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Lingonberry in syrup for the winter: a step-by-step recipe with photos

The number of ingredients in the recipe indicated per one three-liter glass jar of the blank. Lingonberry should choose ripe, tselenkuyu without damage and dents.

  • lingonberry - 995 g,
  • granulated sugar - 340 g,
  • filtered water - 1.9-2 l,
  • lemon peel - 15-20 g

  1. We wash the berries gently and gently in cool water and leave to drain in a colander.
  2. Now we will tell you how to prepare the syrup itself for harvesting lingonberries for the winter. Put the required amount of water in a saucepan on the stove, and in the meantime, rub lemon rind on a special grater.
  3. In hot water, pour sugar sand, throw the zest and boil after boiling for five minutes.
  4. After the resulting syrup has cooled to a temperature of 65 degrees, we filter it and pour the lingonberries prepared and laid in a sterilized jar.
  5. We close the container with a boiled lid and after the final cooling down we put on the shelf of the refrigerator or in a cold cellar for storage.

Spicy lingonberries in sugar syrup for the winter with apples

  • lingonberry - 995 g,
  • apples - 245 g,
  • granulated sugar - 1.4 kg,
  • filtered water - 0.6 l,
  • carnation in buds - 5 pcs.,
  • cinnamon stick - 1 pc.,
  • orange or lemon peel - 1 large handful.

  1. Initially prepare syrup for lingonberries. We put water to boil, add sugar and throw crusts of citrus. Wash apples, peel and viscera and cut into slices or cubes. Lay the apple slices in boiling syrup and boil it with occasional gentle stirring for twenty minutes.
  2. During this time we prepare lingonberries. We wash the berries and add carnations and cinnamon sticks to the boiling syrup along with the buds.
  3. We give the billet to boil after re-boiling for five minutes and immediately pack it in sterile jars. We seal the containers with sterile lids and, after the delicacy has completely cooled upside down, we place the vessels with it in a cool place for storage.

Lingonberry in syrup without water with sugar - a simple recipe for winter

In this case, we will not use water to cook lingonberries in syrup.

  • lingonberry - 995 g,
  • granulated sugar - 215 g

  1. Berries are initially sorted out, washed, dried, visually divided into two parts, and one of them we fall asleep in an enamel container for some time with granulated sugar.
  2. After the lingonberry gives out the juice, put the pot with the billet on the stove and heat it with frequent gentle stirring until boiling.
  3. Now pour the remaining berries, give the treat to boil, then pack it in sterile jars, close the container with sterilized lids and after cooling down keep the preparation on the shelf of the refrigerator.

Lingonberry in cold sugar syrup for the winter

Lingonberries can also be prepared in cold sugar syrup. As well as in the first two recipes, you can use various spicy additives, focusing on your taste.

  • lingonberry - 995 g,
  • granulated sugar - 340 g,
  • filtered water - 490 ml
  • spices at will - to taste.

  1. To implement the idea of ​​boiling water with sugar sand, adding at the same time at the request of cloves, cinnamon, zest or rinds of citrus, etc.
  2. After the syrup has completely cooled under room conditions, we filter it and pour the berries into the sterilized jar.
  3. Capacity fill with lingonberries only half, and pour the syrup to the top. Cover the blank with a sterile cap and place on the shelf of the refrigerator for further storage.

Taste qualities

A small, but incredibly aromatic and attractive berry, lingonberry is famous for its unique beneficial properties and taste. Thanks to the latter, she deserved a special place in the kitchen. Berry, with its tart, sour and slightly bitter taste, is used to prepare various preparations for the winter, for example, compotes, berries in syrup, jams, preserves, etc. Cowberry in syrup without cooking is in special demand.

Required Ingredients

For lingonberry syrup you will need the following ingredients (for one jar):

  • fresh-frozen lingonberry - 180 g,
  • sugar - 90 g,
  • pure water - 60 ml.
The key to high-quality, tasty and healthy harvesting is properly selected, ripe berry.

