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Criteria for choosing a garden car


There is no such thing on the summer cottage, which would not require the presence of a good garden car. Transportation of organic fertilizers, bulky bottles of water, building materials for minor repairs, in addition, all types of garden work imply the presence of good, good-quality cars.

All ingenious, as Goebbels said - is simple. So the cars from time immemorial exist in their original form: comfortable handles, a body, one or two wheels, depending on the type of car. It will be difficult to invent something new in this direction, and why? After all, everything simple is brilliant.

The main task of modern manufacturers of garden tools is to improve what we got from our distant ancestors, and I must say that this task is being implemented quite well. There are quite a few plants that manufacture cars of an ergonomic design, which, with small dimensions, can carry quite bulky and heavy loads. Such well-thought-out designs allow for a lot of work without the involvement of heavy artillery, such as lifting equipment.

So, what is fundamental when choosing a garden car? What material will best serve you at your summer cottage? This article will help to understand all the nuances of operating different types of wheelbarrows.

Steel, plastic or wood?

The most popular have long been steel cars made of durable steel. The thickness of the sheet that is used to form the body varies between 0.8 and 1.5 mm. The wall stiffness and, as a result, its performance characteristics will depend on the wall thickness. Knowing that many materials transported in wheelbarrows will be potentially dangerous for steel, they can lead to corrosion and rust, many manufacturers are zincing the work surface and covered with a layer of paint.


The degree of physical load on a person when working with a wheelbarrow will depend on the correctness of the body structure. The most convenient form in this respect will be a trapezoid with a flat square bottom and a beveled front part. Such a body can take the cargo volume, beyond the edge of the car.

A good car will have side and front stiffeners that will allow even very heavy loads to be transported without damage to the product. For bulk materials, additional rigidity is not only unnecessary, but will also interfere with the smooth flow - sand and cement mortar will have to be raked with a shovel. For such goods it is better to use a wheelbarrow with a rounded body.

Frame, handles and wheel

A quality frame does not have welding seams and joints - as a rule, it is made from a solid-bent pipe. The degree of load on the arms and shoulders also depends on a good frame. A good frame will support the body at the bottom and at the front and rear.

The handles should be long enough and widely spaced a distance into the body of the person - this will increase the maneuverability of the car and reduce the load on the spine of the worker.

The wheel bears the main load, and therefore the requirements for it must be the highest. Best serve as a wheel diameter of 35-45 cm with a full camera and tires. The wheel bearing can be lightened by a metal bearing, but it needs to be constantly lubricated and there is a danger of sand falling under it, a plastic sleeve will be a good alternative in this case.

The choice of one- or two-wheeled cars depends on personal preferences - one-wheeled is more maneuverable and less stable, two-wheeled - vice versa.

What criteria to consider when buying a garden car?

Despite the seeming ease of choosing this tool to care for your own site, there are a number of criteria and recommendations. Be sure to read them before you buy a garden wheelbarrow, determine the appropriate parameters and adhere to the features of use in the subsequent operation.

Important! Please note that exact compliance with the requirements will certainly affect usability.

Pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Type of construction
  • Number and size of wheels
  • Body size
  • Material of which the car is made
  • Frame strength
  • Manufacturer.

How to choose a garden wheelbarrow design?

Current manufacturers provide a wide range of garden wheelbarrows. By type of construction there are two groups:

Important! When choosing, consider the volume and nature of the planned work.

Advantages of one-piece garden wheelbarrows:

  • strength and reliability
  • long service life
  • rare breakage.

The advantages of collapsible design are as follows:

  • the ability to use several body types, changing as needed
  • removable wheels, which makes it possible to use a wheelbarrow not only for moving various loads and garden garbage, but also to use the body separately as a container for preparing fertilizer solutions or building mixtures.

Important! Please note that, despite the apparent superiority of collapsible models due to the wide possibilities of application, the constant re-installation of individual elements often significantly reduces the wear resistance, that is, the overall life will be much less.

Check out the video, which clearly shows an example of assembling collapsible cars to evaluate the speed and simplicity of this process.

How many wheels should a garden car have?

Another distinctive criterion for the device of this gardening equipment is the size and number of wheels. Modern models are mainly equipped with 1 or 2, and even 4 wheels.

