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Gruntozatsepy for the motor-block Neva MB 2


The motor-block Neva MB2 is a classic model, one of the most popular among buyers in Russia. Manufacturer JSC Red October St. Petersburg. Official site of the plant -

The first Neva walk-up tractor was released in 1984. The manufacturer’s website does not specify which MB-1 or MB-2. Nevertheless, the history of this model is perennial.

Motoblock Neva MB-2 - instructions and parts catalogs.

The very first instruction manual, which managed to find 1992. Judging by it, the first motoblocks were assembled in Novgorod under the management of the Krasny Oktyabr enterprise. If anyone needs an instruction manual for the old Neva MB-2 motor-block from 1992, you can download it here.

Motoblock Neva MB-2 - operation manual 2013 - download

Motor-block "NEVA MB-2" engine DM-1K spare parts catalog 2013 - download

The NEVA MB-2 motor-block of all modifications complete with cutters-cultivators is designed for tillage milling and loosening on personal plots, in gardens and vegetable gardens for individual use. A motoblock of the above-mentioned mounted or trailed mechanisms, tools and devices can perform work on tillage, inter-row tillage, pumping non-potable water, mowing, snow removal, cleaning of areal areas, transportation of goods up to 150 kg.

On the NEVA tillers you can easily set the mass of useful attachments and trailed implements and from the reinforced plow to the mower and snowthrower. The original design of a gear-chain reducer in an aluminum case provides a pulling force of at least 180 kgf, which guarantees high performance when working on heavy soils.

Gear shifting allows you to choose a convenient speed for all types of work and transportation of goods (up to 4 speeds forward and 2 back). In the Neva power tillers, there is a shutdown of one of the drive shafts, which makes it easy to turn around even with 8 mills. You can choose the desired position of the steering wheel, for example, when using a double hiller and high lugs, as well as turn the steering wheel and control the walk-behind tractor without damaging the finished furrow.

Factory Red October NEVA installs only engines of Japanese and American production and categorically does not use Chinese.

Engine - the walk-behind tractor is equipped with a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine of one of the leading world manufacturers, or manufactured at ZAO Krasny Oktyabr-Neva. A three-strand pulley is installed on the output shaft of the engine (PTO), designed to transmit torque from the engine to the gearbox and to the active drive implement (mower, snow blower, etc.)

Neva MB-2 has a number of modifications, such as MB-2B-6.0, MB-2B-6.5Pro, MB-2B-7.5Pro, MB-2K-7.5, MB-2H-5.5, MB-2C-6.0Pro, MB -2С-7.0Pro, and MB-2С-9.0Pro, which are equipped with different engines. Depending on the modification, you can choose a tiller suitable for your power, performance and country of manufacture.

Detailed information about the engines for the Neva MB-2 motoblock is available on the corresponding page of our website.

General description of the motor-block Neva MB2

The device of this tiller, as well as other common models, includes certain elements. Consider the main characteristics of the device, as well as some inherent features:

  1. This model is installed on the motor, produced in the US Briggs Stratton.
  2. Motor power is 6 horsepower.
  3. The volume of the fuel tank apparatus is 3.8 liters.
  4. Weight without attachments 98 kilograms.
  5. The volume of the motor is 205 cubic centimeters.
  6. The vehicle’s transmission includes two forward gears and one rear speed (2 + 1) x2.

According to the instructions, this device, while cultivating the soil, can work the soil to a depth of up to 20 centimeters. Track width, customizable and varies in the range from 86 to 127 centimeters.

Important. If you use the lugs for the motoblock with a Neva or other attachment, the device performs a number of functions (clearing the area of ​​snow or leaves, plowing the soil, hilling the soil, watering, and transportation).

Device of the motor-block Neva MB2

As well as any other special equipment, the motor-block consists of a number of in common working components. Consider the main parts that make up this equipment:

  • the engine (due to this unit, torque is generated, which is transferred to the axle),
  • transmission (this component allows you to determine the direction of application of torque, as well as the number of engine revolutions),
  • gearbox (this unit allows you to evenly distribute the torque on the leading parallel axis),
  • gears (allow you to redirect the torque from the engine to the gearbox and the axle),
  • wheelbase (due to the axis, the device is moved along the surface, there are two-wheel and four-wheel models),
  • steering mechanism (due to this mechanism, it is possible to control the motor-cultivator or motor-block Neva).

In this case, the main components of the motoblock were considered, but also in its device there are a number of additional mechanisms and parts.

Important. In order for this apparatus to improve the soil properly, it is necessary to constantly monitor the performance of the power units, as well as auxiliary mechanisms, in addition, timely maintenance is carried out (replacement of consumable elements).

Motoblock Neva MB2 engine Subaru

It is not a secret for anyone that not only the Briggs Stratton engine is mounted on this type of special equipment. Also, these units can be equipped with engines of the company Subaru. Consider the main characteristics of these devices:

  1. higher power
  2. lower fuel consumption
  3. higher turnovers
  4. increased service life of the motor.

All these qualities make it possible to significantly upgrade the motoblock scheme, which also allows you to extend the service life of the machine.

Important. If a motor is being replaced, it is also necessary to subject all other components to appropriate maintenance in order to carry out comprehensively the entire replacement of consumable items.

Technical characteristics of the motor-block Neva MB2

This type of special equipment, as a rule, is distinguished by the following technical characteristics:

  • six horsepower and 4.5 kW,
  • 3.8 liters fuel tank
  • three gears (2 front, one back),
  • working volume of 205 cubic centimeters,
  • the engine takes 92 and 95 gasoline,
  • engine speed (23-42 first gear, 89-160 second).