Features of product selection

Lingonberry fruits are harvested during the period of its full ripening, when the berries acquire a bright saturated red color. It is at this time that the maximum amount of benzoic acid accumulates in the fruit, which is responsible for the preservation of the fruit.

When choosing a product should pay attention to its color and texture. If the berries are too soft and dark red - they are gone and they will not stand for a long time. It is better to give preference to slightly immature fruits, but not green. An immature greenish berry should also not be purchased, because it differs, firstly, by far from ideal taste, and, secondly, it cannot be stored at all, and in a few days it will deteriorate.

Step-by-step recipe with photo

Cooking lingonberries in syrup at home is easy, for this you need to follow the following instructions:

  • Rinse the berries well with water, remove all rotten fruits, stems, twigs, leaves, dry on a towel or use a sieve.
  • Put berries in a saucepan, cover them with sugar, add water and put the container on the fire.
  • Heat the mass on low heat for 10-15 minutes, do not let it boil.
  • Increase the temperature, bring the berries to a boil, but do not boil.
  • Turn off the mass, fill it with pre-sterilized glass jars, tighten the lids.
  • In an oven heated to 150 degrees, shift the jars with the billet, heat in the “convection” mode for 15 minutes.
  • Pull the container with the berries, put on a towel upside down. Allow to cool.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice will give lingonberries an incredibly fresh flavor and complement the taste with hints of citrus. To cook lingonberries with lemon juice, you need to take:

  • lingonberry - 1 kg,
  • sugar - 300 g,
  • lemon juice to taste
  • water - 400 ml.

  1. Rinse the berries thoroughly, dry them on a towel.
  2. Fold the fruit in a dry glass jar.
  3. Boil sugar syrup in a separate saucepan: pour sugar into water, add lemon juice, boil, let cool for a little, strain.
  4. Pour the fruit with the prepared syrup, close the lid, put it in the fridge or in a cool dark place.

As an additive to lingonberry delicacy, apples are perfect. To prepare a delicious soaked cowberry in syrup with apples, it is recommended to prepare the following ingredients:

  • cranberries - 5 kg,
  • apples - 1 kg,
  • sugar - 1 kg
  • water - 5 l,
  • cinnamon - 7 g,
  • Carnation - 2-3 pcs.

  • Wash the lingonberries, sort, dry on a towel.
  • Cook sugar syrup: pour sugar into water, put cloves and cinnamon. Boil for 5 minutes, cool, strain.
  • Rinse the apples, cut the core, cut into four parts.
  • Pour a layer of lingonberry 5-7 cm in a large enamel container, then a layer of apples. So make a few layers, and the latter should be cranberries.
  • Lingonberry-apple billet pour syrup. Top down with any weight so that it does not rise.
Store a container of soaked lingonberries in a cool place for about two weeks. After 14 days you can try a delicacy.

Features and rules for storing the workpiece

Cowberry blanks should be stored in the refrigerator, cellar, basement or in another dark, cool place. Fruits in syrup or own juice are not subject to long-term storage, they should be consumed in 2-3 months.

For long-term storage, it is recommended to sterilize the berry. As such, it can be put in a dark place at room temperature and stored for about one year.

Dried fruits are well preserved. They are dried in a warm oven, put in a wooden container, covered with paper sheets on top.

In the winter, to feast on fresh berries of lingonberries, it is necessary to thoroughly wash them, sort them, remove the rot, and dry on a towel.

Fully dry fruits put in a basket or wooden container, put in a dark, cool place. With this method, the product can last up to 60 days.

About the benefits of lingonberries

Lingonberry is a small perennial evergreen shrub of the heather family. The shrub has a branched stalk, on which are located shiny leathery leaves of elongated form. The height of the shoots varies from 15 to 40 cm. The plant blooms with white small flowers. The first berries ripen in mid-summer, around July, the second harvest is harvested in September. The berries are small in size, bright red and tart, bitter-sour taste.

It is not for nothing that cowberries are called the doctor for all diseases; its unique chemical composition has determined a wide range of its most valuable medicinal properties. It is the source of many vital vitamins, micro and macro elements.

