

Cucumber is a southern thermophilic plant, it needs sunlight in abundance.

Therefore, it is better to place the barrels on the south or southeast side in open space, but not on draft.

The beauty of the vertical beds is just that they can be placed anywhere - on the lawn, along the veranda or terrace, near the fence (about building a fence from a profiled sheet, read here.

Planting cucumbers

Cucumbers in a barrel can be planted for 2-3 weeks earlier than in the open ground, after about April 20. The day before planting the soil should be well moistened.

Along the circumference, make pits 2–3 cm deep, put cucumber seeds and sprinkle them with compost. In one 200-liter barrel 4–5 plants are planted.

You can sow more seeds, and after germination, transplant them with a clod of earth on the garden bed or remove weak specimens.

Seeds need to be prepared in advance:

  • During the week, warm up at a temperature of 25–30 ° C,
  • Disinfect in 1% manganese solution for 15–20 min,
  • Soak for a day in a solution of nitrophoska with microelements (3-5 g / l of water) and dry.

If you purchased the seeds of hybrids (F 1), you do not need to do anything of this, except warm up.

And in this article we will tell you about the specifics of growing eggplant seedlings.

Care features

Cucumbers belong to the category of moisture-loving crops. In addition, the intensive growth of foliage requires enhanced nutrition, and nutrients are delivered to the roots only by water.

More frequent watering can be attributed to the minuses of planting cucumbers in a barrel - the soil warms up faster, but it also dries. Vertical layout leads to a rapid outflow of moisture.

Therefore, water cucumbers should be 3-4 times a week with warm water. To prevent evaporation, the soil surface can be mulched, that is, cover it with a layer of mowed grass.

How to choose a drainage pump for irrigation, read here.

Despite the fact that a very nutritious bed is initially created in the barrel, it is necessary to feed cucumbers during the growing season.

They are very sensitive to the imbalance of minerals and trace elements, which is manifested in the deformation of the fruit.

To get a powerful plant, it is necessary to ensure a rapid growth of leaves in the period before flowering. This requires nitrogen. Dissolve 1 tsp. urea in a bucket of water and pour this solution on cucumbers.

With the beginning of fruiting once every two weeks, it is desirable to carry out a comprehensive root feeding. Necessary nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are introduced in mineral or organic form, and it is best to alternate them.

For the first feeding in a bucket of water, dilute a tablespoon of complex fertilizer (nitrophoska) and pour at the rate of one liter of liquid per plant. The next time a natural dressing is prepared - 0.5 kg of chicken manure or mullein and a glass of wood ash are put on a bucket of water.

Amateur gardeners recommend using organic green supplements to feed cucumbers during the fruiting period. To do this, put weeds, grass in a plastic container, you can add chicken manure, pour in warm water and insist 10-12 days.

Fermented liquid in its nutritional properties is not inferior to humus and is much safer than chemical fertilizers, it is impossible to “overfeed” with it.

Cucumbers in a barrel is preferable to tie up. It is not only convenient for care, but also saves plants from many diseases that are transmitted through open ground.

The easiest way to garter is to install a two-meter wooden (metal) pole in the center of the barrel with a cross at the top. You can make not 4, but 6 or 8 rays and fix the suspender string on them.

Cucumber lashes will first be curled up along the rope, and when they reach the cross, they will braid it, forming the original “umbrella”. To make a higher support is impractical, as it will be difficult to reach cucumbers. We begin the garter when the plant gives 4–5 true leaves.

For more information about garter cucumbers in a barrel, see this video.:

Formation of cucumber bush

The important point on which the crop directly depends is the correct formation of the bush. Consider 2 options for this process:

  • Method one - in one stem. More suitable for hybrid varieties that do not need to be pollinated by bees. In this case, in the nodes of the first five sheets of flowers and stepchildren are removed - side shoots that grow from the leaf axils. In the next five shoots are removed, leaving the ovary. And only about a meter height of the stalk are left a few stepsons, of which lateral whips are formed. They need to pinch off the top, leaving 3-4 sheets and stimulating the growth of branches of the third order,
  • The second way is cluster. The top stem is removed from the main stem. 5–6 present leaf, prompting the plant to actively give side stepchildren. They are also plucked under the 5th leaf and form scourges of the third order, on which practically there will be no barren flowers, only the maternal ovary. Thus, a bush is obtained from 10–12 third-order fruiting lashes.