Important! Please note that designs with one and two wheels are more demanded by consumers.

The advantages of using structures of different types:

    The main advantage of the device unicycle wheelbarrows - great maneuverability even in the absence of wide tracks on the site. But you will certainly need solid ground, which will reduce the effort.

What size wheels will provide convenient operation?

Be sure to pay special attention to the size of the wheels, as this determines the quality of depreciation when driving.

Important! Prefer garden wheelbarrows with a wheel diameter of not less than 40 cm. This size will provide the most convenient operation.

How to determine the appropriate size and shape of cars?

When choosing the size of cars, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • displacement, which varies between 70-150l
  • load capacity, the variation of the permissible load, which is 70-250 kg.

Important! The range of these indicators is quite wide, so the main thing is to choose the optimal combination. Take into account the following nuance, the higher the possibilities, the harder will be the car itself, and physical efforts will be needed during its operation. Therefore, to perform diverse work on the care of a medium-sized plot — transporting pruned branches of trees and tops, preparing and transporting fertilizer on the plot and taking out the collected garbage is enough to buy a garden wheelbarrow whose displacement does not exceed 150 liters, and its carrying capacity is limited to 100 kg.

What shape is comfortable cars?

Basically, all modern manufacturers offer models whose body shape is a trapezoid with smoothly smoothed corners. The lower part of the structure has a square shape, and one of the vertical sides is tilted. View photos of garden wheelbarrows to clearly understand the principle of the device of this type of garden tools.

Important! Give preference to this type of design, as it distinguishes its ease of loading and unloading any materials. In addition, the capacity of such a car is significantly higher than that of models of a different shape and there are practically no restrictions on the size of the material to move within the specified capacity.

Which pens are more convenient?

Another important criterion is the size and shape of the handles. From that, how correctly you will pick up a garden wheelbarrow on this indicator, depends on the future load on your hands and spine.

Therefore, follow these guidelines when choosing:

  1. The longer the handles, the more convenient it is to transport a car with a load
  2. Check how loosely your body fits between the handles to determine the optimal width.
  3. Check the presence of special linings of porous rubber in the grip areas to prevent the arms from sliding along the length and the appearance of corns.

How to determine the reliability of cars?

To get a really strong car that will last far beyond one year, pay attention to the following nuances:

    The material from which the body is made. Plastic, steel or wood are most often used to produce this part of the construction. If possible, give preference to steel products with additional anti-corrosion coating of paint or zinc, and the thicker the used sheet, the higher the resistance to any mechanical stress. The advantages of this solution, in the form of the ease of the car itself, combined with high strength, you will certainly appreciate in the process of performing all the work.

Which manufacturer to give preference?

The number of options presented on today's market of garden tools, differs quite a wide variety. Take into account, garden cars prices vary not only on the technical indicators and the quality of equipment, but also on the brand reputation.

Important! Pay attention to the more popular manufacturers in this regard, so that they don’t really worry about the quality of the selected tool.

Among all companies that supply garden equipment to the domestic market, the following brands enjoy the greatest popularity:

    AL-KO (Germany). All products of this company represent a line of agricultural tools and equipment. It is noteworthy that the model range consists of both products for a professional user, and for an amateur gardener. Despite the high quality of all manufactured equipment, its price is quite affordable, which makes this brand one of the most sought after.


Despite the simplicity of the design garden garden cars, be sure to follow these recommendations when buying. Only this approach will allow you to choose the model that really will facilitate the work in the process of caring for their sites, and, moreover, for a long time.

Grass mowing on a country plot with a self-propelled lawn mower is fun until trees grow on the plot, or.

There is only one effective recipe for success: do what you love, investing maximum time and energy in it. At the same time you need to be in shape: good.

It is difficult to imagine a country house or a cottage without a gazebo built on the garden plot. In her shadow you can relax after the sweltering heat.

Where better to start

First of all, you need to ask yourself the question: “Why do I need a car?” The question, though simple, is very important. It will help to determine the right type of car:

  • To transport heavy loads for building a house, fence, walkway, shed or gazebo - to help you construction car.
  • For gardening (transportation of saplings, soil, fertilizers, etc.) - purchase, respectively, garden.