It is proved that the fruits exhibit an inhibitory effect against several types of malignant tumors, in particular, leukemia, colon cancer, cervix.

Chemical composition

The benefits of the berries are in the content of carbohydrates, organic and inorganic acids, carotene, tannins, biologically active substances that help eliminate many problems associated with the work of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

It perfectly strengthens and boosts immunity, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial properties. The nutritional value of the fruit is represented by:

  • proteins - 0.7 g,
  • fats - 0.5 g,
  • carbohydrates - 9.6 g.

At the same time, the caloric content of the product is extremely small, with only 43 kcal per 100 g of berries.

Vitamin and mineral complex lingonberry includes:

  • vitamin A. Improves the regeneration of the skin, normalizes metabolic processes, prevents aging of the skin,
  • vitamin C. Strengthens the body, increases its resistance to various negative external factors, takes part in oxidative processes,
  • vitamin E. Strengthens the flow of oxygen into the cells, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, normalizes cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases,
  • group of vitamins B (riboflavin, niacin, thiamine). They take an active part in protein synthesis, normalize the work of the nervous, cardiovascular system, are responsible for the production of energy,
  • iron. It prevents the development of anemia, strengthens the immune system, allows you to quickly restore strength, gives energy,
  • phosphorus. It activates brain activity, takes part in metabolic processes, helps the absorption of many minerals,
  • calcium. Strengthens bone tissues and blood vessels, contributes to the correct formation of the skeleton, normalizes the work of the muscular system,
  • magnesium. It normalizes intestinal motility and the functioning of the nervous system, relieves fatigue and stress, fights depression and insomnia, strengthens the walls of blood vessels,
  • manganese. Ensures proper development of body cells, helps to absorb copper, iron and thiamine, activates important enzymatic reactions.

In addition, the berries contain organic acids - malic, citric, tartaric, lactic, salicylic, succinic, as well as sugar, instant oils and tannins.

Beneficial features

Due to the natural composition, the berries have a positive effect on many body systems. One of the main features of the fruit is the ability to protect against recurrent urinary tract infections.

The infusion of the berries has a diuretic, antiseptic and astringent effect, helps to fight the causative agents of bacterial infections, prevent the development of cystitis, urolithiasis, pyelonephritis.

Lingonberry is considered effective for eliminating pain and inflammation in rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis, gout. It is an effective tool for raising immunity, reducing the risk of colds.

Regular use of the berries improves the condition of the oral cavity, prevents gum bleeding, strengthens the hair and nail plate. Lingonberry juice is indicated for intestinal problems, various diseases of the digestive organs.

The fruit of the plant is used to improve vision. They speed up the metabolism, have a rejuvenating effect, prevent premature aging.

Pregnant and lactating

In the absence of individual intolerance or allergies, it is allowed to consume lingonberries for women in the position. In some cases, the doctor prescribes it on purpose.

To prevent a shortage of vital vitamins and minerals, it is enough for pregnant women to eat a few berries a day. They have a weak diuretic effect, so perfectly remove the swelling and prevent their appearance.

Lingonberry juice eliminates problems with digestion, reduces the risk of negative effects of external factors, and during cold periods is able to replace medicines. During lactation, it is especially important for a woman to support the immune system and the necessary balance of vitamins, therefore for this purpose it is allowed to add fresh berries of cowberries or preparations from it to the diet.

Lingonberry products contribute to the preservation of strength and energy in the mother, normalize sleep, struggle with postpartum depression and insomnia, support the normal functioning of the nervous system and gastrointestinal tract. In addition, they have a positive effect on the condition of the skin, nails and hair.

Cowberry fruits should be discarded when:

  • allergies
  • individual intolerance,
  • blood pressure races.

It is also recommended to start consuming the product after the baby is three months old. The first portions should be limited to half a berry per day, gradually increasing the dosage.

Include the fruits in the children's menu should not be raw, but in the form of fruit drinks, juices, jams, etc.

It is better to postpone acquaintance with lingonberry blanks until the baby is one year old. The first dose should start with very small doses. In the absence of a negative reaction of the organism to a new product, its portion can be increased.