A trailer for a motor-block brand Neva MB 2 is installed on the device, as well as other attached equipment for processing and cultivating the soil.

Important. For the Neva MB 2 tiller, there are a large number of attachments (cutters, plows), this is due to the widespread model.

Hinged equipment for the motor-block Neva MB2

Depending on the tasks, the following equipment can be hung on these devices:

  1. grousers (used for plowing),
  2. milling cutters (used for hilling),
  3. plow (usually used for loosening).

In addition to the usual fixed plow for motoblock Neva, the plow can be used as a trailed component to simplify the tillage procedure when loosening.

Important. It is also possible to equip the apparatus with a tank of water and a liquid sprayer in order to carry out uniform watering.


This type of auxiliary components, allows to plow the soil. Processing is performed by special shovels, which are connected in one chain. Due to such a device you can quickly plow the soil of a large area. Devices are hung on the device using a standard hitch with a walk-behind tractor.

These mechanical elements are usually used when hilling. Devices are customizable. This type of fixtures can be hung in two rows, which allows two furrows to be cultivated at once. In this case, it saves time and energy costs.

This type of tool is a conventional mounted plow, which is used to loosen the soil. After a piece of land has been traversed, you can immediately plant the plants in the cultivated soil. These devices are hung as trailers. When processing should be ensured that the plow does not go to the side.

Features of operation of the motor-block Neva MB2

When using the brand tiller, one should take into account a number of nuances and points that require attention, namely:

  • you should know in advance the working volumes, as well as how much oil is in the engine block,
  • to clarify what kind of gasoline to fill in, since the service life of equipment depends on the quality of the filled fuel,
  • it is important to take into account periods of maintenance,
  • you should know when to carry out a full comprehensive service,
  • during operation, it is not recommended to be very zealous and keep the device running for a long time,
  • Immediately after the purchase, it is required to conduct a run-in on non-equipped special equipment so that all the parts get used,
  • after maintenance, it is also not recommended to immediately load the equipment.

You should also take into account the fact that you should not allow the device to work on fuel residues, as over time, impurities accumulate in the tank, which can damage the engine and reduce its service life.

Important. This type of special equipment is different from other devices, so the maintenance stages are not set by mileage, but depending on the watches, which is why the time of use should be monitored carefully.

How much oil should be poured into the engine

It should be understood that in tillers, the oil is subjected to periodic replacement not only in the engine, but also in the gearbox and transmission. Consider in more detail the amount of this consumable:

  1. 1.3 liters of engine oil should be poured into the engine,
  2. the gearbox is filled with oil on a special dipstick,
  3. in the transmission also the oil is poured in accordance with the probe.

After pouring the lubricant into the motor, it is required to check its level. It should be located between the minimum and maximum.

Important. If there is a lack of lubrication, the engine's life is drastically reduced, with an excess of oil, there may also be a reduction in the working life, since this fluid is not subjected to compression.

What gasoline is suitable for the motorcycle block Neva MB2

To walk treadmill for a long time to work without complaints, it is recommended to use high-quality fuel. Here 92 or 95 petrol is poured. Experts recommend periodically increasing the octane number if AI 92 is used, which allows cleaning the power plant from deposits. The manufacturer recommends pouring gasoline with a high-octane number not more than two times per season, provided that the tiller is used on a regular basis. If this type of technology is used less frequently, then we can limit ourselves to pouring 95 fuel once a season.

Important. It should not be too often to alternate the fuel, and in addition to change the place of its purchase, as the content of impurities in the fuel may differ at different gas stations.

Motoblock Neva: attachments - potato planters

We mentioned the canopy for the motoblock, which helps us to dig up potatoes after its ripening. But you can not only collect potatoes with the help of the motoblock, but also plant it before. For this there is a potato planter.

For the Neva motoblock, take a potato planter KSM-1. A good device for planting tubers at their summer cottage. In addition to the motoblock, the Neva is also suitable for the Cascade, Mustang and ZIRKA motoblocks, but unlike the last two, the potato planter does not need an adapter to connect with the Neva.

Koma KSM-1 to the motoblock Neva fit KSN-1. This single-row device is good in that it is suitable for all types of tillers: light, medium and heavy.

Standard reversible plow for motoblock Neva

If you use your plow to plow the land before planting crops, instead of the standard mounted plow, you can hang a reversible plow on the Neva walker. The superiority of this variety is that the plow has two bodies, due to which there are no gaps in the processing of the soil.

The reversible plow is mounted on the 100 kilogram units, more weight is possible. Of course, if the tiller is a bit smaller, you can always hang the weighting agent. It is good to buy such canopy to the Neva motor-block. When plowing, Zykov's plow covers the soil to a width of 19-23 cm. In addition to the Neva, the reversible plow can easily be connected to the Bison, Salyut and ZIRKA motor-blocks.

How to make a universal rake to a walk-around with your own hands

It seems that there is no simpler design of a motor-block in its construction than a rake. So much the better for those who want to make them on their own and not spend money.

Of course, provided that you have materials for this and a welding machine. For the manufacture of homemade rakes from the motor block, you must take a metal pipe and strong rods in the form of half rings.

For pipes easily fit water pipe (if available). Rake teeth, we must make a height of 700-800 mm. It is necessary to fasten the rods along the entire length of the pipe with a welding machine.

The rake should be coupled with the walker with the adapter. If you wish, you can get what is shown in the photo above. By the way, if you want to make such a rake, you can take the drawbar from the trailer if you do not need it, and slightly rearrange what is behind the seat.