After that, you can chat with your neighbors or friends. Find out what kind they use. Are you satisfied with your purchase? But feedback reviews, and it is better to hold in your hands and try out the "vehicle" yourself. The liked model is memorized and its characteristics are studied in detail. Thus, the choice will be significantly narrowed, and the store will not have to get lost from the abundance of modifications and the amount of information heard from the seller.

Wheelbarrow construction

Used mainly in construction, although it can be adapted for the transportation of any heavy loads. She has increased payload, greater maneuverability, more weight and higher price.

Construction wheelbarrow looks like that:

  • body where the load is placed
  • wheel (one or two),
  • footboards
  • two plastic coated handles.
  • frame reinforced.

For the transportation of construction and finishing materials such a car is a loyal and reliable assistant. It can transport almost everything that is needed at the construction site: cement (including mortar), brick, heavy tools. It is only necessary to meet the parameters allowed by the instructions.

Is it possible to use a building copy at the cottage? Of course yes. Even if you do not build anything, it is useful for transporting a large amount of black soil or sand, peat, gravel, soil during the construction of the cellar, stones for rockeries, garden waste, and even the contents of the drain hole.

Wheelbarrow garden

This “model” has a lightweight construction, lower loading capacity and lower price. Garden car not designed to carry very heavy loads. Usually it helps in working with seedlings, bulbs, fertilizers. Indispensable for picking potatoes, carrots, beets and other vegetables. And if you have grown melons with watermelons or a giant pumpkin, the garden car hurries to help again.

It is very important that due to the lighter materials and the frame, the garden version can be used by both men and women.

Design she has another one too:

  • the wheel is only one (it’s not necessary anymore)
  • body thinner
  • body flexible.

For garden cars not only the weight of the load is important, but also its volume. She "masters" a maximum of 60-80 liters (for comparison: a construction car lifts 120-140 liters).

It turns out that such a car is a little inferior to its "sister." But this does not detract from its relevance for specific types of work. Garden cars are most in demand. Let's talk about them in more detail.

What to look for when choosing a garden wheelbarrow

At first glance, all the cars are about the same. Both the design and the functionality are similar. Having dealt with the differences between a construction car and a garden car, we will also understand the differences between garden wheelbarrows and each other. Let's start with the design.

The first thing that catches your eye is a different number of wheels. A wheel can be one, there can be two or even four. The heavier the load, the more wheels should be in cars.

The undeniable advantage of one-wheeled wheelbarrows - their maneuverability. Such a device will easily travel along the narrowest and winding path, will be able to easily maneuver on uneven ground or in a limited space.

But there is one minusabout which it is worth thinking of those who plan to use a wheelbarrow not on asphalt or concrete, but, for example, on the excavated earth. Since one wheel serves as a point of support, the weight of the load is felt more. The wheel is deeply immersed in soft ground, making it difficult to move. Simply put, the car starts to get stuck in the ground.

Accordingly, for working on soft soil, it is better to purchase a two-wheeled car or a wheelbarrow with four wheels.

Such cars are more stable, they move easily on any soil, the weight of the load on them is not felt as strongly as on a unicycle. But maneuverability of multi-wheelbarrows is not enough. Therefore, carefully calculate:

  • the width of the tracks on your site
  • the number of turns that have to take place
  • "Steepness" of these turns.

Two or four widely spaced wheels will not be able to pass everywhere, as they need more space to turn.

Concerning wheel diameter, the bigger it is, the better. Depreciation depends on the size of the wheels. The optimum wheel disk is from 35 cm to 45 cm.

The most popular cars are now with pneumatic wheel (wheels that need to be pumped with air under pressure) on a metal rim. They travel easily on any surface. Ball bearings or sliding bushes are mounted in the wheel axles. Bearings provide an easier course, but are afraid of dirt and require additional lubrication.

The next important detail of the design of the wheelbarrow is the handle.

Handles at garden wheelbarrows happen two models:

  • one longitudinal
  • two parallel.

Here we must personally try what is more convenient and better. If the car with one wheel, then when moving it will have to keep almost on weight. It means that two parallel handles will be more convenient, they will remove the extra load on the hands. Handrail grip should have a bend to prevent wrist reversal.

Multi-wheeled car hold on weight is not necessary, it should just push forward. For this model, the choice of the type of pen depends entirely on personal preferences.
Important: if a multi-wheelbarrow is equipped with two parallel handles, then the body of the person should be placed in the distance between them.