Why do cucumbers turn yellow leaves?

Бывает очень обидно, когда в огуречную грядку вкладываешь столько усилий, а растения по непонятным причинам начинают желтеть. Давайте разберемся, что огурцам не нравится:

  1. Мало света – бочку нужно переместить на солнечный участок или проредить грядку, если она слишком загущена,
  2. Растение испытывает недостаток питания, чаще всего азота. It is possible that poor nutritional soil was laid in the barrel; therefore, it is necessary to feed, more complex,
  3. Lack of moisture, leads to the fact that the root system can not cope with the delivery of food and the plant weakens and acquires a lemon shade. Make sure that the soil does not dry out, grind the surface,
  4. The cause of yellowness and drying of the leaves can be diseases and pests. To combat them, use special drugs or folk remedies.

Why on the cucumbers little ovary

Sometimes you have to deal with the fact that the cucumber drives the barren flower, and fruits are not tied. More often such a situation can be observed in varietal cucumbers, and in practice this is not the case in hybrids.

There are a number of other explanations for this:

  • Barren - male flower, appears before the ovary. Mother flowers will go on the side lashes of the second, and especially of the third order,
  • Excess nitrogen - reduce the dose or completely eliminate this component from the next feeding,
  • Seed quality - used the material of the first year after harvest or the seeds are not heated before sowing. If you are harvesting seed yourself, it is best to sow it after the second year of storage.

Most experienced gardeners recommend fighting excess wilderness flowers in two ways:

  1. Get reliable seed - itself or partially pollinated (hybrids),
  2. Shape a bush, stimulating the growth of lateral lashes with the ovary.

How to harvest

Immediately, we note that collecting cucumbers planted in a barrel is a pleasure. No need to bend, it is convenient to cut cucumbers. Fruits hanging down are easily visible, it is easy to approach an improvised bush from any side.

What are some simple rules to remember:

  • If you want the cucumber to grow faster, harvest more often - every day or 1 time in two days,
  • It is better to cut the green Zebra fruit with scissors in order not to damage the lash and not accidentally tear the next ovary,
  • All deformed cucumbers and fruits with signs of damage or disease should be removed from the bush.
  • The most suitable time for harvesting is morning or evening.

By planting cucumbers in a barrel at least once, you are likely to become a fan of this technology. After all, one barrel can replace up to 2–3 m2 a usual bed and to bring unique color to design of your seasonal dacha.

Detailed information about the care of cucumbers in a barrel, you can watch in this video:

How to grow cucumbers in a barrel - the advantages of the technique

Consider the main advantages:

  1. Cucumber culture with growth requires large areas. Planting this vegetable in barrels makes it possible to significantly save meters at the dacha, because the nutritional area for the root system of the cucumber remains extensive, and in fact planting takes up minimal space.
  2. Another plus technique - the most simple care of plant culture. In particular, this concerns the fact that it is not necessary to weed and loosen.
  3. Cucumbers growing in barrels are not afraid of frosts and insects.
  4. Grown above the ground plants are no worse than the properties of fruits grown in a normal garden or in greenhouse conditions.
  5. In addition, they can be landed a little earlier, or even a couple of weeks earlier than unpaved ones.

We can not say that the cucumber culture in such conditions will grow:

That's because no cucumber touches the ground.

What kind of cucumber is most suitable for growing in a barrel?

Those who want to grow cucumber in a barrel fashion should choose seeds very responsibly.

It is on the variety of cucumbers, on the terms of carrying the fruit will depend on the harvest of so unconventional beds.

As experts say, it is right to choose early varieties and hybrid cultures, in which mainly female flowers are formed.

Recommend these varieties:

  1. Murom 36. The oldest variety, which has a rich yield.
  2. Chinese cold-resistant. Cucumbers are weather resistant.
  3. Connie Hybrid The most fruitful culture, forming aesthetic and delicious cucumbers before others.
  4. Hybrid grade Temp. The harvest gives a rich, spices early, resistant to the development of diseases and adverse weather effects.