Fruits are recommended to be served together with other berries, fruits or as part of various dishes: salads, fruit drinks, puddings, curd casseroles, etc.

Harm and contraindications berries

In some cases, the use of lingonberries is contraindicated. Fruits and juice from them should be excluded from the diet with stomach ulcers and gastritis with high acidity, hypotension, urolithiasis, cholecystitis, children under one year. With care berries must be used by people prone to allergic reactions.

It must be remembered that the berry, growing in polluted regions, is able to accumulate harmful substances, toxins, heavy metals. That is why you should eat only the product that was collected in environmentally safe areas, and the quality of which you are sure.

Doctors do not recommend the use of drugs, in which lingonberry or its derivatives are present, immediately after a meal, they are taken on an empty stomach or before meals. Since the fruits have the ability to thin the blood, they can not be eaten by people after surgery, or when internal bleeding. Lingonberry is an aromatic berry that can please not only with pleasant taste, but also with a whole range of useful components. Regular consumption of raw berries, juices, jams or compotes will strengthen the immune system and significantly improve our well-being, which will make it possible to improve the quality of human life. But enjoying a useful delicacy, you should not forget about possible contraindications.

Lingonberry syrup for the winter without cooking

Many southerners tried lingonberries only in canned form, buying it in a supermarket. But the residents of the northern and adjacent to these areas of the region collect berry almost buckets.

It grows in light coniferous forests, in mountainous and lowland tundra, in marshland. It is there that the lingonberry thickets occupy vast territories. Although the "thickets" - it says loudly.

Lingonberry is a shrub 10-25 cm in height. But, as they say, a little spool is small, but expensive. So this berry has simply invaluable qualities.

  • Lingonberry berries contain ascorbic, citric, malic, salicylic, benzoic acids, tannins, phytoncides, manganese, potassium, vitamins C, A, B, flavonoids.
  • Lingonberry has bactericidal, tonic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties.

They try to use it fresh, so as not to destroy by heat treatment most of the nutrients.

Lingonberry has a delicate aroma, sweet-sour taste, but slightly bitter. This property is due to the presence of arbutin glucoside in its composition. This substance, in addition to the bitter taste, has a truly unique property - it is an excellent preservative. Moreover, this quality is enhanced by benzoic and salicylic acids.

When to collect lingonberries for blanks

Lingonberry ripens in August – September.

Gather it at the time of full maturity, when it is poured with juice and painted in bright red color. Именно в этот период в её составе скапливается максимальное количество бензойной кислоты, отвечающей за сохранность.

Не стоит собирать недозрелую ягоду. Во-первых, её вкус будет далёк от идеала, а во-вторых, такая ягода совершенно не подлежит хранению. Уже через короткий промежуток времени она начинает портиться.

Читать ещё Компот из брусники на зиму

Зато спелая брусника отлично хранится даже в воде, чем с успехом пользуются многие хозяйки.

Jam, compotes, jellies are cooked from lingonberries, it is harvested in pickled, dried and wet form. Lingonberry in syrup without cooking is very popular.

Berry preparation

Sort out the lingonberries, set aside unripe, overripe and crumpled berries. Remove all trash and twigs.

Sometimes in recipes there are recommendations for removing bitterness from the berries. They boil down to the fact that berries need to pour boiling water or steam. But in this case, along with the bitter taste, the healing properties are also destroyed. Therefore, it is enough to wash the berries thoroughly, put them on a clean towel and dry them to get rid of excess moisture.

Lingonberry in syrup without cooking: with lemon flavor

  • lingonberry - 1 kg,
  • sugar - 0.3 kg
  • water - 0.4 l,
  • zest or lemon juice - to taste.

  • Sort out the lingonberries, wash them under running water. Put on a towel, wait until the berries dry.
  • Fold in a clean, dry jar.
  • Pour water into the pot, add sugar. Cook the syrup by adding lemon zest or lemon juice. Strain and cool.
  • Pour the lingonberries with the prepared syrup. Close the capron lid, put it in the refrigerator or cellar.