With any modification, the handles should be long, with a grooved plastic surface (so that hands do not slide), and most importantly - comfortable.

The frame design should ensure the reliability of the entire structure. Cars are considered the strongest with molded solid tube frame. But if you purchased a wheelbarrow with a bent-welded frame, you should not despair. For gardening works and such.

Any frame should fit snugly to the body from all sides. This creates a solid support in front, behind and below. The frame must have strong supportWith the help of which she will stand on the ground without any problems.

Additional frame design element - stiffener. It increases the strength of the walls and the bottom of the body. But it can interfere with the work with liquid and bulk products, so for them you need to choose a wheelbarrow with a rounded body.

Body material and shape

The body shape of the garden car is of two types:

  • Trapezoidal(передняя часть скошена) — позволяет легко выгрузить содержимое.
  • Квадратная - allows you to accurately place the load inside the car. Especially if it is not loose, but has a geometrically regular shape.

By the choice of the material from which made the car, you need to go very seriously. Too often, this type of garden equipment suffers from an “aggressive” environment. As a result, rust is formed, and gradually the product will become unusable. This moment can be delayed by picking up a garden wheelbarrow from high-quality and durable metal. This is usually high quality. steel 0.8-1.5 mm thick.

To protect the metal, it is galvanized or powder coated. In the first case, zinc oxide is formed on the surface, which will prevent further oxidation and protect against rust.

Powder paint is applied with electricity. It "sticks" to the metal and "baked" at a temperature of 1800 ° C. Thus, a fairly durable coating is obtained.

It is impossible to answer unequivocally which coverage is better. It depends on how and in what conditions you are going to exploit the car. But keep in mind that galvanized metal less resistant to external factors, although it looks more attractive. He will require some care.

Garden car body can be made and plastic or wood. Of course, their strength and durability will be slightly different, and care will be needed more thorough.

Plastic garden car will not be able to transport huge amounts of earth, compost, stones or sand. But perfectly cope with the gifts of autumn, fallen leaves, light garbage, a small amount of land or compost.

Plastic cars should be kept away from fire and other sources of high temperature, do not leave long in the sun, in the cold or in the rain with strong hail.

Wooden cars more and more they lose their utilitarian purpose and go into the category of decor elements: they can put pots of flowers in them and arrange a container garden, plant flowers in the car itself, pour decorative sand, etc.

In the absence of other options, you can also adapt a wooden car to work in the garden. Again, in order not to spoil it, you need to measure its capabilities and the weight of the load.

And, finally, the most exotic type of material for garden cars is willow rods. Oddly enough, these are pretty durable cars. The basis of the design is a metal frame that is braided with rods. It is possible to use such a “basket on wheels” for transportation of leaves, branches, pots of flowers, seedlings, etc. And, of course, to decorate the site.

Weigh braided cars up to 8 kg, and can withstand a maximum of 40 kg. In addition to the aesthetic component, they are captivating strength (with proper care), environmental friendliness and safety for health.

With the material, handles and the number of wheels figured out, now we need to pay attention to the following parameters:

Garden car size

Sizes are different: from small (children) to large.

Therefore, in order not to miscalculate with the maximum width of the product, you need to measure all the aisles and doorways, the width of the gate and the width of the tracks. Based on this, and selects the size of the car.

The main types and criteria for choosing a garden car

Wheelbarrow garden is considered one of the most important devices in the economy, which is used not only in the garden and garden works, but also in the implementation of various construction works. The range of wheelbarrows in the markets is huge, but how to choose a real quality assistant who would be able to facilitate the work, let's see.

Purpose cars

The cart in its main purpose is an indispensable tool widely used in garden grounds, in the garden, during construction. However, before buying such a product, you should decide on the tasks that it will perform. To destination cars are divided into garden and construction.

For garden work

Garden cart - a device used to transport small garden and construction supplies. It is indispensable in the assembly of various vegetables and fruits, watermelons and pumpkins, helps when working with seedlings, fertilizer removal.

The design of the tool is quite simple and consists of:

  • body,
  • flexible metal frame
  • one wheel (there are variations with several wheels).