An experienced agronomist and practicing gardener Oktyabrina Ganichkina advises planting several varietal types of cucumbers in each barrel. This, she says, will contribute to high-quality pollination, which will result in a rich harvest. In addition, this technology will make it possible to get fruits for salting, salad dishes and other purposes from one barrel.

Prepare a barrel for landing

To get a good harvest, it is necessary to prepare a tank for planting in early spring, when the bulk of the snow cover is gone.

The container should be filled with tree branches, cuts of rags, dry roots of weeds, other garden debris and even waste products.

It brings the following benefits:

  1. Overheating takes place in parallel with the release of heat, which cucumber culture so needs.
  2. Garden garbage is an excellent drainage layer that does not allow fluid to stagnate at the root system.
  3. Making its way to the layer below, which by the first days of the summer period will already begin to sweep, the root system will suck in organic substances that are beneficial for growth and yield.
  4. After collecting the fruits, the contents of the tank will be an excellent fertilizer for plants grown in the garden.

The container with such a useful filling should stand for 21 days, no less, without fail, in a sunny place, so that its contents can warm up and begin to overheat.

It is important from time to time to moisten the container so that the debate does not stop.

After 3 weeks the substrate will settle.

In the first days of May or at the end of April, it all depends on the region, on top of the substrate from garden garbage it is necessary to cover a layer of fertile soil (humus, leaf and garden soil in equal shares).

The layer must not be greater than 200 mm. This is quite enough for the root system of cucumbers.

Useful tips on growing cucumbers in the barrel

Before planting a vegetable crop in a prepared tank Ganichkina advises to pour the soil in it with a hot solution of manganese and acidic potassium or phytosporin.

This will protect the planting material from fungal infections and other microscopic organisms.

In one barrel can easily be planted 10 seeds or the same roots of seedlings.

They should be planted with an interval of 1-1.5 cm. To create protection against temperature extremes, it is necessary to cover the barrel with a PE film.

Seedlings can be closed by slicing plastic bottles.

When the warm season is established, the protection can be removed to the cucumber culture:

  • typed sunshine
  • was aired
  • matured and grew stronger.

As the thick drainage subsides, the soil in the tank will begin to fall. It is not scary and will not affect growth in any way, because the sprouts will already be quite tall to reach the edge of the barrel and spread beyond its edge.

Three main rules of success

In order for cucumbers using this technology to enjoy a rich harvest of dense and juicy fruits, gardeners need to follow 3 main rules of care:

  1. Systematic watering with warm water, which stood in the sunlight all day. Water should not penetrate the foliage and lash of the plant, as this will cause burns. The land in the tanks should always be wet, but not too hard. This will enable cucumbers to actively take nutrients from the soil. On average, under one bush per day, 1-3 liters of warm water should be poured, it all depends on the weather.
  2. Feeding complex formulations for cucumber crops. For the entire season of carrying the fruit, it is necessary to feed the cucumbers no more than 4 times, the first top-dressing should pass 14-21 days after planting the seedlings or after the formation of 4 cotyledon leaves when transplanting by the seed method. With changeable weather conditions it is possible to process the plant culture with Epinom.
  3. Uniform distribution of lashes and fruit harvesting on time.

If weed is noticed, it should be removed, and in the heat it is necessary to close the container with cucumbers nonwoven fabric with the lowest density.

The upper layer of the earth in barrels can, and sometimes is even necessary, be mulched with a thin layer of fine plants or powdered peat.

Opinions and reviews of gardeners

Most opinions of gardeners about such an unusual technology of growth of cucumber culture are mostly quite positive.

Gardeners especially appreciate the way for the following benefits:

  1. You do not need a lot of strength for growing.
  2. Constant weeding and loosening is not required.
  3. You do not need all the time to deal with slugs and other insects.

Even in an unfavorable summer period, summer residents who grow cucumbers in barrels say that this does not affect the volume of the crop.

In addition, containers with fruits - an interesting decor of the territory of a country house. They can be installed near the area where the family is going. To make them look the most aesthetically pleasing, many gardeners make the barrels bright, decorating them with acrylic paints in various shades.

It is much easier to get a rich harvest when using this technology, especially if there is not much space in the country.

We hope now, knowing how to grow cucumbers in a barrel in the country, you get their rich harvest!