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Detailed description and characteristics of pink tomato torbay varieties


Torbay F1 is a determinant hybrid of a medium early ripening period. Originator and patent holder is the Dutch company Bejo Zaden.

This is a good hybrid, but in yield, size and taste of fruits, it is inferior to many other hybrids and varieties of tomato, for example, the Raspberry Giant variety. However, Torbay has several other important advantages.


As already noted, the tomato "Torbay" determinant. This means that after setting a certain number of inflorescences, the main shoot completely stops growing, and the further development of the plant takes place due to the growth of the first-order stepsons. Determinant tomatoes give a harvest in a shorter time, and therefore they are more suitable for growing in conditions of a short summer than the indeterminant ones.

The average height of plants in the "Torbay" - about 1 meter. Medium-sized plants with medium-sized leaves. Inflorescence is a simple brush. On the hands usually forms up to 6 fruits.

Fruits are flat-rounded in shape, slightly ribbed. Unripe tomatoes are light green, fully ripened - pink. Fruit weight - 150 ... 200 grams. Seed chambers 4. The pulp is dense, sugar-free at the break, taste is good. Tomato "Torbay" tolerates transportation and is stored for several months. The taste is good. Fruits are intended for fresh use.

According to reviews, Torbay tomato has drawbacks - this is a need for very careful maintenance - constant loosening of the soil, removal of weeds are mandatory. It is also necessary to water the bushes regularly and abundantly (once a week, in the absence of precipitation), and to do constant feeding. Errors in care lead to crop loss.

The second drawback - this hybrid is extremely thermophilic. Northern latitudes are not for him, the nightly decrease in temperature below +15 stops the growth of the bush and the ripening of fruits. Seedlings are also sensitive to temperature and light conditions. More resistant to bad weather grade Sultan.

Agrotechnology hybrid Torbay f1

In general, the fit and care of this hybrid is standard.

  1. Sowing 40-50 days before planting in the greenhouse or the ground. For early harvest, it is better to sow at once in separate cups, picking delays the first fruiting for 7-10 days.
  2. Seedlings need to light up and not to allow the temperature to drop below +20 degrees.
  3. During the seedling period, at least 3 dressings with liquid fertilizers are needed.
  4. Landing in the ground should be carried out when the soil warms up at least 15 degrees.
  5. Per square meter permissible to plant 4 bush.
  6. Bushes are recommended to be deepened to the bottom leaves. According to experienced gardeners, tomato Torbay gives additional roots and yields increase.
  7. The bush must be supported - the stem can break under the weight of the fruit. Many growers tie each brush, because the weight of ripening fruits can reach 1.2-1.5 kg.

There are also such features of cultivation and crop care:

  • compulsory pinching, optimal shaping in 2 or 1 stem,
  • after tying 2-3 hands, lower leaves should be cut off,
  • when all brushes are tied up, nitrogen supplements should be eliminated, but the bushes should be treated with an ash solution and added with superphosphate,
  • Do not allow strong drying of the soil, it is constantly necessary to loosen - the bush loves the air.