This model is lightweight, low carrying capacity, ergonomic and good maneuverability. Due to the design features and low weight of the car can be used by both men and women.

For the garden model is important not only the weight of the load, but also its volume. The maximum volume that the trolley can “master” is 50-80 liters, while the construction carriage can carry up to 140 liters.

For construction work

In the implementation of construction works of varying complexity and for the transport of goods using construction wheelbarrow. It has an excellent carrying capacity, great weight, spaciousness, good maneuverability. In addition, it has a higher cost than the garden.

Wheelbarrow for construction consists of the following components:

  • the basis - the body in which the load is placed,
  • wheels (one or more),
  • footboards
  • two handles on the top for ease of use, plastic coated or rubberized,
  • reinforced frame.

By means of the construction cart, almost any cargo can be transported: cement, concrete blocks, tools, wood, garbage, etc.

Wheelbarrow construction type can be used in the country or in the garden. Even if no construction work is planned, it can be used to transport sand, black earth, stones, tiles, boards, the contents of the drain hole, etc.

Sizes and shape

Garden carts come in various sizes - from the smallest (children), to large. To choose a device with optimal dimensions, it is recommended to take into account the width of doorways, all aisles, gates, paths in the area, the presence of sharp turns, etc. In most cases, manufacturers of equipment offer carts with the shape of a body in the form of a trapezoid, where the lower part is square, and one of the sides is vertically inclined.

As for the weight of the product itself, it depends on the size of the structure, the number and type of wheels, as well as the material from which it is made. The best option is considered a medium-sized trolley weighing about 10 kg. The heavier the device, the harder it is to manage it.

Load capacity

Its overall dimensions will depend on the load carrying capacity and the capacity of the car. The higher the load capacity indicator, the wider it will be at the top of the structure. It is worth considering when choosing a device for a particular case. If work is planned in a closed room or in a confined space, then it is imperative to take into account the ratio of the width of doorways and gates to the width of the trolley.

The most popular model is a load capacity of 70-130 kg. The higher the load capacity, the greater the weight of the product, which means that the heavier it will be to manage.

The main thing is to decide before purchase what types of goods need to be transported, it may be better to give preference to a reinforced building model, rather than pack a small-sized garden cart to capacity.

Number of wheels

Cars for the garden are equipped with a different number of wheels - from one to four.

One-wheel models have several advantages, among which are:

  • good maneuverability
  • ease of management,
  • the ability to easily overcome corners and turns.

At the same time, a car with one wheel does not behave badly on soft, dug up soil. Due to the fact that the design has only one point of support, the cart begins to load in the ground, making it difficult to move. In addition, on such a road the weight of the load is felt much more.

Multi-wheel models are free from such drawbacks, they move perfectly on soft ground, the weight of the load on them is felt less acutely than on products with one wheel. But two- or four-wheeled carts are less maneuverable, it is more difficult for them to pass on turns. Wide wheels can not drive everywheretherefore, when using a car, it is necessary to take into account the width of the tracks on the site or garden, the angle and the number of turns.

Depreciation of the fixture will depend on the size of the wheels. The larger the diameter, the softer and more ergonomic the trolley will be. The best disc is from 35 cm to 45 cm.

Special demand cars with pneumatic wheels, which are pumped with air under pressure. They smoothly move on any surface, possess the easy course and maneuverability.

Frame design

The frame is the basis of the cart, which is responsible for the strength and stability of the whole structure. The most reliable are products with a cast frame made of solid pipes. For gardening, a bent-welded frame tool is also a good option.

The main condition is that the frame design is firmly attached to the body around the perimeter, this will allow you to create a good support at the back and sides. Also, the frame should have high-quality supports, thanks to which it will stand evenly and reliably on the ground.

An additional detail of the design is stiffening ribs, which allow to increase the strength of the walls and the bottom of the hull.

An important detail of any trolley are the handles.

Adaptations of two models are issued:

  • with two parallel handles,

  • with one longitudinal grip.

The first option is great for one-wheeled carts, because when moving you have to keep them almost on weight. Two parallel arms located in such cases allow you to evenly distribute the weight and facilitate the work.

It is very important that the grab of the handrails have a bend that will prevent the inversion of a person’s wrists.

Multi-wheel models do not require holding on weight, they should be pushed forward. For such devices fit one longitudinal handle.