Lingonberry in syrup without cooking: Dried (method one)

  • lingonberry - 7 kg,
  • sugar - 1.5 kg,
  • water - 2.8 l.

  • Boil syrup out of water and sugar in advance. Strain through several layers of gauze, cool.
  • Lingonberry sort out, remove the spoiled or unripe berries and impurities. Wash thoroughly with cold boiled water. Put on a sieve, wait until all the liquid is drained.
  • Fill clean and dried jars with berries. Pour with cooled syrup. Close the lid, clean in a cool place.

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Lingonberry in syrup without cooking: Dried (the second method)

  • lingonberry - 1 kg,
  • sugar - 1 tbsp.,
  • water - 1 l,
  • salt - 5 g,
  • Cinnamon and cloves - to taste.

  • Cook the syrup out of water, salt, sugar and spices. Strain it through several layers of gauze. Cool it down.
  • Sort out the lingonberries, rinse in cold water. Put on a sieve or a clean towel.
  • When the berries are dry from moisture, pour them into clean, dry jars. Pour with cooled syrup. Close the cans with nylon caps, clean in a cool place.

Lingonberry in syrup without cooking: soaked with apples

  • lingonberry - 5 kg,
  • apples - 1 kg,
  • water - 5 l,
  • sugar - 1 kg
  • Cinnamon - 7 g,
  • carnation - 2–3 buds.

  • Cook the syrup in advance. To do this, add sugar, cloves and cinnamon in boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes. Strain through several layers of gauze. Cool to room temperature.
  • Lingonberries sort out, removing all unsuitable for harvesting berries. Wash in cold water. Put on a towel to dry.
  • Wash apples, cut into four parts. Cut stalks and seed chambers.
  • In a clean, dry dish (it is better to take an enamel pan or ceramic pot), pour the lingonberry in a layer of 5-7 cm. Lay a layer of apples over it, which also cover with berries. Put the apples again. The top layer should be lingonberry.
  • Fill the contents of the can with sugar syrup. Place a small wooden circle on top of the berries. Press down the berries with a light weight so that they do not float.
  • Put the container with lingonberries in a cool place. After 2 weeks you can take a sample.

Mistress note

If you want to feast on fresh cranberries in the winter, sort out the berries, remove the garbage. Pure dry berries in a basket or similar container. Put in a dry cool place. In this form, cranberries can lie without losing the presentation for up to two months.

Interesting fact! Small, inconspicuous lingonberry bushes are distinguished by extraordinary longevity for such plants. Their average life is about 300 years!

Compote cooking rules

So, how to cook the lingonberry compote in order to preserve all the beneficial properties of the berries? To do this, follow these simple rules:

  1. All berries should be about the same stage of ripeness and size. In this case, they are evenly boiled and retain their healing properties as much as possible.
  2. Compote can not be digested. Otherwise, all the vitamins in it are destroyed, and the drink will lose its valuable qualities. It is best to cook compote over low heat and immediately, after boiling, remove from heat for further insisting.
  3. If the composition of the drink includes other berries or fruits, then it is prepared in several stages. Thus it is possible to avoid their digestion.

In a properly prepared compote, all the berries retain their original shape. It turns out transparent and does not contain any sediment. Depending on the addition of berries or fruit, the taste of the drink may be sweet-sour, bitter-tart or spicy. For lovers of sweets it is recommended to increase the amount of sugar in the recipe to soften the sour taste of lingonberries.

Tip! To make the compote transparent and tasty, it is advisable to dry a little lingonberry berries on a towel before boiling and lower them only in boiling water.

Recipe for "Lingonberry in syrup":

Lingonberry to sort, wash, dry.

Put in a clean jar for 1/2 volume.

Pour sugar into the pan, pour in water, you can add lemon zest, cloves (for an amateur).
Let it boil, cool.

Cold syrup pour cranberries.

Close the lid.
In this form, lingonberries are stored for a long time and without a refrigerator.

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Cooking recipes

Recipes cooking lingonberry compote, there are many. They differ from each other by their ingredients and methods of processing berries. For example, to sweeten a lingonberry compote a little, the recipe is supplemented with sweet apples. To add vitamins, cranberries and lemon are put in the drink.

Lingonberry Compote Recipe

The easiest recipe for cranberry compote contains only water, sugar and berries. It may seem somewhat sour and tart due to the specific taste of the fruit, but it is very useful for health, as the heat treatment time in it is reduced to a minimum. Ingredients Required:

  • 250 g fresh or frozen cowberry berries,
  • 200 grams of sugar,
  • 2 liters of water.

Cooking is best in an enamel saucepan, since aluminum dishes can add an unpleasant metallic flavor to the drink.

Fresh berries are pre-sorted, removing forest debris, and thoroughly washed under a tap. Frozen - spread on a plate for thawing.

Washed lingonberries are left in a colander, in order to glass excess water, while sugar syrup is being cooked.

To do this, pour all the sugar into boiling water and, stirring it, achieve its complete dissolution. In the syrup dipped berries, and after 3 minutes. after boiling, remove the pan from the heat. Then compote cover with a lid and leave to infuse.

Due to the short cooking time, this drink retains all the beneficial substances of the berries in full. You can drink it both chilled and warm.

And in order to prepare it for the winter, the compote immediately after cooking is poured into glass jars and rolled using a special machine.

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Cranberry Compote in Czech

This compote is somewhat different from the traditional way of cooking, but this does not make it less tasty and useful. To make it you need the following ingredients:

  • lingonberry,
  • granulated sugar - 400 g,
  • water - 1.5 cups,
  • citric acid - 0.5 tsp.
  1. Preparing syrup from sugar and water.
  2. Berries are dipped in boiling syrup and boiled for about 4 minutes.
  3. Boiled lingonberries decompose on clean banks.
  4. Citric acid is added to sugar syrup and cans are filled with jars of berries.
  5. Banks are covered with lids and pasteurized for about 15 minutes and then rolled up.

The compote prepared in a similar way, turns out sweet enough and will surely enjoy the sweet tooth.

Interesting fact! Lingonberry got its name for the bright red color that it conveys to drinks prepared on its basis. The old Russian name of this berry is bruxvyany, which means red.

Compote with lingonberries and apples

Compote of lingonberries and apples is prepared in two stages. First boil the apples, then put the cranberries in the resulting broth. This drink turns out quite tasty and very healthy. For making lingonberry-apple compote you will need:

  • a kilo of apples
  • kilogram of sugar,
  • 4 liters of water
  • 2 kg lingonberries.

Pre-prepare apples and lingonberries. They are cleaned of leaves, twigs, thoroughly washed. Apples are cut from the core, and then divided into equal slices. After water is poured into the pan, sugar is put in the same place and brought to a boil. Apples are dipped in this syrup. Cook them for about 15 minutes.

After this time, the apple slices are taken out, and the lingonberries are put in the syrup. Compote is ready after the berries during the cooking process noticeably change their color to lighter and discolor. As soon as this happens, lingonberries are taken out, and the compote is still hot poured over the cans.

In jars for beauty, you can put boiled apple slices and lingonberry berries.

Compote with cranberries and cranberries

Compote from cranberries and lingonberries has a somewhat unusual taste, it will appeal to all lovers of sour. In addition, it contains a lot of vitamins, as well as other nutrients. For the cranberry cranberry compote you will need the following products:

  • cranberries - 300 g,
  • as many lingonberries,
  • sugar - 4 tbsp. spoons
  • water - one and a half liters,
  • lemon juice - 1 tbsp. spoon,
  • zest - 1 tsp.

First prepare the berries. They are sorted, washed and sorted. Then pour water into the pan and bring it to a boil. Sugar is dissolved in boiling water, grated zest is put in there, lemon juice is put in, and berries are filled up at the end.

After 5 minutes after boiling compote removed from the fire. After a short infusion, the drink is ready to drink.

Interesting information about the beneficial properties of lingonberries, as well as methods of its preparation can be found in this video:

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