Regardless of the modifications, the handles in the trolley should be comfortable, long, equipped with rubberized or plastic grooved plates. If the two-, four-wheel car is equipped with two parallel handles, then the distance between them should be such that it fits the body of a person.

Body material

It is necessary to treat the selection of the material from which the body of the car is made with full responsibility, since very often it suffers from the negative effects of the environment, atmospheric phenomena.

As a result of such exposure, rust, damage, resulting in a product becomes unusable. This can be avoided by choosing a reliable cart from quality material and with a long service life.

Galvanized steel or powder coated fixtures are considered the best solution. The advantage of the first type is a beautiful aesthetic appearance, high corrosion protection, prevention of rust. The powder coating, although less attractive, has a high resistance to external factors, is characterized by good strength, wear resistance and resistance to mechanical damage.

There are also carts made of plastic. They are lightweight, practical, moisture-resistant, but require some care and are not suitable for the transport of large loads. Wood products are durable, environmentally friendly, but are afraid of moisture, are less resistant to atmospheric conditions, require careful maintenance.

Recently, these carts are used exclusively as decoration, for storing pots with flowers or for creating landscape design elements.

Of course, the cost of a garden car will directly depend on all the above factors. The least expensive unicycle models are the smallest, but they are also considered the least effective because they have limited capabilities.

It is better to pay extra and choose a multi-wheel product of medium dimensions of solid, stainless steel. On average, the price range of devices with all the characteristics varies from 30 to 70 dollars.

What is needed

For the manufacture of homemade carts for the garden should be prepared the following materials:

  • plastic or metal barrel of 120 l,
  • two wheels, for example, from an old motorcycle, bicycle,
  • pipes (profiles) for frame welding,
  • 50 mm board for the manufacture of frame footboards.

To impart an aesthetic appearance to the product, you can additionally use varnish, various moisture-resistant paints or special compositions.

How to make a wheelbarrow from an old barrel: video

Manufacturing process

The algorithm of hand-made garden cart making is simple, and it consists in performing the following actions:

  1. Cut the plastic barrel in half. If a metal barrel is used, then you will need to tinker a little longer.
  2. Install a frame in the form of a rectangle by welding from 25 x 25 mm profiles.
  3. Cut from a board 50 mm around the circumference of the footstool, on which the hull will be mounted.
  4. Install the wheels on the bottom on both sides of the structure, using conventional nuts for fastening.
  5. Weld to the back of the frame handle from the profile.
  6. Weld the “holder” onto the handle, using, for example, a bolt from a “gazelevskaya” spring.

The final stage is the design of the handle. To do this, you can use several bushings from the shock absorber, located in one row, or use electrical tape, cellophane, etc. The most important thing in the process of work is to carefully fasten all the elements, paying special attention to the junction points. To protect the product from the harmful effects of atmospheric phenomena, it can be coated with varnish, special protective agent, primer paint, etc.

Garden cart - a great helper in the household, which will simplify, facilitate and accelerate gardening and construction work.

In addition, using various materials at hand and spending a little time, you can independently build a quality car, which will cost a penny and can last for many years, while maintaining its practical qualities.

Wheelbarrow and its cost

The choice of wheelbarrows offered by trade enterprises is very large. Moreover, when purchasing them, one should proceed not from the epithets “garden” or “construction”, usually accompanying the name of this simple device, but from the volume and severity of the work to be performed with its use. A light garden cart, for example, may well fit for light work related to construction, and a stronger construction wheelbarrow may also be required when working on a private plot.

Of course, a wheelbarrow can be made with your own hands, but factory production is often a guarantee of greater strength and reliability.

The price range for cars is quite large. Depending on the design of this device, its strength and carrying capacity, the price ranges from 1,200 to 13,000 rubles.

Main types of garden wheelbarrows

By the number of wheels cars can be:

  • one-wheeled, characterized by good maneuverability. However, cars of this type can be difficult to move, as their only wheel can be buried in soft ground, especially if the load of the car is quite large,

One-wheeled garden car

  • two-wheeled, characterized by a fairly large ease of movement, even with a large load. The disadvantage of such wheelbarrows is their limited maneuverability.

The body of the car may have a sloping front end or it may be clearly rectangular. Most often, it is made of fairly thin galvanized metal or steel and less often of plastic.

The main criteria for choosing a garden car

Selecting a wheelbarrow, you should pay attention to its following components and characteristics:

  • wheels. Wheelbarrow the more practical and more convenient, the more wheels it has. Moreover, the most convenient and passable on almost any surface are pneumatic wheels with a metal rim,

Pneumatic wheel for cars

  • pens. The surface of the handles must have grooves, and the separation between them must be sufficient to accommodate the body of the worker,

Wheel handles must be grooved

  • sizes. The dimensions of the car should be selected in such a way that it passes freely into any passages that are located within the backyard area (wickets, shed doors, paths),
  • spaciousness. As a rule, cars are designed to carry from 65 to 130 liters of various materials. The choice should be made from their needs,
  • the presence of stiffeners. These ribs make the car more durable, but their presence can interfere when working with bulk loads. The most convenient are cars with rounded corners,
  • load capacity. Cars are usually designed to carry 70-130 kg of cargo. If you have to carry large weights, then you should choose reinforced cars, but it must be remembered that driving a heavily loaded car is quite difficult,
  • frame design. The most reliable are frames made of solid pipe,
  • weight cars. It is necessary to try to get a wheelbarrow easier, because with an increase in its weight, the car becomes less convenient in the process of work.

How to be if the car is chosen correctly

Naturally, the car, which has already had time to work, the painting of which has already been damaged, will not be taken back to the store. But the real optimists always find a way out even from such a sad situation. Если с вами случилась подобная неприятность, то тачку вполне можно использовать в качестве элемента ландшафтного дизайна, способного эффектно украсить территорию приусадебного участка.

If the car has served its own, it can be used in the interests of landscape design. Wheelbarrow for this can be done and specially

In the article we outlined the traditional approach to the issue of choosing a garden car. In the video attached below, this issue is solved in a somewhat unusual way, but very rationally. We suggest you to get acquainted with another view that, undoubtedly, will allow you to choose just such a car, which will be most convenient for you in work.

The weight of the car itself

Depends on the size and metal of the body, on the weight of the frame and wheels.

The best option for durable metal garden wheelbarrows - about 10 kg. The more weight cars, the harder it is to manage.

The price depends on all the above characteristics and ranges from $ 30 to $ 70.

Can I make a garden wheelbarrow with my own hands

For our summer residents nothing is impossible. It takes only a little imagination, enough skill and more patience. And, of course, the necessary equipment and materials, as well as carefully selected criteria of the mechanism.

Garden wheelbarrow with your own hands can be made of metal sheet with a thickness of 2 mm and metal pipes:

  1. A body is constructed from a sheet (butt welding).
  2. Then handles and running gear are attached to the base. As a chassis, you can use the wheels of a bicycle or moped.
  3. After all the work, the product must be primed and painted.

Even iron barrel can be put on the basis for cars:

  1. Initially, the frame is welded from pipes in the shape of the letter A.
  2. The wheel is mounted in the front part of the structure, the remaining elements are in the form of handles.
  3. Then you need to install the body - it is part of the cut along the barrel.
  4. The final stage is the welding of the steps, which will keep the car in a horizontal position.

A fairly convenient option is a do-it-yourself version. wooden car. It is done in a similar way.

  1. At the beginning - a frame of wooden bars or planks fastened with screws, glue on wood (it all depends on what kind of cargo will be transported and how the device will be operated).
  2. Then - the body. It is a wooden box, similar to a regular box.
  3. The undercarriage of a wheelbarrow will consist of a metal axle and wheels (from a bicycle, a moped, or specially purchased wheels for a wheelbarrow).
  4. The handle may be T-shaped, attached to the body at an angle.
  5. The folding footrest will give the garden wheelbarrow stability.

The most important thing is to carefully fasten all the elements together, paying special attention to the joints of wooden and metal parts. And be sure to cover the wooden car with lacquer, paint on wood or linseed oil so that it does not rot ahead of time.

Thus, with the help of improvised means, you can build a very nice garden cart for the joy of yourself and the envy of your neighbors.

Whatever you choose - self-production or purchase option - it is important to carefully consider the expected functionality and time or money spent. And then the "economic" satisfaction after transportation of several cubic meters of soil is provided to you.